Fashion & Style Police Interviews Premae Skincare Founder – Dr Clare Eluka

I chatted with the talented and beautiful Dr Clare Eluka, the founder of the fantastic Premae Skincare; the world’s 1st freefrom beauty brand. You should remember my review of the Premae Harmony Face Wash and Foundation some weeks back. Well this is the lady behind the magic! Clare Eluka is 1 of 5 most influential women of West African heritage in business. She is a Qualified Allergy practitioner and UK’s Top 20 Natural Beauty Expert.  She previously worked in The Body Shop as a skincare trainer, and at Oriflame as an in-house formulator. So you can imagine how excited I was to have a chat with her. Grab a cuppa and enjoy the read.
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1. Can you describe what inspired you to set up the Premae Skincare range and what the brand represents?
I was inspired to create Premae Skincare as I became a Vegan and couldn’t find Vegan skincare that was freefrom nuts, wheat and petrochemicals 5 years ago. Since then, it has become more common, but Premae reigns as the first to be Allergy UK Certified. No other Vegan brand has that certification for now.
2. The Premae Skincare range is the world’s first 100% allergy free natural beauty brand. How do you find the making of natural products?
I trusted my instincts. I began in my kitchen, cooking up balms and cleansers. I mimicked the African and Asian dishes I was cooking that made me feel good. I love curries, so I would use Lemongrass, Ginger and Aloe vera, since it is close to Okra. It was this basic alchemy that developed over 3 years and transpired into a brand with over 40 products.
3. What makes Premae Skincare different from other natural and organic brands?
The formulations of my products are Alkaline. This means the scientific properties of the end formulae are between 6-14 PH Neutral or Alkaline. This is powerful and aids the fast and longterm results of clear, balances skin. Other brands weaken their formulae with acidic chemicals. Our molecular structure are alkaline – electric, vibrational perfect.
4. In your foundation range, there is a shade for every colour, which is amazing. What do you think many brands shy away from extending their lines to accommodate the different shades of colour?
I guess that don’t really care. They know that women will buy what ever is put in front of them. So we moan but we still buy. If women of all shades demanded better products by not purchasing, the wider industry would listen. It has provided a great platform for a new brand like Premae to shine.
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5. I read an old interview you had a while ago, and you said your best-selling foundation shade was the #2 Quinoa, and that 97% of your customers are white women and saying black women do not support each other in general. I agree 100%, very few of us actually support each other. Is that still the case with the clientele or has it improved?
I am pleased to say that since Sept 2015, the demographic of Premae consumers has evened out, with 60% white and European, 30% black Afro-Carribean and the rest is a mix of Asian and Eastern European. This is fantastic and I hope it continues.
6. What would you advise anyone thinking of setting up a vegan skincare range now?
I would urge them to think about their unique selling point. The market is crowded, yet there is always room for a new comer. Work in the beauty industry for 2 years, learn management, finance and marketing strategy. Surround yourself with a small group of advisors, mentors and stay positive.
7. Where do you see Premae Skincare in 5 years?
In every bathroom on the planet!
What are your thoughts? Have you used any Premae Skincare products? Sound off in the comment section.
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Camping Essentials This Summer 2016

Camping Image

Us in Camp

The last time I went camping was in 2007. It was a long time ago, but I still remember every bit of the camp experience. We were about 10 of us, all girls, we met up with thousands of others, from all over the country, and we had a rough but amazing 3 weeks together. I still cannot understand how I survived those 3 weeks, I fell seriously sick afterwards and went back home with all sorts of skin infections, but I won’t change my experience for anything in the world.

The 3 weeks camping was hard, but the first week was the hardest. I remember waking up after the first night, feeling very sick because I slept out in the open without a tent for the first time in my life. It felt horrible sleeping on the bare floor, with no shelter, and that experience made me realise what homeless people were going through every day of their lives, and how lucky I was to have a roof over my head.

Camping Picture

Camp Life Image


The following weeks were better. We sorted out the shelter issue which was a massive improvement, and we kind of just went with the flow of things.I learnt a lot about myself during those 3 weeks, and I got to know my girlfriends a lot more as well. It was a great experience I would never forget it.

It is summer time, and I know many of us will be looking to go camping. So this post is just about me reminiscing and reminding you of some camping essentials you should not forget.

Halfords Camping Guide 2016

Camping Tents

Going camping without a tent is not smart. Trust me, I have been there, and I will never try it again. The first night we spent without a tent was horrific! For a hassle free camping trip, you will be needing a tent, and the great part about this, is there is a camping tent for every budget. So you should be able to find a reasonably priced tent. Just make sure you pick the right size for your group and your belongings. Also make sure your tent is waterproof, so you are sure to stay warm and dry.

You should also  ensure you have all the camping tools you will be needing like a good carabiner, which is a camping staple.

Sleeping Bags & Pillow

Sleeping bags and pillows are also camping essentials. They help aid a good night sleep, and sleeping bags are so compact and easy to carry. You can go with your duvet for maximum comfort if you prefer that, but bear in mind they take more room.

Insect Repellent

Like I said, I went back with all sorts of insect bites and skin infections. If I had an insect repellant I won’t have suffered half as much as I did. Make sure you go with one.

Waist/Hip Bag

As you can see in the pictures, most of us have on a waist bag. In there, we store keys, money, bank cards, phones, and any valuables we want close to us. Those bags are very handy, so get one each before you go camping, that way you can even sleep with all your valuables on you.

Water Carrier

Most of us had a water carrier as well. They came in handy when we had to go for long walks. They are definitely camping essentials.

Anti-bacterial Hand Gel

These hand gels come in handy when you are unable to wash your hands immediately. They are a life saver so remember to pick one up before you go.


Do you have any funny or horror camping stories to share? What are your camping essentials? Are you going camping this summer? Drop me a comment in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.


*This is a collaborative post.



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