My Natural Hair Transition

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I have decided to start documenting my hair transition journey on Fashion and Style Police. I started the journey to natural hair last year and I honestly can’t remember ever seeing my hair natural look this healthy. I decided to stop using relaxers and other chemicals, and grow my natural hair because my processed hair was so weak and unhealthy. I stopped paying attention to it years ago, and I could see the result of my lack of attention, my hair-line was disappearing quickly, I had to do something about it.

This is the first time I am showing a glimpse of my natural hair on the blog. It is usually braided or buried unde a wig or some sort of hair extensions. I have had a love and hate relationship with my hair since I was young. I didn’t like the way it looked or felt. I guess we women of colour were programmed not to love our kinky hair, because all we saw in the magazines and on TV were the straight, silky hair, which is nothing like the African hair.


Natural Hair Journey Image

I am happy to say I have recently fallen in love with my natural hair and all its stubbornness (it never does what I want it do ever), and I am looking forward to styling it in different ways. But I need to grow it first. I became motivated to transition back to natural hair since having my twins. My daughter’s beautiful African kinky hair is hair goals for me. I love everything about her hair, and I enjoy caring for it. Her hair reminds me of how my hair was as a kid . I had beautiful natural hair that I destroyed with chemicals and lack of care. I am determined to grow my hair back to the original length, and I started  this transition journey with a bunch of cool natural hair products, I can’t wait to rave about, so look out for my review posts.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend.

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