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You should all know by now that I am transitioning to natural hair. My hair journey has been topsy turvy for weeks now, but I am glad to say it is growing nicely and looking very healthy. I promised to share some of the amazing hair products I have been using, so here is a product review post featuring 2 of them – T444Z Hair Food and Argan Oil Therapy Conditioner. I have used both made in the UK products for months now and I am well impressed but before I tell you all about them, here is what T444Z has to say about the Hair Food product:

T444Z offers a holistic approach to improve a person’s hair. It is a plant-based product that was developed from natural ingredients extracted from the trees deep from the forests of Africa. In the interest of keeping it organic, T444Z has limited the use of preservatives.

Use T444Z for massive hair growth, volumen and thickness. It also repairs hair lines, stops balding, dandruff, scalp dryness, itchiness and and even hair loss




Here are my thoughts:


  1. My hair became thicker, longer and healthier since I started using this hair food.
  2. It relieves the itchiness on my scalp.
  3. It has restored my hair-line.


  1. It is quite pricey at £16.99 but it is money well spent in my books.
  2. It has a strong minty smell.


Overall, I recommend this T444Z Hair Food to anyone struggling with hair loss, dandruff or itchiness. I have bought it a few times now and I would keep buying this product because it does the job. I bought this product on eBay, and I know it is readily available online ad in shops so have a look around. A quick Google search will put you on the right path.




I had both the T444Z Shampoo and Conditioner but I ran out of the Shampoo some weeks ago and forgot to take a picture, so I will tell you all about that Detox Shampoo another day. Here is what T444Z has to say about this product:

The Argan Oil Therapy Conditioner is specially formulated to lock in moisture and seal the hair without weighing it down. The enriched conditioner increases the hair vitality, lustre and shine.

I used this product after shampooing. I divide my hair into 4 sections and massage the conditioner in, leaving in for 20 minutes (under a shower cap), then wash off. I did use only the conditioner once, in my first attempt to co-wash and I didn’t like the way my hair felt so I won’t do that again.

Here are my thoughts on this conditioner:

  1. It leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiny.
  2. My hair feels very clean and conditioned.
  3. I like the packaging.
  4. I like the fragrance of the conditioner.
  5. I have noticed a massive difference in the length and thickness of my hair since I started using this conditioner, a few months ago.
  6. It is quite affordable at £18.74 for the Detox Shampoo (which is also very fab, cleans the hair beautifully) and the Argan Oil Therapy Conditioner. It is also readily available online and in stores. I got mine from Amazon.





I recommend these products. They fulfil all promises and worth every penny. Try them, your hair will thank you later.


*Collaborative post.


41 responses

  1. I appreciate your detailed and thorough review of the products and how their results. You’ve made it easy to decide whether they’d be a good fit (or not). As women, our hair can feel like part of our identity, so feeling good about how it looks and feels is so important.

  2. Well done to you for transitioning to natural hair. I’ll bet it will look so healthy and beautiful. I have quite light blonde hair so I can’t use argan oil as it makes it look kind of dark and greasy, so coconut oil’s transparent quality is actually better for me. (I use argan on my face) But if you ever see Bedouin women’s sleek, beautiful dark hair you’ll know why they use argan oil. This product looks absolutely amazing. I don’t have black hair (obviously) but my half sister does and I’m going to mention it to her as it sounds so pure and natural. How does it smell?

  3. I’ve heard of this! And to be honest, my hair needs it! It sounds like a great product. I have tried other Argan Oil products before but this one sounds amazing. xx

  4. I like a strong minty smell! Anyway i get loads of dandruff and am desperate to try products for my scalp & hair, especially with winter coming. Thanks for the review, will be sure to try this out soon x

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