Product Review: Zerreau Towel Off Strawberry Shampoo Foam

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I pay special attention to my hairstyles as you may have noticed already. I like to change my look every now and again, so I am always rocking 1 wig or hair extensions. Sometimes I struggle to find the time in between these hairstyles  to give my hair a good wash. Sometimes my wigs may need a good clean but I may not have the luxury of time to give it a good wash and let it dry. So when this Zerreau Towel Off Strawberry Shampoo Foam landed on my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

Zerreau Shampoo is a new shampoo that cleans your hair without water. It is not a leave in product and it is not a wash out product. It is nicely in between, all you have to do is towel dry.

Towel Off Strawberry Shampoo Foam Image

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam Image


Here is what the brand has to say about this product:

Zerreau is a new shampoo that cleans your hair without using water! It’s a towel-off wet foam that really cleans effectively. It also removes odours and ‘product’ such as hairspray, wax and gels. Zerreau leaves you with soft, clean, luscious locks wherever  you are!

Here are my thoughts:


  1. The Strawberry Shampoo smells amazing.
  2. It is super convenient. All you have to do is spray, massage in and damp with a towel. It is great for when you are in a rush, on holidays, swimming, out and about on hot sweaty days, or when you just don’t have the patience or time for a proper wash.
  3. It cleans the hair perfectly. My hair felt very clean after using this shampoo.
  4. It can also be used on wigs and hair extensions.
  5. I love the packaging. So pretty and compact, easy to pop in a handbag or suitcase.
  6. It is available at Amazon, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s and Chemist Direct. Prices usually start from £3.99.
  7. It comes with a pump which is so handy.
  8. No alcohol or parabens.


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None. I can’t fault this shampoo. It exceeded all my expectations, and I recommend this Zerreau Towel Off Strawberry Shampoo Foam to everyone.

What do you think of this shampoo? Have you tried it?


*PR sample.


Blake Lively Covers Marie Claire August 2016

It is a new month, so it means we have new magazine covers, which I find very interesting. Say hello to Blake Lively on Marie Claire UK August 2016.

Marie Claire Magazine UK


I think Blake Lively looks lovely on this cover. I really like the pose, dress, hair and makeup. It is a very different magazine cover, and I like that about it. The bright prints on the white background looks so beautiful. Marie Claire got this August issue cover so right.

I have followed Blake Lively’s career since her Gossip Girl days and I am happy to see her doing so well. She is married to Ryan Reynolds and has a daughter – James Reynolds, with him.  She spoke about her experience with motherhood so far in the interview with Marie Claire:

‘When women become mothers, it’s all: “How’s your style?”, “Do you dress differently?”, “Do you go to Mommy & Me classes?”’ she told us, ‘I wanted to go to a Mommy & Me class before I was a mom. People really expect that you’re suddenly a different woman, and I think it strips a woman’s identity in a way that is kind of strange, because I’ve always been innately maternal my whole life.’



I see where Blake is coming from and I kind of agree with her. I have always been maternal. I love children and I always wanted to be a mother. So I knew I would be a great mom (if I may say so myself) even before I popped them out. But motherhood still changed me. It changed me a lot. It made me more patient and a lot more tolerant. I now watch programs I never thought I would watch, and do things with my and for my kids I won’t have imagined doing.

We women all become mothers through different routes. We all have our own personalised journey and stories, and I think these stories define us and how we mother our kids.

What do you think? Has motherhood changed you? Do you like Blake Lively’s cover?





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