Hair wash products to try this season

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The summer season is in full swing and that usually means more hair wash days for me. I love trying out new haircare products and sharing my views with you all. If you are after new hair wash products to try this season, you are in luck! I am forever trying out new products to blog about on Fashion and Style Police, and I am always re-sharing great products to remind my readers on what to get.

Here are some of my current favourite hair wash products to grab online:

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter, DUO set Moisture Retention Shampoo + Restorative Conditioner

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter, DUO set Moisture Retention Shampoo + Restorative Conditioner pictureSheaMoisture Conditioner image

This Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter, DUO set Moisture Retention Shampoo + Restorative Conditioner is a great set on Amazon. I love the shampoo and conditioner a lot. They leave my hair clean, strong and moisturise. The fragrance is also heavenly. It is a great shampoo and conditioner set to try out if you haven’t done so already. 

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, with Sea Kelp & Argan Oil, for Damaged Hair

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, with Sea Kelp & Argan Oil, for Damaged, Transitioning Hair picture

This Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque with Sea Kelp and Organ Oil is my favourite hair masque. I apply a generous amount of this amazing masque to my hair and leave for about 30 minutes before I wash my hair. It heals, grows and strengthens my hair from the roots. Great hair product to try for sure.

OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair, 385 ml

OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair, 385 ml picture

This nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner by OGX is great for dry and damaged hair. It leave the hair moisturised, hydrated and strong. It also smells divine and a little goes a long way with this conditioner. I love it.

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

OGX Shampoo review image

This Coconut Milk Shampoo by OGX is very nourishing on the hair. I love how clean and moisturised my hair feels after a good hair wash with this shampoo. You need yo try this amazing product for yourself to see how great it is. It is specially made to hydrate dry hair.

What do you think of these hair wash products? Have you tried any of them before? Please share your views in the comments section. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.


Natural Hair Transition Almost Complete

So for those who do not know, I decided to stop applying relaxers or chemicals to my hair, and let it grow naturally instead. I made this decision because I was tired of how unhealthy my hair. It was in a terrible state, with severe breakage and no edges, and that was because I was not giving my hair the care it needed to strive. I have neglected my hair over the years by not applying the right daily treatment, and just burying it under one weave or another. It got to a point, it became too embarrassing to show off my natural hair even at the hair dressing salon, because the hair stylists would always have a rude comment to make about how badly my hair was breaking. Like it was not partly their fault, lol.





I took this photos some days ago and I am very impressed with how healthy my hair is looking. I honestly cannot remember when last my hair was this healthy. My edges are back and kicking, my hair is super thick and strong. There has been very little shredding since I took my cornrows out (I usually have my hair in cornrows). And the only way for my natural hair seems to be up!

I didn’t do the “big chop” because I didn’t want to drastically get rid of the relaxed ends. However I plan to trim off the ends in the next few days. And I see my hair going fully natural in the next 3 months at the latest.




I am very happy with my current hair routine. I think it is working great for my hair. I treat my hair daily with Almond Oil and water in my spray bottle. I apply African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Leave-in conditioner every other day. I wash my hair with Shea Butter Moisture Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner once a week when I take off my cornrows. I also use the Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque once in 4 weeks. I also apply TTT4Z Hair Food every other day for extra nourishment.

My daughter also has the same hair routine I have, and her beautiful curly hair is how my hair was at her age; how I want it to be now. Her hair is another reason why I went natural. It brought back lovely memories. Hair goals all the way!






How do you care for your hair?





Natural Hair Transition Progress

If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police for a while, you would know all about my natural hair transition (well if you didn’t know, you know now). So this is an update on my natural hair transition progress so far.

My hair has grown a lot longer and thicker since my last natural hair transition update. I am happy with how it looks, my hair has not looked this healthy in ages. My edges are back and they look amazing. I am really happy with the overall look of my hair. I think it is transitioning beautifully, and I am impressed.





For those who wonder how I maintain my natural hair, here is how my monthly routine looks like:



I have my hair in cornrows for about a month. I do this because it is easier for me to treat and manage my hair, and I can still wear my wigs when I want, which is the best of both worlds for me. When I have my cornrows on, I moisturise with water and oil from a spray bottle every day and my T444Z Hair Food every other day.


Take  Off the Cornrows

Once I take off my cornrows, I deep conditioned my hair with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. I leave on for 30 minutes, then I give my hair a very good wash with Shea Mositure Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner.







After the wash, I moisturise with water and oil from a spray bottle. I usually mix Olive, Argan or Coconut oil with the water to lock in the hair moisture. I am currently using Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Growth Moisturizer and I find it just ok. I won’t be using it again though because it has a very thick consistency which makes mixing with water a pain in the behind, and I didn’t notice any massive growth increase either.



I also use my good old African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave-in conditioner every day to lock in even more moisture. I am so in love with this particular product. I think it is so effective.


African Pride Shea Butter Conditioner Image


I usually have my natural hair loose for about 2 weeks before getting the cornrows done again. That time gives my hair some breathing space and the natural hair routine seems to be working fine.

I am yet to do the big/small chop and I doubt it will ever get done because my relaxed ends seem to be turning natural already. I will give it a few more months and see if I need to have a chop of any sort at all.








What do you think of my natural hair transition progress?








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