Finding the Perfect Jeans & How to Care for Them

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I know it is summer and the heat wave is still on, I am literally melting away in the heat, and cannot remember the last time I had on a pair of jeans. I am currently surviving in shorts, dresses and skirt. I can’t dare put on a pair of jeans, but once the weather cools down, I know I shall have a good old pair of jeans on. It is a wardrobe necessity for most of us, and I know the struggle most women face shopping for the right pair of jeans because I have faced it too.

Finding the perfect jeans is hard, trust me I know..It could be a while to discover the styles that suit me best, and how to style the pairs that don’t suit me as much. It also took me a long time to discover the stores that stock jeans that look good on me. As a petite woman, I can’t just wear any pair, it is always an issue or the other. Either it is too long, too short, too tight, too baggy, the list of issues goes on and on. But not anymore. I have cracked the code of finding the perfect jeans, and I am going to share a few tips with you.

Try it On

First thing first, I know I am an advocate of online shopping but I won’t advise you to buy your jeans online, only if you have bought a similar pair from the same store before. It is always better to try it in store because sizes always differ from store to store. For example I am a size 10 when shopping for jeans in Dorothy Perkins or Next, but a size 12 in River Island and Topshop. So try it on in store to be sure you have the right size and you are happy with the fit. Also make sure you try your jeans with a pair of heels similar to those you plan on wearing with the jeans, so you get the right length.


Go for Added Stretch

Go for jeans with added stretch. Once I tried on a pair of jeans with added stretch, I never looked back. I also got rid of all my other pairs without extrra stretch. A pair of jeans with a bit of added stretch will help slim your tummy area, and flatter your hips/bum area. They always look go and have a amazing fit.


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Buy in Pairs

If you find the perfect jeans, pair 2, if you can afford to. I did. I got them in various shades, just incase they are discontinued.


Think of the Footwear

When shopping for your jeans, think of what footwear you plan to style it with. The reason being, some jeans do not look good paired with certain footwears. For example, a skinny jeans would look on good tucked into boots, but a flared or slouchy jeans would not.


Go for Quality

The more expensive a pair of jeans is, the better the quality. This is a fact. And I had to learn this the hard way. Most of my jeans now start from £40 upwards and they are top quality. Unlike the £20 pairs I used to buy, only for them to lose their fit, and fall apart after a few washes. The best thing to do is to shop for your quality jeans in the sales, so you don’t spend as much.


Wash in Cold Water & Dry Indoors

To preserve the colour and lifespan of your jeans, wash inside out in cold water, with a little detergent, only when it is absolutely necessary. And dry indoors so they don’t fade in the sun. Iron inside out.


So these are my tips for finding the perfect jeans & how to care for them. Have you found the perfect jeans or are you still in the pursuit of it?




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  1. Ahh gosh I agree with trying them on! Its a terrible idea to buy them online they almost alwas don’t go to plan!! The sizes I find vary in different shops too!! Didn’t realise Paris were good for Jeans will have to check it out!!

  2. Great tips. Thank you so very much. I like the idea of going for quality all the time irrespective of the price and the tip on added stretch. All the tips are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Trilogy in John Lewis is brilliant for finding the perfect jeans, they promise to find them within 3 pairs, they found mine with the first pair I tried.

  4. I am not a jeans wearer anymore. When I put on weight this last 5 years after Mom died I never replaced them. I am losing that additional weigh now so will treat myself when I am down to a size 12. I am 14 atm having been a size 16.

    I have always wanted a designer pair of jeans so rather than buy a few I will pay more for one.

    My style has changed alot over the years. I think one exceptional pair will suffice me. I wouldn’t wear them like I did when the children were young. I lived in jeans then.

    Great tips for my future thoughts on when I buy a pair. Thank you. I hadn’t really thought of buying again until I read your blog on them.

  5. Finding good quality and the right fit is hard so definitely grab two or in diff shades as you said. Also must must must try on before you buy, I did it once and regretted it!

  6. I have awful trouble trying to find Jeans that actually fit me, my legs and bum are bigger but my waist is smaller and jeans are designed for this body shape. I will look in River Island for some. I didn’t know you had to wash jeans in cold water either.

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