The 60s Fashion and How to Style It

The 60s spells the era of colour, fun and the free spirit where self-expression was encouraged. Actually the 60s is known for breaking fashion rules. And it’s only natural that the 60s fashion keeps reappearing in the trends today. It has been a source of inspiration for many women. If you’re one to try out some 60s fashion this year, here are some ways you can do that.


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The A-line dress

In the 60s, A-line dresses were a hit. They’re comfortable, chic and very colourful. In the spirit of the fun and liveliness of the 60s, the A-line dresses had bold designs.

To steal the look, get yourself a vibrant coloured a-line dress with raised hemlines. Most outfits of the mod style are simple and styled with a pair of pumps or short heeled shoes. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colours to achieve the look.


Fashionable miniskirts

The miniskirts were first featured in the 60s. This was in rebellion to the conservative styles that didn’t allow ladies to show much of their legs. Miniskirts were a bold statement of the free-spirited style of the 60s.

To style this look in today’s day and age, pick a miniskirt with bright colours. Feel free to experiment with different patterns and pleats. You can layer your miniskirt with a simple long-sleeved blouse or a crop top.


The Hippie style

Although the hippie fashion reared its head towards the end of the 60s, it was a clear sign of what the 60s stood for – freedom. The hippie style is characterized with floral prints, fringing bell-bottoms and peasant blouses.

If you want to copy this style, get yourself a pair of high-waisted flared jeans and a colourful crop top. Another alternative is to get a floral print blouse layered over a denim miniskirt. To add more of the hippie vibe to your look you could throw over a tasseled bag.


Introduce bolder prints

The prints of the 60s were striking, colourful and bold. The 60s had a range of patterns and prints from floral to tie dyes to checks and stripes. There was an extremely brave play of colours you never thought could match but there were a lot of monochrome pieces as well.

To pull of this look all you need to do is to go for all the bold and vibrant prints you can get your hands on. Whether you mix and match a pair of patterned bottoms with a solid coloured top or decide to wear the same print from head to toe, you’ll be keeping the 60s vibe alive in your outfit.


Embrace brightly coloured tights

Tights were a big thing in the 60s and of course, the more vibrant the colours the better. The tights were worn with miniskirts and short dresses and the colours mainly added contrast rather than compliment the miniskirts and dresses.

To recreate this iconic 60s vibe, get yourself a pair of brightly coloured tights or long stockings and layer them with a cute miniskirt. Experiment with different coloured tights and stockings as well as with different styles of stockings like lace and netted stockings.


What do you think of the 60s Fashion? Are you a fan?

28 responses

  1. Nice blog Stella and very nice tips to dress up like the 60s era. The information provided here in this blog regarding each of the fashion style, it’s history and th shorte reason for its emergence makes it even more interesting.

  2. To be honest, 60s fashion was actually a whole lot of fun. I am glad we live in an era when we can dress as we like and any trend we want to follow or create. Nothing is ‘only in-thing’ now – you can create your own ‘in-style’ and that’s the magic. Your dress is perfection – love the bold prints, purple color and layers towards the legs.

  3. I am a HUGE fan of the a-line dress! I didn’t know it was a 60’s thing! I think I may need to embrace the bolder prints and colored tights (or leggings) this year- thank you for the tips as I get into post-pregnancy fashion once again!

  4. I really enjoy a themed outfit! Thank you for sharing tips on how to dress for the 60’s that was really a great era in fashion. I loved the bright colors and patterns and the shoes seemed comfy and chic.

  5. This bold prints of the 60s fashion is very appealing for me. I look at pictures of my mom when she was young and the bold print A line dress was actually really nice. Thanks for your tips on how to bring the 60s fashion back to life.

  6. I like the idea of brightly colored tights and a mini-skirt. I’ve actually seen a few women wearing such outfit and I thought it was cute. The 60s fashion is immortal!

  7. 60’s/70’s boho with a touch of vintage thrown in at times: that won’t surprise you LOL. I love the colours of as you know and defo me

  8. I am a firm believer that fashion is never truly old, you just need to put a spin on it. Thank you for sharing all these amazing tips, surely will make use of them.

  9. Ah the miniskirts. This takes me back to the days of my youth. Although we were poor then so I always got the fashionable clothes about 5 years after they were fashionable. My daughter would love this. She loves 60s fashion trends.

  10. The dress looks simple yet cute and comfortable. I like that the material is breathable, that’s very important to me when looking for dresses.

  11. I loved the dress that you’re wearing and 60s fashion has always appealed to me because of its bold colors! I’m a huge fond of A line dresses and they create such a signature style!

  12. 60s fashion seems like I was wearing elements and didn’t even know know. Thanks for sharing how I can incorporate.

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