I Like to Wig

I have always wondered what the issue was with people and wigs. There seems to be this idealogy that wigs are meant for only those who are suffering from a hair loss, and elderly people, and should not be a beauty item, but I strongly disagree.


Growing up, I was never a fan of wigs. They all looked similar and looked like WIGS, and I found them very unattractive. But nowadays, with the new generation wigs, I have fallen madly in love with them, and I have been a devout wearer for many years now. I have a lovely lady who makes majority of my wigs, and she is the real deal. I also got a few from some fabulous retailers.

The last time I had a weave (hair extensions attached to my hair) on was January 2016, and I have not missed them. Since I gave up using chemicals on my hair and having weaves installed, my hair has been in the best shape ever. It is healthy and growing like weed!



I gave up on wearing weaves because I needed my natural hair to breath, it was badly damaged and the only way I could give my hair the attention it was badly in need of, was to not have hair extensions attached to it.

The joy of wearing wigs is the ability to yank it off whenever I need to, or not to have it on if I don’t need/want to; it is also one of the best feelings in the world to sleep weave/wig free. For someone who has a very itchy scalp (anyone who knows me well enough can testify to this, and no, I don’t have dandruff or head lice, just a natural itchy scalp for whatever reason), wearing a wig means I don’t have to deal with the itch half as much as I used to when I had weaves on.

Wearing wigs also means I can change my look as often as I like. I have a few wigs in my collection, and I am looking to getting a few more in other styles this year.



Many people struggle to understand why any woman with good hair on her head would want to wear wigs instead. I see it in a different way. Wigs give me the opportunity to switch up my look, from the comfort of my home, whenever I feel like it. Wigs allow me sleep free and be free. Wigs allow me take care of my natural hair (this is a big one for me) the way it needs me to. And once my natural hair gets to the length I want it to, I can see myself wearing less of wigs, but for now, I am loving them.


What are your thoughts on wigs? Do you wear them? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Wow I love your braids. Idid not like wig some years ago cos I felt it was meant for oldies and women who have lost their hair. But I now have a different opinion cos with frequent weave on and relaxing, my hair had gone thin, lost my hair line and my hair was in bad shape. Now I pay 100% attention to my natural hair, have perfect peace and healthy hair. I use my wigs and take them off when indoor and whenever I want. I love wigs and love my natural hair lol.

  2. I quite agree that wigs can be a great way to change your look, make your feel more confident and add that difference. They needn’t look like wigs, as you prove so well. I cannot see me trying them out, but then I’ve never tried. I cringe when I see celebs with extentions tugging away at their hair, and wonder what damage they are doing. Wigs are a much kinder way to add that look.

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