Product Review: Emjoi Micro Pedi Gift Set

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For as long as I can remember, I wanted an electric hard skin remover. I heard a lot about the Micro Pedi and others, and I have always thought of trying one of them. I never have the time to go for a proper manicure or pedicure these days, so I was overjoyed when this Emjoi Micro Pedi Gift Set dropped on my doorstep!

I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a manicure or a pedicure. Motherhood has a way of shoving everything else out-of-the-way like that. But we all need some form of pampering every now and again. And pampering from the comfort of your home from a busy day is the best thing ever! Since my soles have been neglected for years now, I had quite a lot of rough dead skin to get rid of. I was happy to try this Emjoi Micro Pedi gift set out and try I did some days ago. Here is the product description below:

This revolutionary Emjoi Micro-Pedi safely removes the roughest of skin in seconds, leaving you with beautiful soft, smooth feet. The perfect way to get salon results instantly.


Emjoi Micro Pedi Gift Set Image

Ultra Finishing Cream Image


Here are my thoughts on the Emjoi Micro Pedi Gift Set:



  1. It removed all my hard, rough, dry skin on the soles of my feet within seconds.
  2. It was pain-free and very comfortable.
  3. The gift set contained all I needed – Micro Pedi Device, Anti-Bacterial Micro Mineral Roller, Ultra Finishing Cream, Bufer, Manicure/Pedicure Kit, Nail Tools and a beautiful Compact Bag.
  4. It is so easy to use. No effort or dummy kit required at all.
  5. It felt good to see all the dead skin falling out.
  6. My soles feel and look incredibly smooth. The before and after pictures below speak for themselves.
  7. The rollers are removable, making it very easy to clean with the cleaning brush provided.
  8. I like the fact that the products can all fit into the bag included, making it easy to store away and travel with.
  9. The RRP is £79.99 but ou can grab this gift set in many stores for £29.99 as at today. It is currently on sale in many stores.

Manicure Pedicure Kit Image


Before Pedicure Image


After Manicure Image



  1. 2 AA Batteries needed are not included in the pack.

Overall, I really like this Emjoi Micro Pedi Gift Set, and I am so grateful to Pedi Reviews for sending it to me.  It has become part of my weekly skincare routine, and I really enjoy using it. I recommend it to anyone struggling with dry cracked soles, or if you are just in need of some at home pampering, this is what you need. It can also make an excellent gift so worth popping it down for your Christmas gift shopping.

Have you tried the Emjoi Micro Pedi before? What do you think?


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Models Cover Harper’s Bazaar UK August 2016 Issue

Ash Foo & Tiana Tolstoi - Harper's Bazaar UK, August 2016


This is definitely my favourite magazine cover for the month of August. I love how artistic the cover is. I also love the styling of the cover a lot. I find it all very interesting as well. I mean 5 striking models from Models 1 Agency on 1 cover? Fantastic idea.  Never heard of any of the models before this cover but they still have my attention in a very weird way. So I went around digging to discover their names. From left to right, Alicia Burke, Ash Foo, Leila Nda, Tiana Tolstoi & Mari Halang. It took me a while to find the last model -Mari Halang because Harper’s Bazaar did not include her name in the cover credits on their website, she had to remind them in the comment section, and they have still not corrected their error as at the last time I checked, lol. That must be annoying.. Just so you know, Mari Halang is the model sitting on the stool.

This cover right here is the reason why I think Harper’s Bazaar is one of the most stylish magazines ever. The powers that be over there pay special attention to detail, except omitting a model’s name, epic fail. And the magazine covers usually speak for themselves. I am yet to see a Harper Bazaar magazine cover I don’t like.

With this cover, I like the fact that they featured unknown faces. It is like a breath of fresh air, instead of the same old faces. And I also love the Prada pieces they have on. They are wearing pieces from the autumn/winter 2016 collections. So beautiful.



Here, Mari Halang wears tulle dress, culottes and felt hat, all by Gucci, on the subscribers’ edition cover. This cover was photographed by Erik Madigan Heck and styled by Leith Clark. What a fantastic shot!

I am definitely going to grab this issue over the weekend. Although I can’t  see any of the features on the cover, it looks like it would be a good read.

Do you agree? What do you think of the cover?





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