OOTD: Outfit Photos on a Rainy Day

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The funniest thing happened while I was getting ready to shoot these outfit photos. I was getting glammed up and all, getting ready to shoot, and just when I was about to step out of the house, the heavens opened, and down came the heaviest rain we have had all the week. It was funny and annoying at the same time. I didn’t even know how to react. I knew it rained some hours ago, and it looked like it was still going to rain, but I thought I could get some outfit photos shot in time. I was so wrong. It rained and rained for a good hour.

Once the rain stopped, I quickly had the photos taken. The unpredictable British weather has taught me so many life lessons. Opportunities can come and go in a split second, I need to be present, and make hay while the sun still shines!

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I usually get tempted to take indoor outfit photos on rainy days. I tried taking some on this day but they were not as good as I wanted so I had to wait for the rain to stop. Having some form of coverage like a beautiful canopy, in the garden would have been fantastic for rainy days, and days when the weather is just off, and when outfit shots have to be taken. Infinite Canopies can design and build made to measure canopies for all spaces, so it is worth having a look at what they can offer. I am seriously thinking of making the most of our outdoor space, and canopies sound like an amazing idea for blog photos and family use.

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Outfit Photos on a Rainy Day

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Black Skirt – SHE Fashion (French Brand)

Blue Top – Debenhams

Coral Blazer – Wallis

Coral Sandals – Office Shoes, sold out, similar here

Abril Multi-colour Beaded Bangles – Ziba via House of Fraser

Gold Watch – Fossil

Blue Bag – Guess


*This is a collabortive post.






43 responses

  1. Your outfit is gorgeous and I love the matching. The blazer and those shoes are beautiful. Love you baby.

  2. I always seem to get caught out in the rain these days, it’s gotten to the point now where I have specific rain shoes that have already been ruined from previous outings!

  3. I love the skirt and the bag. This is a lovely outfit. Shame about the weather. thanks for sharing. Angela from Daysinbed

  4. Canopies in the garden sounds like a great idea! Especially for rainy days and when you have little ones who want to play outside. I love your outfit x

  5. Gorgeous outfit! I love the coral of the jacket, its my favourite colour for the summer! Never thought to wear it with that blue, will definitely be stealing your look! xx

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