Tender Loving Care for your Clothes

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I have had some pieces in my wardrobe for many years, but you will never know by looking at them. And that is because I take good care of my clothes. I see clothes as a bit of an investment, so I like to keep them for as long as I can. Our clothes need some Tender Loving Care (TLC) to serve us, so it makes sense to pay them special attention. Here are some ways you could do that today:


Wash Inside Out/Wash Separately

Wash your clothes inside out to prevent fading when washing. This TLC tip is particularly important when dealing with jeans, denim jackets, and bright coloured cotton trousers.

Also, follow the rule of washing whites separately, and coloured separately. Your clothes will thank you for it. And look out for clothes that shed – such as fluffy towels and jackets. They should be washed separately or else every thing could be covered with fluff.


Empty the Pockets

I remember many occasions where I forgot to empty pockets before putting clothes in the washing machine; the washing didn’t end well. The first thing to do before turning clothes inside out is to empty the pockets. There is nothing worse than unloading the washer to find all the clothes covered in blue ink from a pen left in a jeans pocket!


Sort out the Wardrobe

Arrange your clothes in an orderly manner in your wardrobe. This sounds like common sense but I have seen so many disorganised wardrobes so I know it is not. If you don’t have enough space in your closet, you should consider having some clothes in storage boxes when not in use. I arrange my clothes in my wardrobe season by season, so its summer/autumn, and winter/spring for me. I know it is kind of reverse, but it work for me. The clothes not in use go to storage boxes.


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Cold Wash for Delicate Fabrics

Remember to cold wash and rinse delicate fabrics or fabrics with a dry clean label (if you are brave enough), even if it is a hand wash. Cold water is a lot softer on clothing, which makes it perfect for delicate pieces. Or you could just clean them the dry cleaning way.


So these are my ways of giving good loving to my clothes. And that is how I get to have them for many years. How do you care for your clothes?

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6 Facts about Writing for Huffington Post

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There’s nothing as exciting as writing for a highly recognized and respected website like Huffington Post! I was so thrilled when I got accepted to be a Huffington Post blogger. There are plenty of opportunities hidden behind writing for Huffington Post. It all depends on how you make use of these opportunities. There are some writers who do not encourage writing for Huffington Post, and there are some who are blatantly against it. I am neither, I am all about how to make the most of any opportunity I get and writing for Huffington Post when I have the time does have its perks. It all depends on how you make use of the opportunities Huffington Post offers you. Here are 6 facts you should know about writing for Huffington Post:
1.    Huffington Post does not pay its bloggers
This is one of the main reasons many writers are against writing for Huffington Post, and they are right –to some degree – to feel upset for not getting paid for their hard work. What they don’t know is that you can land sponsorship deals with businesses and advertisers. The money that you’d get from those deals will be adequate compensation for the hard work you put in writing for Huffington Post. Sometimes we have to look at things differently to see the big picture. I choose to write freshly written articles Huffington Post on rare occasions (I have written only once this year) because I need the credibility, I want to be able to reach a wider audience, and I want the freedom to write certain articles I won’t want to publish on my blog.
2.    Huffington Post does not publicize your articles
Promotion is not Huffington Post’s responsibility. It’s yours. You are responsible for your success as a Huffington Post blogger. Promotions can be a lot of work but it is extremely rewarding. As you share your posts on social media or to your subscribers in your email list, you are creating awareness about your writing skills. This is a good way of attracting clients to yourself.
3.    Writers can leverage on Huffington Post’s prestige
This means a lot for a Huffington Post blogger. Having the articles you published on Huffington Post looks very good in your portfolio. Since Huffington Post’s credibility is known all over, people will respect you as a writer. This opens doors for paid opportunities.
4.    It validates your work
You know how competitive it is in the writing space – in fact, any industry. So when you pitch for work, you have to compete against so many other people pitching just like you. Saying that you’re a Huffington Post blogger sets you apart from the crowd. It creates the impression that you are skilled and credible. Since you were able to make it to Huffington Post, this gives you an edge over other applicants.
5.    Huffington Post allows you to republish your earlier work
Unlike some websites that don’t allow you to republish your posts anywhere else, Huffington Post gives you the opportunity to do so if you wish. This is time-saving, especially when you’re also trying to maintain your own blog. You can republish your earlier blog posts on Huffington Post while you concentrate on creating new content for your blog. However I always write freshly written articles for Huffington Post, I don’t like confusing Google by republishing my blog content but many writers do. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.
6.    Access to exposure on Huffington Post
Huffington Post is very popular and it receives a high dose of traffic from its loyal readers. When you write for Huffington Post your article gets a chance to be viewed by several readers on Huffington Post. This helps to increase exposure to your article as well as to all the other articles you had written for Huffington Post. You may also get traffic and new followers on your blog and social media platforms if you include your links at the end of your articles.


Do you write for Huffington Post? Would you consider writing for Huffington Post? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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