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Quarantine has been an odd time for all of us, and has marked the longest stretch of time many of us have been at home for a long time. But being at home doesn’t mean there is nothing useful and fun to do, and today we want to share some house and garden jobs you can do during quarantine to organise your stuff! 

Clear the wardrobe 

Over the year many of us end up collecting clothes we never wear, or clothes that are a little too small that we eventually plan to fit into. But now is the time to make a change and organise your wardrobe for good. Take some time this week to go through every part of your wardrobe and try everything on. Only keep things you love, things you wear, and things that have genuine sentimental value. Everything else? Either sell online through Vinted or get rid! 

Minimise your furniture 

After a long time living in the same house; and in this case staring at the same four walls every single day, it is time for a change. Grab yourself some secure storage units and think about clearing out the rooms of your house to make them more minimalist. You don’t need THAT much furniture, and once you have tried life without some of those small tables and cupboards that clutter up the space, you’ll likely find out that you don’t need them at all. Once you know what you want to keep and get rid of, sell items online and make some money in lockdown. 

Tidy the garden 

The house isn’t the only part of your home that can be changed and organised this year; the garden can be worked on too. Simple ways to spruce up the garden during lockdown is to clean up the flowerbed borders, weed the garden, and prune your large shrubs and trees into more manageable sizes and shapes. Have fun playing around with the look and feel of your outdoor space and it will make a huge difference. 

Organise the loft 

The loft is a part of the house which is often taken for granted and neglected, but this week you can make a positive change and finally rid yourself of the useless clutter you don’t need. Clearing out the loft might take a fair bit of time, but it will be more than worth it when you have extra space to store items you plan to keep for years to come. 

Clear your pantry 

Another part of the house that can sometimes be forgotten about is the pantry. If you are looking for a useful job to tackle today, the pantry is a great option. In an hour or so you will be able to rid yourself of out of date food, foods you simply won’t eat, and you can even extend your efforts to the freezer and tidy that up too. 

Take time this week to identify different areas of your home that can be better organised, and sit down and get these niggling jobs out of the way!


Working from home in quarantine

We have officially been in lockdown for about four weeks now and it looks like this is going to go on for at least three more weeks. I have been working from home for years, so that bit is not new. What is new is having to share my working space with the rest of the fam all day, everyday. That part is the tricky bit. I am used to having a good few hours to work, study and just chill, while the kiddies are in school. All that is out of the window now. I was really worried about how I would cope when this quarantine initially started.

Working from home in quarantine

I thought I would struggle a lot to get anything done. However, I have adjusted pretty well. I do what I can in the early hours of the morning before the rest of the house wakes and I slot in what needs doing throughout the day while the kiddies are engaged. Anything else that needs doing, I sort out later in the evening while the twins are in bed.


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Work is quiet anyways so I don’t really have much to do. Uni assignments have all been handed in so I am just waiting on the results. I will be rounding all uni work for the year next month, which is brillant. The break is well needed. I will be starting the second year in October, and by then, all this should be over hopefully.

Being able to work from home is a blessing

I am grateful to be able to work from home even though it is very quiet. Working from home has always been a privilege and a blessing. It is definitely not easy to get anything done but determination and passion is crucial when it comes to getting anything done. Working from home in quarantine?  How are you all coping in quarantine? Please sound off in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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