Coconut Hair and Skincare Products

Recently, I have been busy trying some Coconut hair and skincare products and I have been dying to tell you all about them. Like many of you would know already, I enjoy finding great products and shouting from the rooftops about them.  There are so many products in the market, that it be tricky to find the right products for your needs. Many of us are usually feeling overwhelmed when we go into the shops thanks to the many opinions.. This is why I enjoy reading and writing product review posts. I think they are super helpful.

Here are some of the Coconut hair and skincare products I have been trying this month.


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Firming Body Lotion £7.99

This Palmer’s Coconut Oil Firming Body Lotion contains stimulating Caffeine, Marine Seaweed and skin-quenching Sweet Almond & Coconut Oil to boost elasticity and tone.

I love the light formula a lot. It sinks into the skin quickly, leaving it hydrated.  I also love the tropical coconut scent. It smells so good!

Hair and Skincare Products Image


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Firming Sheet Mask £7.99

The Palmer’s Coconut Oil Sheet masks are great for targeting stubborn areas prone to sagging and uneven skin texture. It also hydrates the skin to leave it looking and feeling smooth.

This innovative sheet mask is great for a therapeutic at home spa treatment. It is great for some relaxation/me time. I have been mine for weeks now and I love it.

Both products are available from  Superdrug and Boots, in store and online.


TIANA Rose Fresh Coconut TLC Anti-Ageing Moisturiser  £17.99

This anti-ageing mosituriser by TIANA is a rich ultra-concentrated face cream. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I like the fact that this face cream deeply moisturise and hydrates the skin. The beautiful colourful packaging is also very attractive.






TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Essential For Dry Skin  £7.99

This TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Essential For Dry Skin  is a great moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin. This Coconut Oil is is also suitable for baby skin. It is made with pure cold pressed oil from freshly harvested oil from freshly harvested organic coconuts. I love the colourful packaging and I think it is a great oil. The price tag is also a plus.


 TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC Intensive Hair Treatment £12.99

TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC Intensive Hair Treatment combines the highly effective hair cold pressed coconut and argan oils. This hair treatment replenishes the hair, ensuring healthy and hydrated hair.


I am a huge fan of any product with some coconut, so I was naturally drawn to these products. I need coconut products are amazing for the hair and skin. Do you agree?


*PR Samples.

5 Natural Hair Care Tips

I have been growing my natural hair for years now, and it has been a rollercoaster. Maintaining natural hair is hard, but it is worth the struggle. My hair is strong, healthy and growing like weed. It looks and feels a lot better than when I used chemicals on it, many years ago. Back then, I was kind of ashamed to show off my natural hair because it didn’t look good at all. I am happy to see those years behind me now.


natural hair care tips image


So how do I care for my natural hair? Here are some natural hair care tips from me to you.


Protective Styles

I have my hair in protective styles for about 4/5 weeks. That way the tips are protected and I don’t have to deal with the whole tedious hair management process everyday. I usually have my hair in cornrows, so I can rock different types of wigs. I sometimes go for crotchet braids too.


Mosturise the Natural Hair

Natural hair needs air, water and oil to grow. So I make sure my hair is moisturised everyday, even when in protective styles. I have a spray bottle with contains 70% water and 30% almond oil. I apply a few sprays to my hair everyday. When I am not rocking a protective style, I apply a leave in conditioner on a daily basis for extra moisture. You can also solve men’s hair loss problems by using the right hair moisturiser and moisturising the hair regularly.


Comb Less

One of the good things about rocking a protective style is not having to comb so often. Once my protective style is off, I comb my hair about once a week. I prefer to comb my hair whilst it is damp, so I comb after moisturising generously, starting from the tips, with a wide tooth comb.


Hair care image

afro hair care image



Use the Right Hair Care Products

Using the right hair care products is essential. I am so in love with SheaMoisture hair products. The love affair started as soon as I decided to grow my hair natural. I have used a couple of SheaMoisture products, and I am completely sold on most of them. The latest addition to my SheaMoisture collection is the new 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. Both products are great for natural hair. I have used them on mine and my daughter’s hair, and the results were amazing.


Natural hair picture

SheaMoisture Picture


I wash my hair with SheaMoisture every 2 weeks and it works great for me. Have you tried any SheaMoisture Hair Product? You can shop this new range in Superdrug for £10.99 each.


Easy on the Hair Line

I make sure I apply my oil and water to my hair generously. As well as my leave in conditioner. The hair-line is one of the most delicate parts of our hair and it is so easy to lose it. I avoid any hairstyle that would put pressure on my hair-line. I am also very picky on who gets to touch my hair. Some hands are a little too firm on my hair, which causes hair breakage and hair-line loss. I like my hairdresser to handle my hair with care.


How do you care for your natural hair? What do you think of thee tips?


*PR samples.


Product Review – Pearl Drops and Arm & Hammer

I mentioned in a previous post how I am super obsessed with white teeth. And all about my teeth whitening experience so far. If you have read that post, then this product review post should not surprise you. I had an opportunity to review Pearl Drops Lasting Flawless White Toothpaste and Arm & Hammer Total Pro Clean + Repair Toothpaste. Both products are great. I will definitely be using them again as they have both stepped my oral health game.


Pearl Drops Arm and Hammer Toothpaste image


Pearl Drops Lasting Flawless White

I have used this toothpaste for weeks now and I really like. I have used a couple of Pearl Drops products before, so I knew I was going to like this toothpaste as soon as I got it!

Pearl Drops Lasting Flawless White Toothpolish has been developed by our Whitening Experts to deliver superior stain removal and protection for a brighter, whiter, healthier smile. Combining our most efficient and low abrasion cleaning agents with our patented Stain Prevention Technology, Peral Drops Lasting Flawless White restores the tooth’s natural surface, smoothing imperfections and improving shine, whilst removing surface stains to deliver outstanding whitening.


Review Image


  1. I like the packaging. It looks good.
  2. It cleans my teeth perfectly.
  3. I like the taste. It is not too minty.
  4. This toothpaste is readily available at Boots, Superdrug and Tesco.





Arm & Hammer Total Pro Clean + Repair Toothpaste

Now I really like this toothpaste. This is the first Arm & Hammer product I am trying, and I am completely sold!


The chief of all toothpastes. This formula does everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, other total toothpastes do. In addition, kickass baking soda gives your mouth an awesome all round deep clean, plus it is packed with Active Calcium to strengthen teeth making it waaaaay more total.



Arm and Hammer Picture


  1. I like the shocking taste. I definitely wasn’t expecting a toothpaste to taste like what this tasted. So it was a pleasant surprise. You need to try it for yourself to understand.
  2. It cleans my teeth so well.
  3. I like the bright packaging.
  4. It is readily available at Boots, Asda, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and many more stores.
  5. This toothpaste is also great for sensitive teeth.





What do you think of these products? Have you tried any before? Please do tell.


*Collaborative post.

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