OOTD: Casual Spring Look

I love denim. I think it is one of the greatest fashion inventions ever! It is loved by many, very durable and manageable, and so easy to style. What is there not to love?



I have been wearing denim for as long as I can remember, and I see myself wearing it forever. It is one trend that will always be in vogue! I can’t see myself ever losing interest.

The kids have been on holiday, so the last couple of days have been all about them. I have been trying to keep them busy, so we have been out and about a lot. I wore this denim outfit on one of our many trips. It was the fastest outfit I could style up in a few minutes, and I found it very comfortable.



For this Double Denim Look, I am rocking all old pieces. I have had all pieces and accessories for some time now, and just styled them in a different way. That is the beauty of having a capsule wardrobe, you can always step up looking different in your regular pieces. It works every time.

The highlight of this look for me will have to be the denim shirt. I really like it. I have had it for many months now, but whenever I wear it, it always feels like I am wearing it for the first time because of how much I like it. It stands out from everything else on the high street, and I always get compliments from complete strangers whenever I have it on. I also really like my gold trainers, that stands out as well!



What do you think of this double denim look? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Denim Shirt – Fulwood London

Blue Top – Jasper Conran

Molly Jeans – River Island

Gold Trainers – Michael Kors

Sunnies – Miu Miu

Socks – ChattyFeet

Burgundy Bag – Guess

Fitbit Flex







March 2017 Outfits

Hey peeps! Happy new week and month. Welcome to April, I hope it is good to every one of us.

How was your March? It was a slow month for me in every aspect, so I didn’t get around to take as many outfit photos as I would have wanted. I am hoping to change that this month of April, but for now, say hello to March 2017 outfits.

OOTD: Calling the Shots


I really enjoyed styling this look, and I was super happy with the final look. It was a beautiful sunny March day, and I made the most of sunshine. Plus all the pieces fell in the right places, which was great. I didn’t even have to think it through.

The star of this look would have to be the tan boots, they got everyone’s attention. This is one look I know I will be styling again, it is so me, and I adore it.


OOTD: One Spring Day


This is my other look from March. Like the previous look, it was easy to style and was very popular with the readers.

The highlight of this outfit has to be the little black dress with the floral sleeves. I love how simple and chic it looks. I will definitely be rocking the hell of this little black dress this season.


I am looking forward to making the most of the spring and summer season, and photographing as many outfit photos as possible, crossing my fingers and toes. Wish me luck!




Which outfit do you prefer? Calling the Shots or One Spring Day? I preferred the first look – Calling the Shots. I love the beautiful blend of tan and black. What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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OOTD: One Spring Day

I am loving the cool spring weather at the moment. The weather is no longer painfully cold, so my bare legs are out for as long as possible. How are you enjoying spring? Has spring sprung where you are at?



I love wearing dresses in the spring/summer months, I guess that is due to the fact that I have been stuck in heavy coats, jeans and tights all through winter. I find dresses comfortable and easy to style.

Take this black dress I have on for example; all I had to do was to throw on a few accessories and I was good to go. That is the beauty of a little black dress, it never goes out of style, and it is dead easy to dress up.



This black embroidery smock dress is a new wardrobe addition; I got it some few weeks ago. I love the floral embroidery detail a lot. It is a perfect piece, and it is great for transitioning from winter to spring (just pop on a blazer and a pair of tights if you need one), and from day-to-night (with a change of accessories).



“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” -Michael Kors.

I saw this quote online some days ago and it hit the nail on the head, with regards to the major role accessories play in an overall look. I think accessories are very important; they determine how good or bad an outfit would turn out, so I like to pay my accessories special attention, even more than my pieces.



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Black dress – Red Herring (Debenhams)

Black boots – H! by Henry Holland

Black bag – Michael Kors

Black sunglasses – Marc Jacobs