Meditate some more to reduce the lockdown stress

This lockdown can be so stressful. Some days are better than others. It is hard keeping track of the days of the week when you are home in lockdown everyday. If you are into meditating, you are in luck. You should actually meditate some more to reduce the lockdown stress and stay on top of your mental health. I have been mediating loads and it has really helped me improve my wellbeing. Meditating is a free way to reduce stress and improve your overall mental health. Since many of us are stuck indoors, meditating some more will do wonders for both the physical and the mental health.

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If meditating is new to you and you have no clue how to go about meditating, I would advise you to dig up some YouTube videos on mediating. There are loads on there to help you. You can also read books on meditation and how to meditate if you prefer reading to watching videos or you can combine the two channels and get all the knowledge you need. There are many apps for meditation. My current favourite app is Abide. It is a Christian app and it has completely changed my life for the better. It is a premium app but really affordable. I have tried loads of Apps, and the Abide App is the best by far. The App has meditations for various topics including sleep and very interesting bedtime stories. It is so amazing. You need to try it for yourself to discover how great it is.

Meditating is one gift I am glad to have discovered. If you are struggling with negative emotions during this turbulent season, mediating regularly will help loads. I have quiet times multiple times throughout the day and meditating is a big part of it. It helps me tune in and tune out the noise and negativity going on at the moment.

Do you mediate regularly?


The best way to meditate

There are different ways to meditate. You could opt to mediate silently, or listen to soothing music designed specifically for meditation. There are also loads of guided meditations available for both christian and circular. I experimented with quite a few on YouTube, and some are better than others. When it comes to mediation, there are so many options available, and these choices could leave you feeling very confused. When I first started to mediate, I tried all of them. I am a truth seeker and I love learning, so I wanted to experience the various ways to meditate. If you are new to meditating, I would advise you to to experiment with the various ways to meditate, until you find the right way perfect for you. Once you successfully create your meditation routine, you will never look back.


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People like to think their own way of mediating is best way, but there is no right or wrong way to meditate. I see meditating as a way to receive a response to prayer. Prayer is personal so meditating should be personal as well. As long as your meditation brings the response you seek, then it is the right way for you. Before you can determine the right way to meditate, you need to ask yourself what meditation means to you and what you aim to achieve from meditating. Once you answer these questions, then you can decide on how best to go about your meditation. This will save you time and energy spent pursuing other ways to mediate that won’t work well for you.

The mistake many of us make is to try to copy how others mediate. There are so many rules about meditation from the experts, it is so easy to get carried away and focused on what we don’t believe in. Some say you should meditate for around 20 – 30 minutes everyday, others say you should sit down while meditating, many others think it is better to lie down. When it comes to mediation, the rules are endless. However, at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Try the different ways and make your meditation session your own. That way you gain a lot more from every session. Tune out the noise and tune into yourself.




Abide – A Christian Way to Meditate

I fell in love with meditating sometime ago and I have not looked back since. The benefits of meditating regularly are just too numerous to mention. Being still has changed my life for the better, which is why I find the time to do just that every day. I have been listening to many guided meditations on YouTube and most of them are great. I found them useful but I wanted more. While browsing the App Store, I found the Abide App – A Christian Way to Meditate and I quickly downloaded. I was lucky enough to get a free trial for a week and that gave me time to see if I really liked it.

When it comes to Apps, I like getting them for free like many other people, so deciding to keep this Abide App and pay a monthly fee tells you how much I like the App. It is the only App on my iPhone I pay for. The picture below best describes how I feel about this Christian Meditation App.


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Abide – A Christian Way to Mediate

For those who have never heard of the Abide App, it is a christian guided mediation and daily prayer App. The App comes with daily meditation, bedtime stories to hep you fall asleep soundly, various meditations for different topics and more. I am currently enjoying the guided mediations for women and it has already changed my wellbeing and whole life for the better. I wonder how I am only just finding out about this amazing App.

If you want to try out this mediation App, a quick search on your App Store should do. You should be able to get a free trial for a week like I did and that will give you time to browse the App and see if it is what you would like. The monthly fee for the basic package is only £3.99 per month as at today. So it is not too pricey.

Since I tried this App, I have not had the desire to go back to listening to the guided meditations on Youtube. This App is worth every penny and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of  christian guided meditation App. You need to try Abide. It may be all you need.


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What do you think of this Abide App? Do you like the sound of a Christian guided mediation? Please share your thoughts.

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