Beauty Muse: Sade Adu

I grew up listening to her songs – Sweetest Taboo, Smooth Operator, King of Sorrow, By Your Side, and her other hits. She has a very sultry, lovely voice and a very beautiful face. Say hello to my Beauty MuseSade Adu also known as Helen Folasade Adu.




They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Well I say everyone beholds this beauty. This Nigerian born, Essex raised stunner is the definition of timeless beauty. She is one woman who does not seem to age one bit. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. And she has an equally beautiful voice. I could fall asleep just listening to her.

I love her amazing golden skin, her beautiful eyes, black silky hair, her eyebrows, and everything else. No one can wear a red lip as pretty as Sade. Even at almost 60, she can still give 21 year olds, a run for their money. This woman is beauty goals.


Keep A Child Alive's 7th Annual Black Ball - Inside



If I could be a fly on her wall, I would love to take a look into her bathroom cupboard, just to see what beauty products she swears by. I would also love to take a peep into her makeup bag as well. But since I can’t, I had to go digging for interviews online where she shared her beauty tips and secrets. And guess what? I found nothing.

Sade Adu is known for her privacy and zero interest in granting interviews so that could explain why I couldn’t find any beauty quote from her at all.

This is extremely rare for a successful singer, her career path is different but it worked and still works for her. And that is all that matters.

I will keep digging, maybe I will get lucky one day. But until then, we can only wonder.




Are you a fan of Sade Adu? What do you think of her as a Beauty Muse?

Why I Won’t Be Attending London Fashion Week

When I started blogging in 2012, Fashion and Style Police was purely a fashion blog, and I was super crazy about fashion. I still am crazy about fashion. It is one of my first loves, but I have other loves as well, and I have found a way to creatively write about them all, which works amazing well.




Back then, fresh from London College of Style, all I was breathing was fashion. And the only blogs I was following then were mainly fashion blogs. I noticed many of these bloggers attended fashion week, so I was determined to attend one of the shows, especially the shows in London. But I never had the chance in the early days because I was a new fashion blogger. Which brand would want to waste an invite on a fashion blogger with no strong following? Well not many, if any at all. And I was not prepared to hang around the fashion show location (like many fashion bloggers do) just to get my photos taken. Not trying to shade those who do, but for me, it was all or nothing. So I got nothing but kept hoping for the day when I would get an invite from one of the fashion designer houses.

I have been blogging for over 3 years when I got my first invitation to New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and London Fashion Week (LFW), and guess what? I turned them both down.




I turned down both invitations because I decided earlier on in my blogging career not to go out-of-pocket for nobody. That means I won’t attend events, including fashion shows just because I am invited. I will need my travel expenses (and accommodation if necessary) sorted at least before I can even consider attending any event.

Many brands/PRs find this difficult to understand and I am not sure why. The same way they won’t got o work for free is the same way I won’t work for free. It is the same way I won’t attend a fashion show and blog about it without my expenses and fees being paid.

Even if I was living in London or in New York, I would still turn the invitation down if my travel expenses were not sorted. I am a blogger not a magazine editor with a salary. I create my income, so every penny counts in my world.

I do hope I can attend one of the big 4 fashion shows – London, Milan, Paris and New York, but I won’t settle. I have gotten to a point in my life where I refuse to act a fool.


What are your thoughts on this?


Turn Your Passion for Beauty into a Career

You love all things beauty – from nails to lashes, massage to makeup and everything in between. For you, beauty isn’t a chore – it’s second nature. You’re up to date with all the latest fashions and styles and will always be the first to volunteer to do your friend’s makeup for a big night out. Beauty is your passion.




So, in the world of work, what could be better than pursuing your passion and making it your career? Passion is a funny thing – what really gets you going and fired up at the very thought could be another person’s idea of an insignificant pastime. But that’s the beautiful thing about following our dreams and desires, we’re not out to gratify the world, we’re out to please ourselves – we should pursue our passions.


We’ve all, at one time or another, been guilty of proclaiming ‘I’m going to change’, ‘I’m going to pursue this’, ‘this is what I want to do!’ – but all too soon our declaration is forgotten. Once again our dreams are put on hold; shoved to the bottom of the pile, the rest of life taking priority.


And we do this time and time again, even if this means dealing with the day-to-day grind of a lackluster job, which pays the bills but doesn’t satisfy our thirst for something more meaningful, something that we are more passionate about.


In the words of Steve Knox – ‘shut up and act’ – this is the only way to ensure that we prioritise our own dreams and stop putting our own lives on hold. Enough of the talk, it’s time to do something.


According to David Lucatch, the people who he has seen as having the most success in both their work and personal lives are the most passionate, who have a read ‘zeal and zest’ for their work and people. He goes on to say that there are three main reasons as to why passionate people tend to be more successful in their endeavours, these are:


  • ‘Passion fuels confidence’
  • ‘Passion creates excitement’
  • ‘Passion is contagious’


So, passion is clearly a key motivator in those who do well within the workplace and in motivating other around them. It enables progression, confidence and excitement in the workplace – but how do you transform your passion for all things beauty into a career?


Actioning Your Passion for Beauty

At this point you’re probably wondering how you can play on this passion and turn it into a successful career. A course in Beauty Therapy is a great place to start…

The Training Room has been connecting its students with opportunities for over 10 years and has helped over 10,000 students into employment in their chosen fields; including Beauty Therapy, through the ITEC level 3 course in beauty therapy. The course itself is very comprehensive covering both level 2 and level 3 certifications, which will give you solid foundations on which to build your career. In addition, you will receive an additional CPD course in GelColor by OPI to give you the edge in the job market.


At The Training Room we believe that life shouldn’t stand in the way of pursuing your passions and your dreams, which is why over the past few months we’ve been addressing the question of ‘How Do I Become a Beauty Therapist’, the issue of funding and how to afford your training, as well as enlisting our talented tutors to tell you how you can land your dream career in the beauty industry.


We pride ourself on our student support – which is why from registration we will give you 3 years of career support to help you into your dream career. We also offer a guaranteed interview with one of our corporate partners to give you a little extra help along the way. Connecting you with the opportunity to connect with your passion sooner, rather than later.


In addition, after you’re qualified there are opportunities to work abroad, from home, in salon/spas and health clubs, as well as within the film/television industry as a beauty therapist, nail technician or in other specialised roles.


It sounds good – doesn’t it?


Do You Want To Find Out More?

If you feel that it’s time to give yourself the career you deserve then give The Training Room a call today or fill out an enquiry form on the website and we’ll call you! Our full-time and part-time beauty therapy courses are a great place to start. So give yourself a chance to pursue your passion for beauty, your new career is waiting for you.


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