Keyshia Cole vs Gwen Stefani in Moschino

Hey fashion lovers! How are we? I have another “who wore it better” feature. This time, it is Keyshia Cole and Gwen Stefani in a Moschino Embellished Crop Jacket. Who do you think rocked this look better?




I think both ladies styled the jacket in their own way, and it worked for their individual style and personality. But if I was asked to pick my favourite look, I would pick Gwen Stefani in a heartbeat, and I would tell you why.

Gwen Stefani is a style icon, so it should come as no surprise that she slayed this look. I love how she styled the Moschino crop jacket with a black turtle neck, denim skirt, fishnet stockings and black thigh high boots. This is a look I can see myself rocking easily so I am naturally drawn to it.

Keyshia Cole looks good also. She styled her Moschino jacket with a black crop top, leather lace-up pants and silver sandals. I like how she styled the crop jacket with a crop top. That part of the outfit looks ace. She has the figure to slay the look, and she nailed it. But I am not a fan of the rest of the look. I don’t like the leather lace-up pants on its own or paired with the silver sandals. It is too much going on for me, and I think the Moschino jacket is stunning enough to speak for itself.

If I was to rock this look, I would style it like Gwen Stefani did; I would let the jacket be the stand out piece, and keep the other pieces and accessories minimal and basic.

What do you think? Who do you think wore it better? Keyshia Cole (on the left) or Gwen Stefani (on the right)? You decide.

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29 responses

  1. Gwen Stefani rock’s this look. She looks amazing. Love her outfit and the jacket. The way she has styled it is spot on

    For me Keyshia has ruined the look of the jacket with the rest of the outfit. She doesn’t look good the way she had some dressed it. The trousers are awful and she looks like a slapper.

  2. hmm I think I like both but I could wear the Gwen Stefani’s outfit for a more casual occasion and the Keyshia Cole’s one to go out! x

  3. They both look freaking beaut but as a huge Gwen fan she gets my vote, I just love her and agree with you that the jacket should be the focus. I’m also a sucker for over knee boots so a definitely win for Gwen x

  4. I think Keyshia’s trousers were too fussy to detracted from the jacket. Gwen kept is simple so looked more stylish and effortless

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