8 Styling Tips for the Holidays

In need of some inspiration for striking yet festive fashion? Look no further! We’ve curated the best ideas to help you dazzle while decking the halls. Read through our list of eight styling tips for this year and stand out at any occasions.


Ditch the Denim

You wear denim 11 months out of the year, so why not store them temporarily until your party circuit is over? Instead of going for your go-to skinny jeans, try on a pair of some tapered black trousers.

Tis the Season to Sparkle

Maybe it’s the tinsel everywhere, but there is no better time of year to embrace glitter than during the holidays. Incorporate shimmering pieces into your festive look by wearing a sequined skirt, metallic blazer, or a crystal-embellished pair of shoes. Be careful not to go too overboard, though – you’re not trying to actually look like a Christmas tree.

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Inject Some Colour 

When we discuss color here, we’re not talking about just red and green. Try broadening your spectrum this year and embrace graphic patterns. If you’re hoping to get kissed beneath that mistletoe, you’re going to need to stand out. The little black dress is becoming a bit boring, so add elements of this season’s popular jewel tones, neons, or acid brights to turn things up.


Embrace the Velvet

Velvet is a fashion trend that has barely left the fashion scene since it emerged as a trend in the 90’s. This soft, shimmering fabric is perfect for the holidays in deep tones of purple or burgundy. Try it as a dress or wear it as a blazer. If velvet isn’t totally your thing, find a fabric shoes or an accessory embellished with the material.


Experiment with Textures and Layers

Save the simplicity for the other times of year – the holidays are for fun and festivity! Be bold and try experimenting with new layers such as leather, lace, faux fur, and embellished-everything. If you’re going for a more muted white-on-white look, be sure to layer different cream hues, textures, and weights to avoid looking too matchy.


Finish with Statement Outerwear

Baby, it’s cold outside, and a chic coat is a must have. It’ll be the first thing people see when you arrive at your holiday soiree, so be sure to make a stunning first impression. Aim for a perfectly tailored trench coat (and don’t forget about your local neighborhood seamstress if you need a little alteration). To enhance your silhouette and keep your coat looking new with each wear, try picking up a couple of belts or brooches to cinch your waist. Not feeling the classic coat? Go bold with a bomber jacket, or add glamour with thick faux fur.


Let your statement pieces reflect your personality. Sometimes, statements are more funny than they are stylish—yup, we’re talking ugly Christmas sweaters. Make a hilarious Christmas statement at your next holiday shindig, whether you opt for a sweater that boasts a Christmas unicorn or funny phrase.

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Add Eye-catching Jewellery 

Never been brave enough to wear those dramatic statement necklaces? Now is the time to explore large necklaces with excessive amounts of dangles, beads, studs, spikes, or any other intricate details made from a variety of materials. These necklaces are made in an infinite amount of colors and combinations, so you’ll be sure to find a piece that can enhance any ensemble. Pro tip: when wearing bold jewelry, keep the rest of your look simple, or risk appearing excessively gaudy.


Wrap it up with a Bow

Make your presence the present when you add a ribbon to your outfit. They’re the easiest way to dress up any look, from a black dress to a camisole. Simply gift wrap yourself by tying it around your waist – either centered or to the side – as a replacement of a belt and find a form-flattering figure underneath. You can also string a bright satin ribbon through your pants’ loopholes or garnish a bun with a pretty bow for a can’t-miss holiday accessory.

Make spirits bright and spread the holiday cheer this year by adding a little festival flare to your everyday wardrobe!


Do you have any styling tips for the holidays to share?


*Collaborative post.

Product Review – Angela Langford and KALME

It has gone so cold these past few days. I feel like we have completely skipped autumn and go on straight to winter. But knowing how crazy our British weather is, it is likely the chill reduces a little. I hope it does anyway. The cold weather has reminded me to keep my skin in top condition. I am currently dealing with dry skin and very dry lips, so I need to remember the keep drinking water to keep my system hydrated. I have been using Angela Langford Clean Sweep Softening & Smoothing Cleansing Balm for some days now. It is a great skin balm and I am loving it. I have also been using KALME Chameleon Concealer, and will be telling you all about that as well.


Angela Langford Clean Sweep Softening & Smoothing Cleansing Balm

Cleaning Balm image


I have found this cleansing balm so useful in the last few days with the cold season. It is a skincare product worth trying.


Perfect if your skin is dry, damaged, dull or flakey. This is your recipefor clean, smooth & radiant skin.

Glugs of almond, apricot, safflower & jojoba are blended with chamomile, cacoa, lemon & eucalyptus to cleanse your skin; making it softer & smoother whilst giving you a gorgeous healthy glow.


  1. I love the simple packaging. Compact enough to pop in a handbag.
  2. It smells amazing. I really like the fragrance.
  3. This cleansing balm is so easy to use. It wipes off every trace of makeup quickly.
  4. It leaves my skin feeling and looking soft smooth.
  5. You can grab a 100ml tube for £24.50.
  6. It is a natural organic cleanser, made in Great Britain.
  7. A pea sized amount is enough for the whole face.


Angela Langford ImageBeauty Blog Image



I can’t fault this product. It is definitely worth trying, especially this season.




KALME Chameleon Concealer

I have never used a chameleon concealer before so I was eager to try this. This is a concealer I will be using over and over again.


KALME Chameleon Concealer SPF20 is a velvety and luxurious concealer with advanced tone-matching technology and airbrush-effect particles for correcting and concealing red and uneven complexions for a flawless finish.


KALME Concealer Picture


  1. It contains a mineral SPF20.
  2. This concealer is great for sensitive skin.
  3. It is free from from parabens, perfumes, SLS and MI.
  4. I found this concealer very easy to use. It matched my skin tone within seconds of blending in.
  5. I really like the flawless finish.
  6. This concealer doesn’t just cover up, it also treats symptoms of red skin and rosacea.
  7. You can grab a 30ml bottle for £19.95 on Skin Shop.


Makeup Image

KALME Chameleon Concealer Image

Fashion and Style Police Review Image




None. This is a great concealer.





What do you think of these products before? Have you ever tried a chameleon concealer or a cleansing balm?


*PR samples

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