Natural Hair Transition Almost Complete

So for those who do not know, I decided to stop applying relaxers or chemicals to my hair, and let it grow naturally instead. I made this decision because I was tired of how unhealthy my hair. It was in a terrible state, with severe breakage and no edges, and that was because I was not giving my hair the care it needed to strive. I have neglected my hair over the years by not applying the right daily treatment, and just burying it under one weave or another. It got to a point, it became too embarrassing to show off my natural hair even at the hair dressing salon, because the hair stylists would always have a rude comment to make about how badly my hair was breaking. Like it was not partly their fault, lol.





I took this photos some days ago and I am very impressed with how healthy my hair is looking. I honestly cannot remember when last my hair was this healthy. My edges are back and kicking, my hair is super thick and strong. There has been very little shredding since I took my cornrows out (I usually have my hair in cornrows). And the only way for my natural hair seems to be up!

I didn’t do the “big chop” because I didn’t want to drastically get rid of the relaxed ends. However I plan to trim off the ends in the next few days. And I see my hair going fully natural in the next 3 months at the latest.




I am very happy with my current hair routine. I think it is working great for my hair. I treat my hair daily with Almond Oil and water in my spray bottle. I apply African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Leave-in conditioner every other day. I wash my hair with Shea Butter Moisture Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner once a week when I take off my cornrows. I also use the Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque once in 4 weeks. I also apply TTT4Z Hair Food every other day for extra nourishment.

My daughter also has the same hair routine I have, and her beautiful curly hair is how my hair was at her age; how I want it to be now. Her hair is another reason why I went natural. It brought back lovely memories. Hair goals all the way!






How do you care for your hair?





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  1. Your hair is growing so well babe! Keep it up! I went natural 4 years ago and my hair is down my back! Best decision I have made when it comes to my hair!

  2. I went natural about 5 years ago and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back! I wear it super low so it’s easy to maintain.

  3. I was natural but my hair was just falling out so I relaxed it and now it is not falling out. I was natural for 4 years I had Sista locks but my hair was still damaged. now I have no hair at the top. I have gone the natural way in putting garlic, onions, aloe vera, vinegar, rice water, tea tree oil with a combo of other oils in a bottle to treat my hair. I am hoping this works in regrowing my hair back. I take so many hair vitamins as well to boost my immune system.

  4. Glad your going back to natural and it’s working for you Stella.

    The routine I have developed over the years is to wash every other day. I use the shampoo and condition from my hairdressers.

    Once conditioner is on I wrap it in a towel wrap whilst showering before washing it off. Once a week it also gets a treatment on.

    Hairdresser wise I get in trimmed every 4 weeks and colour roots every 8 weeks

  5. Oh what a pretty girl you have! x Love your natural hair and so glad that it is becoming more healthy. Sadly, a trip to the hairdressers is way overdue for me – it is very neglected because I wear it up all the time and basically just forget about it! 🙁

  6. Your daughter has gorgeous hair!! It won’t be long until yours is the same again – although it’s looking good now 🙂
    I probably need to take more care of my hair – usually I wait ages to get it cut and just shove it up in a bun!

  7. Gurl, dont get me started with hairdressers, I don’t miss that part of my life at all- booking an appt, then having to wait for 30mins when I get there after arriving on time…a lot of the women who braid hair have no training in Afro hair hence why a lot of braid wearers are walking around without a hairline…when my hair was in dire straits, one biatch once told me, ‘your hair is not good’. She said this whilst yanking on my hairline!! Keep up with your natural hair journey hon, we can do it! ( :

  8. Keep going! It’s such an amazing feeling once you remove all the relaxed ends. You curls will be popping. I like to keep my routine simple as well. My hair doesn’t do well when it’s overloaded with products.

  9. I was looking forward to this post and I am glad you wrote it.
    Well done and congrat.
    And hey, your baby is so cute and her hair just perfect. You both are slaying.

    By the way, I have now trimmed off all mine. It is good.


  10. Wow your hair is looking real healthy and your daughter’s hair is lovely. I am trying to go natural too. I have not touched my hair with relaxer for almost two years. I am happy with the state now and hope it will improve. Thanks for encouraging me.

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