Summer is Here

The weather is now unbearably warm. It is so uncomfortable to do anything. Sleeping is hard work, eating is hard work, cooking is harder, and even just breathing takes a lot more effort in this heat. I don’t cope well in summer. Can you tell? I like seeing lovely sunny days, but I like it when it is cool. When it gets too warm and air is just still, I get really uncomfortable. The fans we have don’t do much. Investing in those fancy cool gadgets for some cooler air doesn’t make any sense to me because the weather will change back to bearable before we know it.

I am unable to have the windows open for too long, thanks to the high pollen count. I have been squeezing and itching all through this week, it is a miracle I cam still work. I guess that is the beauty of working from home. You can work in your pyjamas even on sick days.

Enough of me moaning now. These last few days have been really hard for me, but how have you all be coping?

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The only good thing about the heat and the hay fever, is that is now officially SUMMER, and the heaters have been off for weeks. At a point, it felt like they would never go off! One thing I love about summer is the long days, the fact that I can still take an outfit picture at 8pm if I want to is brilliant. I also really love summer fashion, especially the summer dresses and sandals. Being able to show a bit of skin feels good after being bundled up for so long.

However, showing more skin means, the summer body has to be in place, and I am still working on the abs as I said in the My Protein outfit post, so no crop tops here, thank you. But I will be showing the legs off, you know I love to.

I have recently tried a hair removal cream for the first time. I usually just use a shaving stick to get the hairs off but this time I applied some hair removal cream on my underarms, and it got rid of the hair smoothly. It was a lovely experience, so I will be using it on my legs soon. I will write a full review on the product, so look out for that post.

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With body hairs issue out of way, the only thing left to really tackle is the stretch marks on the thighs. It is not a major issue, I have had them for years now. They have reduced but there is still room for improvemens. I would like to see them all off basically. I will be swimming a lot this summer, and I would love to go on holiday at some point this year, so getting the stretch marks off for good would be ace.

The guys at Pulse Light Clinic London offer free same day consultations for stretch mark removal, so I should be popping in to take them up on this offer. The fact that I can just walk in and have my consultation is so good because I don’t live in London, and most of my trips are usually not that planned in advance, so popping in is good for me. I also like the fact that there is no downtime, I can carry on as normal, and the treatment is great for all skin types. I will be looking into this treatment.

What plans do you have for summer? Sound off in the comment section below.

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Product Review: Zara Brown Sugar Mint Leaves Body Mist

Zara Brown Sugar Mint Leave Body Mist Review

I am a huge fan of Body Mists. I find them so handy on days when I want to smell good but don’t want to spray my expensive perfumes. I have been using this Zara Brown Sugar Mint Leaves Body Mist for some months now. I got it on sale over Christmas, and I tend to use it on days when I plan to stay indoors or run errands around the house.

This is my first time using a Zara Body Mist. I remember the day I got this Body Mist vividly. It was Boxing Day. I was going through the sales rack looking for some items I could grab, and then my eyes fell on the Body Mists. The price was so good. I can’t remember exactly how much it was but it was less than a fiver.

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Here are my thoughts:


  1. I love the minty fragrance. Brown Sugar Mint Leaves smells amazing.
  2. It is a light spray, perfect for the summer season.
  3. It is very affordable. I got it on sale for less than £5 for a 150ml bottle, and the original price was less than £10.
  4. I love the simple packaging.
  5. It is not long-lasting but it stays on longer than other body sprays/mists I have used. For the price, it is a good buy.


  1. This has been discontinued. Such a shame because I really like it. I would have loved to buy another bottle but I can find it anywhere.

Overall I do recommend this Zara Brown Sugar Mint Leave Body Mist. It is worth the little pennies, and I would buy it again if I find it again.

Are you a fan of Body Mists? Have you tried this Body Mist? What do you think? Sound off in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.


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