5 Fashion Hacks for Jewellery

I do not wear a lot of jewellery, but the few I do wear, I like them to be quality. I won’t just put any piece on. Jewellery has the power to step up any look, once worn correctly.

Here are a few jewellery fashion hacks to remember when shopping or styling your next outfit:


All on the Wrist

Charm Bracelets Image

Drawing attention to your wrists is the oldest trick in the style bible. Opt for small and delicate bracelets or bangles if you have a slim, slender wrist like mine above, or go for chunkier wrist jewellery for larger wrists. These Corbico Bracelets are so cute.


No Necklaces on Halter-neck Tops

I see ladies rocking a halter-neck top and a necklace at the same time and it looks so wrong. I wish I could stop and tell every one of them, so I am telling as many that are reading this post. If you are guilty of the fashion mistake, please stop now.

The neck is a vocal point already, and having a halter-neck top on draws more attention to it. So rocking a necklace on a halter-neck top will just draw too much attention to it, and look odd. Instead, draw attention to your bare shoulders by rocking large hoop or drop earrings.


Layer the Bangles




I love layering bangles and bracelets. I think it is so cool, and it kind off adds the ‘WOW’ to an otherwise boring/plain outfit. I love stacking bangles and bracelets up. It creates this bold look. These Ziba Bangles are the TRUTH!




Sparkling Earrings

I pay special attention to my earrings. I now go for quality over quantity so you won’t catch me rocking cheap plastic sterling silver earrings. I hardly necklaces on, because I like to pay more attention to my earrings. A beautiful pair of earrings, like the Hazel + Kent beauty above, can easily change an entire look. Trust me, I know.



Fashion and Style Police Blog OOTD


Like I said, I hardly have necklaces on but when I do have them on, I like them to be dramatic. A choker has the power to transform a plain look to instantly. This dramatic Regal Rose choker necklace is one of my current favourites.


What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to add?

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  1. totally agree with you that you shouldn’t wear a necklace with a halter neck top, just doesn’t look right

  2. I used to wear bangles all the time when I was younger, and have managed to lose them all over the years. I am starting to look at bangles again now as I want to start wearing them again. I do love jewellery and it is something I am trying to increase in my life x

  3. My favourite items of jewellery are definitely earrings and bracelets. Sadly, I lost my beloved charm bracelet on a night out last weekend after one too many 🙁 I am so gutted!

  4. The first bracelet is absolutely stunning. Having a jewellery collection is essential to any outfit. IT doesn’t even have to be expensive either!

  5. I totally agree with you that no necklace with halter neck dress or blouse. I also admire adoring my hand with bangles. I love your blog.

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  7. I am afraid I can’t stand anything around my wrist so don’t wear anything their bar a neat bracelet tattoo. I love my tattoo’s and I can wear them. Not everyone can. They are very much a choice and must be tasteful for me if women have them.

    I like necklaces when it is appropriate. I much prefer studs in my ears. You can get some really good choices of them. I have to admit to having a few piercings in my ears. They closed up when I had my children as I stopped wearing them as I didn’t want my babies pulling at them. Being a little older now I have put some of them back in.

    I do like statement and bold necklaces. Love the piece your wearing

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