Beauty Muse: Elizabeth Taylor

Hey Beauty Lovers! It is a new week and I am loving the amazing sunny weather we are currently experiencing. The first post of this week is all about the Beauty Muse of the month. The beautiful icon – Elizabeth Taylor is the Beauty Muse for the month of September. I have always admired this woman. She was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Her beauty was on a whole different level with the amazing facial features and stunning hair. Elizabeth Taylor is definitely a beauty muse all day, everyday. Do you agree?

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Beauty Muse: Elizabeth Taylor

One of the things I really loved about Elizabeth Taylor is that she aged beautifully and naturally, which was a lovely sight to behold, in comparison with some other celebrities who have tried to fight Mother Nature.

Here are some Elizabeth Taylor’s best kept beauty secrets:

She did her own makeup

I found it very interesting to discover that Elizabeth Taylor applied her own makeup on and off screen. Her makeup always looked lovely so she must have been very talented.

“When I was younger, for a long time I didn’t wear any make-up in films; when I did start to wear make-up, I always did it myself,” she once said.

Elizabeth Taylor didn’t like conditioners

This beauty muse did not like conditioners. She felt conditioners made her hair too sleek and she preferred the bouncy look. Thankfully, with the advancement in haircare products, there are so many options for hair conditioners, ladies with bouncy hair don’t have to worry about dealing with a too sleek look.

This Beauty Muse loved drugstore brands

Elizabeth Taylor loved affordable skincare brands. Her favourite was Jergens and she used the lotion religiously.

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What do you think of Elizabeth Taylor as a Beauty Muse? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.





Female Body Shapes: The Pocket Rocket Shaped Woman


So last week, I wrote about the Balcony Shaped Woman, if you missed that post, catch up here.

This week is all about the Pocket Rocket Woman. I never knew such a shape existed until I started researching the various female body shapes and that is one of the things I love about the Female Body Shapes series, it opens my eyes to facts I never knew.

The Pocket Rocket shaped woman is petite and curvy – some of these women are blessed with the very sexy hourglass measurements on their miniature frames,  celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Elizabeth Taylor are examples of the Pocket Rocket curvy woman. Others like  Natalie Portman, Clara Bow and Norma Desmond have less symmetrical proportions.

Elizabeth Taylor


Here are the DOs and DONTs of this shape:


  1. Keep your accessories small and simple so they don’t overshadow you.
  2. Go for fitted pieces to show off or create curves.
  3. Opt for high heels to give you an illusion of a longer frame.
  4. Go for colour block outfits, they make the body appear longer.
  5. Go for V-neck pieces, they give the illusion of a longer body.
  6. If hats are right up your street, go for hats with small proportions.

Natalie Portman



  1. Avoid maxi skirts and dresses, they will make you appear shorter.
  2. Avoid wearing any bold pattern or colour for the same reason listed above.
  3. Stay away from dungarees and shorts, it will make you look like a child.
  4. Stay away from ponchos, they will swallow up your small frame instantly.

Are you a pocket rocket woman? What do you think of this body shape? Sound off in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

The Rise & Fall Of The Eyebrow

The eyebrows have come a long way. The style has changed from the extremely thin vintage look to the fuller and more masculine shapes we have today. The fuller the eyebrows, the better for us girls. No one should leave the salon or the house with thin brows. If your brows cannot achieve the full look, you have to make them. The new full brow look reflects gender equality for those of you who do not already know.

Have a look at the pictures showing off the various eyebrow style for each era.


Eyebrows in 1920s were painfully thin as you can see, they were also slightly turned down or a straight line.



Eyebrows remained very thin but had a high arch.

1940s Brows


Eyebrows became a lot fuller with high, sculpted arches in this era.



Eyebrows became fuller and darker with a defined arch in this era.

liz taylor


Eyebrows were shaved off and penciled back. It is alarmingly to still see people doing this in 2014.



Eyebrows became more natural this era.



Eyebrows became heavy and bushy.



Eyebrows were over plucked and barely there this era.



Eyebrows are fuller and thicker this era.


Which era are your eyebrows?

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