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If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police for some time, you would know all about my natural hair transition. I decided to go natural some months ago but I didn’t want to down the big chop route. So I had to grow out natural hair, while cutting off the dead hair tips gradually. It took a while but I am happy to say my hair is now fully natural.


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I would be lying if I said growing my hair natural was a walk in the park. It wasn’t. Getting my hair to this stage has not been easy. It took a lot of hard work and determination to get here. And my hair is still a work in progress.

I felt like giving up so many times along the way. My hair is a 4C and it is very coarse, so it is hard to manage. However, but I am happy I didn’t. I am very confident with my hair now. I am show it off proudly and it is just growing like weed, which is amazing.

In my transition, I have used so many hair products. A few of them I won’t use again and many I would continue using. I recently came across the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Shine Range. This range is great for my thick hair. I am loving it so far.


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I am a huge fan of the SheaMoisture brand. If you scroll through my natural hair transition posts, you would see me raving about 1 SheaMoisture range or the other. The products are great for natural hair and I believe they have helped in my hair growth. This Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Shine range is no exception. I love all the products in this range, especially the SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, which I have used before. The products keep my hair clean and moisturised. I will be shopping this range in future.

You can get this products in Boots stores, Amazon, eBay and other beauty stores.


Have you tried any SheaMoisture product? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


*PR Samples.

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  1. I haven’t used SheaMoisture although I’ve heard a lot about it. While I’m also natural, I’m locked so my hair is quit easy to manage. I tend to use department store products or those I make myself if the store products are not satisfactory

  2. I am so into the co washing right now. I’m using a Matrix product and a Bumble and Bumble finishing gel but plan to try Shea next, partly to see the results but also due to the much lower price point. Brilliantt to get curls taken seriously recently!

  3. I’ve only ever tried using Shea Moisture’s body lotion, bar soap and facial scrubs. I was going to try their natural hair care product, but ended up trying Not Your Mother’s Naturals. Thanks for sharing your review! I’ll have to look into it.

  4. I recently went fully natural. I big chopped because my permed ends kept tangling with my new growth and I couldn’t comb my hair in between protective styles! The only Shea Moisture product I ever used was the body scrub from this same product line. After their PR snaffoo, I haven’t really explored the brand further. I’m still figuring out this head of mine, but I’ll keep SM in mind!


    • I am still figuring out my hair as well. Good luck with the natural hair journey. Thanks for reading.

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  6. I am also a 4C gal, I not big on spending big buck on hair products ( I’m a recovering natural hair product junkie lol). I really like some of the She Moisture products but my hair soaks up moisture like crazy and the Shea Moisture products have not achieved my desired goals yet. I’m still in search of high moisture retaining products. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks. Just keep trying different products. I am sure you will find the right products for your hair soon.

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