Product Review: Prada Candy Florale

Prada Candy Florale Review


I have been using this Prada Candy Florale Eau de Toilette for months now and this is the first Prada perfume I have ever used, so I was really excited to try it. This fragrance was launched in 2014, and it consists of Limoncello as top notes, Peony as heart notes and Musks, Benzoin, Caramel  as base notes.

Here is the product description:

Prada’s latest fragrance evolved from the concept of an imaginary flower created especially for Candy. Of course, Candy cannot simply have any flower. Her fantasy flower must be unique, embodying her many facets: the fragrance’s light airiness puts the sparkle in her, followed by tender powdery notes that echo her Spring-like grace. A final whisper of warmth and honey reflects Candy’s rich sensuality.

Prada Candy Perfume Image

Prada Candy Florale Picture


Here are my thoughts on this perfume:


  1. I love the packaging. I think the bottle is very unique and pretty.
  2. It smells great. It has a clean, light summery scent which is perfect for the spring/summer season.
  3. It is a great everyday fragrance.
  4. The perfume came with a body lotion which smells as good as the perfume.
  5. It is easily accessible. You can get this perfume in most departmental stores online and in the shops.

Prada Candy Florale Body Lotion Image



  1. It is not long-lasting. It stays on for only few hours.
  2. It is quite pricey at £54 for a 50ml bottle.

I won’t be buying this perfume again as I don’t think it is good value for money. It smells lovely and it looks pretty, but what is the point in that if the fragrance doesn’t stay on? Kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me. If I spend £54 on a bottle of perfume, I will need it to stay on ALL day.

If you want a light sweet fragrance for the summer season, and you are not bothered about how long the fragrance stays on, then buy this.

Have you used the Prada Candy Florale Eau de Parfum? What are your thoughts?



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