Why Chemicals are Bad for the Hair

It all starts with a dissatisfaction of our natural hair. Every time you look in the mirror, you wish that your natural hair was better. And in the pursuit of having the perfect hair, we apply all sorts of products to get our hair looking the way we think we want it to.




Relaxers, texturizers, hair sprays and even some hair creams could be extremely harmful to your hair. On the surface, those products seem to give the results that you have been looking for but at the expense of the health of your hair. They contain several harsh chemicals like sodium hydroxide (lye), calcium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide (no-lye), and hydrogen peroxide to get your hair to behave in the nature and style that you desire. But leaves the health of your hair in a very bad state.

These chemicals can be so harsh for our delicate hair because they negatively affect the pH level of the hair. The continuous application of these harmful hair products would continue to destroy the hair.

Here are some of the reasons why chemicals are bad for your hair.


  1. Chemicals will stunt hair growth

Our hair needs the right environment, pH level and moisture to grow. Using these harsh chemical in your hair products, especially relaxers and texturizers, go deep into the scalp. It strips the hair of its moisture.

The worse part about chemicals most especially the ones in hair relaxers is that the chemicals used to relax the hair also inhibit its growth.


  1. Chemicals will thin your hair

The continuous application of perms, relaxers, texturizers and other chemical-based hair products will wear our hair out. At each application, the chemicals start to weaken the hair strands and most times it leads to having split ends. When you apply a relaxer, the part that suffers the most is your natural hairline. The front of your hair gets so thin that it could start to break which could damage the hair-line severally.


  1. Chemicals will lead to breakage and hair loss

These chemicals can also lead to overall hair breakage and loss. The chemicals in hair products can make your hair lose its elasticity which will make your hair fragile and cause it to break.


  1. Chemicals can burn your scalp

Ladies believe that when they leave a relaxer or texturizer longer in their hair, they’ll get better results. Especially if they have very coarse hair like me (I have a 4c type hair). The truth is that the longer you leave those products in your hair, the more your scalp burns. This will cause serious pain from the burn or irritation. The pain gets worse when hair products that contain alcohol are applied to your hair.

With all these problems, the best decision you could ever make is to go natural and stay natural. I have not applied any form of chemical on my hair for over a year now and I can’t remember the last time my hair was this healthy.





My hair is full, strong and growing quickly and beautifully. I must confess, the journey to falling in love with my natural afro hair has been long and hard. It took seeing how lovely my daughter’s natural hair is, to get me to transition to natural hair. But I am happy I have finally embraced it. It is very difficult to maintain my natural hair. It is quite dry and does not retain moisture easily, so I like to have it in a protective style for as long as possible, and rock my fancy wigs. But as soon as my hair grows to the desired length I am after, I would start to style it a bit more.

What do you think of these harsh chemicals in hair products?




Product Review: T444Z Hair Food & Argan Oil Therapy Conditoner



You should all know by now that I am transitioning to natural hair. My hair journey has been topsy turvy for weeks now, but I am glad to say it is growing nicely and looking very healthy. I promised to share some of the amazing hair products I have been using, so here is a product review post featuring 2 of them – T444Z Hair Food and Argan Oil Therapy Conditioner. I have used both made in the UK products for months now and I am well impressed but before I tell you all about them, here is what T444Z has to say about the Hair Food product:

T444Z offers a holistic approach to improve a person’s hair. It is a plant-based product that was developed from natural ingredients extracted from the trees deep from the forests of Africa. In the interest of keeping it organic, T444Z has limited the use of preservatives.

Use T444Z for massive hair growth, volume and thickness. It also repairs hair lines, stops balding, dandruff, scalp dryness, itchiness and hair loss.




Here are my thoughts:


  1. My hair became thicker, longer and healthier since I started using this hair food.
  2. It relieves the itchiness on my scalp.
  3. It has restored my hair-line.


  1. It is quite pricey at £16.99 but it is money well spent in my books.
  2. It has a strong minty smell.

Overall, I recommend this T444Z Hair Food to anyone struggling with hair loss, dandruff or itchiness. I have bought it a few times now and I would keep buying this product because it does the job. I bought this product on eBay, and I know it is readily available online ad in shops so have a look around. A quick Google search will put you on the right path.




I had both the T444Z Shampoo and Conditioner but I ran out of the Shampoo some weeks ago and forgot to take a picture, so I will tell you all about that Detox Shampoo another day. Here is what T444Z has to say about this product:

The Argan Oil Therapy Conditioner is specially formulated to lock in moisture and seal the hair without weighing it down. The enriched conditioner increases the hair vitality, lustre and shine.

I used this product after shampooing. I divide my hair into 4 sections and massage the conditioner in, leaving in for 20 minutes (under a shower cap), then wash off. I did use only the conditioner once, in my first attempt to co-wash and I didn’t like the way my hair felt so I won’t do that again.

