Outfit Post – Styling a T-shirt for September

I am happy September is finally here and I am styling a t-shirt for September. August was a very busy month. And it felt like it took forever at a point. So I am glad the new month is now here. I can see September being even more busy than August. The kids are back to school in the next few days, and we are all looking forward to that. All what they need for school is ready and I am eager for a bit more structure to our days.

A lot would be happening here on Fashion and Style Police this September and the rest of the year. It is going to be super busy. I am working on all sorts and dying to share them all with you.


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I wore this outfit some days ago to a theme park with the kids. It was a lazy style day, and I wanted an outfit I would move freely in. We were planning to go on rides, so I needed to be dead comfy. This outfit worked great for the day. I got the t-shirt as a souvenir gift from Japan earlier in the year. I like the white, red and gold shirt design. Looking at the shirt, I thought it was going to be a lot bigger on me, but I was happy to see it was the right size once it was on me.

Styling the t-shirt was dead easy. I just went for a pair of leggings, flats and a cross body bag, because I needed my hands free for the day. It was super easy to style, I could even do it in my sleep. I love having t-shirts in my wardrobe because they save me on lazy days. And I think they always look smart. What do you think of styling a t-shirt?



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What is your idea of a lazy style day? Any big plans for September?



White and Red T-shirt – Japanese souvenir

Blue Leggings – Next

Black Flats – TOMS

Peach Bag – Calvin Klein




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  1. You look fab Stella. The t-shirt really suits you. Ì love it.

    T-shirts have to be a wardrobe staple for anyone. Ì usually wear plain ones meaning no pattern on. Ì like bright coloured ones. Though I do habe a couple of white that can go with anything.

    Wear on their own, or with a shrug/cardi and I also like them with a sleeveless denim gillet too is one of my favourite looks with trousers of course, be it leggings or jeans and finished with boots.

    Ì like autumn too however it’s a bit to near winter which I don’t like

  2. You look great, and definitely look like you are comfortable. I bet you had a great time at the theme park. Looking forward to seeing more of your fall styles .

  3. This is a great way to style with a T-shirt! Whenever I wear a t-shirt, I always end up looking sloppy 🙁 I might have to borrow a few styling tips from this post on how to look a little bit nicer in one 🙂

  4. Lazy style day is literally hair in a bonnet and an over-sized T-shirt at home lol. To be seen in public, a lazy style is always denim, trainers, a loose-fitting blouse and a satchel.

  5. I really love this look and you make the Tshirt look great! I always like to change my look for September and start to go more autumnal.

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