How to Get Summer-Ready Legs

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It’s summer! And you know what that means? Time to bring out those lovely dresses, skirts and shorts…and of course, show off those legs!
Since your legs will likely be exposed during the summer, it’s important to get them looking fabulous. To get fabulous looking legs, you need to make prep them. Here are some steps you need to take to have your summer-ready legs.
1.    Get Rid of the Hair
If you want to flaunt good-looking legs during the summer, removing the unwanted hair off your legs is the first step. Waxing is a painful but common way of getting rid of the hair on legs. It can be done at a salon or from the comfort of your home using a wax strip. Another option is to use an epilator. Epilators are pretty handy. The process is not as messy and it’s so effective that it picks out the tiniest hair on your legs.

Another popular way of getting rid of the hair is by applying a hair removal cream. I currently use Veet Hair Removal Cream, and it works like magic, leaving me with smooth, hair free legs within minutes.
2.    Exfoliate
Now that your legs are hair free, the next step is to exfoliate. Exfoliation doesn’t only help remove traces of dried skin, it also helps to prevent ingrown hairs and bumpy skin. This will ensure that your skin feels nice and smooth.

To exfoliate, you can use exfoliating gloves. Slip your hand through the exfoliating glove and scrub your legs, preferably in circular motion. Take care not to apply too much pressure or scrub too long so you don’t hurt yourself. An alternative to exfoliating gloves is a scrub, which you can buy from the store or make yourself if you are feeling creative. Natural scrubs like the sea salt or Epsom salts make excellent scrubs. Apply the scrub on your legs and rub in circular motions. Don’t apply too much pressure while scrubbing or you could end up hurting yourself. And remember not to scrub for too long.


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3. Use a Hard Skin Remover

If you have a hard skin remover, like an Emjoi Micro Pedi, this is the time to use it the most. These devices get rid of rough, dead skin, leaving your feet summer-ready.
4.    Moisturize
The next step is to moisturize your legs. Moisturizing helps to keep your skin soft, smooth and hydrated. The best time to apply a moisturizer is immediately after stepping out of the shower while your skin is still damp. This way, while applying moisturizer it will trap the water and keep your skin hydrated.
5.    Apply sunscreen
This is the final and most important step in getting your legs summer-ready. Your legs will be exposed to the rays of the sun. So, it is important to protect them from the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your legs after moisturizing.

These are my tips for summer-ready legs. Do you have any tips to share? Drop them in the comment section.

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Product Review: Emjoi Micro Pedi Gift Set

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For as long as I can remember, I wanted an electric hard skin remover. I heard a lot about the Micro Pedi and others, and I have always thought of trying one of them. I never have the time to go for a proper manicure or pedicure these days, so I was overjoyed when this Emjoi Micro Pedi Gift Set dropped on my doorstep!

I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a manicure or a pedicure. Motherhood has a way of shoving everything else out-of-the-way like that. But we all need some form of pampering every now and again. And pampering from the comfort of your home from a busy day is the best thing ever! Since my soles have been neglected for years now, I had quite a lot of rough dead skin to get rid of. I was happy to try this Emjoi Micro Pedi gift set out and try I did some days ago. Here is the product description below:

This revolutionary Emjoi Micro-Pedi safely removes the roughest of skin in seconds, leaving you with beautiful soft, smooth feet. The perfect way to get salon results instantly.


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Here are my thoughts on the Emjoi Micro Pedi Gift Set:



  1. It removed all my hard, rough, dry skin on the soles of my feet within seconds.
  2. It was pain-free and very comfortable.
  3. The gift set contained all I needed – Micro Pedi Device, Anti-Bacterial Micro Mineral Roller, Ultra Finishing Cream, Bufer, Manicure/Pedicure Kit, Nail Tools and a beautiful Compact Bag.
  4. It is so easy to use. No effort or dummy kit required at all.
  5. It felt good to see all the dead skin falling out.
  6. My soles feel and look incredibly smooth. The before and after pictures below speak for themselves.
  7. The rollers are removable, making it very easy to clean with the cleaning brush provided.
  8. I like the fact that the products can all fit into the bag included, making it easy to store away and travel with.
  9. The RRP is £79.99 but ou can grab this gift set in many stores for £29.99 as at today. It is currently on sale in many stores.

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  1. 2 AA Batteries needed are not included in the pack.

Overall, I really like this Emjoi Micro Pedi Gift Set, and I am so grateful to Pedi Reviews for sending it to me.  It has become part of my weekly skincare routine, and I really enjoy using it. I recommend it to anyone struggling with dry cracked soles, or if you are just in need of some at home pampering, this is what you need. It can also make an excellent gift so worth popping it down for your Christmas gift shopping.

Have you tried the Emjoi Micro Pedi before? What do you think?


*PR Samples.

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