Here are my thoughts on this conditioner:


  1. It leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiny.
  2. My hair feels very clean and conditioned.
  3. I like the packaging.
  4. I like the fragrance of the conditioner.
  5. I have noticed a massive difference in the length and thickness of my hair since I started using this conditioner, a few months ago.
  6. It is quite affordable at £18.74 for the Detox Shampoo (which is also very fab, cleans the hair beautifully) and the Argan Oil Therapy Conditioner. It is also readily available online and in stores. I got mine from Amazon.

I recommend these products. They fulfil all promises and worth every penny. Try them, your hair will thank you later.





How to Care for your Natural Afro Hair



I am in the middle of transitioning to natural hair and it has been a hell of a ride. On some days, I just feel like giving in and relaxing my hair, but then I stop and remember when I am transitioning in the first place and get on with it. The truth of the matter is caring for your natural afro/kinky hair is hard work. Don’t let any of these Youtubers/Bloggers that make it all look easy fool you. But I had to transition to natural hair because my hair was breaking seriously. After years of chemicals, heat and lack of care, my hair became very weak and unhealthy, I had no choice but to quit the relaxers and all.

The last time I relaxed my hair was well over a year ago now. I did texturised my hair some months ago, because I thought it would make it more manageable but it did nothing for my hair. So I have decided to go down the full natural hair route. I still rock my many wigs when I need to look fly (wink wink), since I am yet to master the art of styling natural hair but I am working on it. My daughter’s hair is natural but it is super curly and soft, so it is a lot easier to manage and style compared to mine. And my hair is still a bunch of different textures which makes it even more difficult to manage.

I am reluctant to do the ‘big chop’. I have been told I don’t have to bother thinking about that for now so I would just see how I get on with growing out my natural hair, and deal with the relaxed ends later.

Here are some ways I care for my natural hair:



Pre-poo simply means pre-shampoo treatment. I pre-poo my hair with olive oil and water before washing. I divide my hair into 4 sections and massage oil and water into each section and leave on under a shower cap while I carry on as normal. I usually leave it for about 5/6 hours to get the maximum effect before washing it out. This works beautifully on my hair. My hair is detangled, feels soft and looks shiny after a wash.


I wash my natural hair every week with a sulfate-free shampoo. I will be reviewing the exact shampoo and other natural hair products I use soon so watch this space.

It is very important to use the right kind of shampoo. The most ideal kind of shampoo for natural african hair is one that contains moisturizing agents. The reason is simple: African hair does not retain moisture easily. This is why afros are more prone to drying out. Extremely dry hair can cause your hair a lot of harm. So it’s a wise choice to start with something that will moisturize your hair, but make sure that you use light products that contain natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil or olive oil.

I know some ladies are against using shampoos in general or use only conditioners to wash the hair. I tried this once and my hair didn’t feel clean or feel right, so I don’t recommend this method.




Deep Conditioning
I deep condition once a month. Deep Conditioning helps add the most needed moisture into your hair. Since our natural hair is more prone to drying out, deep conditioning helps moisturize our hair. Conditioning also makes your hair nice and soft.

Also, make sure you carry out the detangling process while you are conditioning your hair. One of the major problems with afros is dealing with tangles. Tangles may come about while washing your hair. If the hair is long, it’s more prone to tangles than short hair. All you have to do is use a wide-toothed comb or picker to pick through the tangles.


I leave my hair to air dry. Natural hair can dry out easily as they lose moisture faster than other hair types. So, using a blow dryer can strip your afro off moisture leaving it looking unhealthy, dull and lifeless. Instead of using a blow dryer, simply air dry. This will save your hair from any unnecessary loss of moisture and hair breakage. Just pat your hair dry with a towel every once in a while and let nature do the rest.



I comb my hair when it is damp. To tame your natural hair, you’ve got to comb it in place. Avoid combing your hair when it’s wet. That is when your hair is more prone to breakage.
There’s an art to combing your natural hair if you’d want to maintain the curls – comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. This will help get rid of any knots or tangles that make your hair difficult to manage. Do not use any comb other than a wide-toothed comb as combing will make your afro frizzy and puffed up which will destroy the curly look you are going for. For brushing, I use the Tangle Teezer hair brush for thick, wavy, afro and curly hair. It is the best!


I moisturise my hair daily with oils and creams. One of the problems of curly natural hair is that it loses moisture really quickly. If gone unchecked it can cause hair breakage and make your hair look dull and lifeless. Apply a moisturizer after drying your hair, starting from the tips of your hair all the way to the scalp. To make sure that your hair retains moisture throughout the day, have a spray bottle with some water in it. Spray your hair every once in a while during the day to keep it moist. I have 3/4 water and 1/4 olive oil in my spray bottle and I spray my hair once or twice a day.
To maintain the round shape of the afro hair (if you have a fro), give your fro a nice trim. Trimming gets rid of the split ends and keeps the ends of your hair healthy. It also helps to enhance hair growth and keep the hair full and bouncy. The next thing to do, is to gently press your hair into that signature round shape.

I am looking forward to rocking this look once my hair grows out.
As you can see maintaining a natural hair is a lot of work. Our afro hair needs love, attention and care, so if you don’t have the time for your hair, I won’t recommend you go down this route. But if you do have the time, the rewards are plenty.

How do you care for your natural hair?