St Patrick’s Day Accessory Ideas

St Patrick’s Day is next week – 17th March, so I am sharing a few accessory ideas for those in need of some green inspiration. If you plan on getting dressed  to celebrate this fab Irish holiday, then you are reading the right post. Green is a beautiful but full-on colour, so it is not a shade I can wear head-to-toe, and I won’t recommend you do either, but it is stylish to incorporate green accessories into your outfit because it stands out beautifully.

Here are a few ways you step up your St Patrick’s Day Outfit, all accessories are available on the 3WISHES.COM website.


Lightweight Heat Styling Lola Wig


If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police long enough, you would know all about my love for wigs, and how I like having a variety of wigs at my disposal. Well if you didn’t know, you do now. Wearing this Lightweight Heat Styling Lola Wig is an easy way to get St Patrick ready!

I love the bright green colour, it would look amazing to have this on St Patrick’s Day, and the bob cut is right up my street!


Rhinestone Cami


Another easy way to add a touch of green to your outfit on St Patrick’s Day is to rock a green cami like this one here. It is perfect to layer under a sweater/jumper or suit for work.

I really like the sparkly 3WISHES.COM logo on the top. This would make a nice wardrobe addition this season.


Lucky Clover Stockings


Another way to style your look with a touch of green is by wearing this cute Lucky Clover Stockings. The satin bow and lucky clover appliqué are so pretty. Wearing this accessory on St Paddy’s Day would be a great idea.

This sleek design of this stockings will definitely catch many eyes.


St Patrick’s Accessory Kit


This Headband & Hairbows with Clover Trim would finish off a St Paddy’s look beautifully. I think the accessory kit is super cute. I love the school girl look the model is rocking with the ponytails.


Mini Glitter Top Hat


This Mini Glitter Top Hat features a lovely mesh veil, black satin ribbon located at the base of the hat and a small black glitter trimming at the top.

It is a fab green accessory to have on for the St Patrick’s celebrations. I like the sophisticated look of the hat.


What do you think of these St Patrick’s Day accessories? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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I Like to Wig

I have always wondered what the issue was with people and wigs. There seems to be this idealogy that wigs are meant for only those who are suffering from a hair loss, and elderly people, and should not be a beauty item, but I strongly disagree.


Growing up, I was never a fan of wigs. They all looked similar and looked like WIGS, and I found them very unattractive. But nowadays, with the new generation wigs, I have fallen madly in love with them, and I have been a devout wearer for many years now. I have a lovely lady who makes majority of my wigs, and she is the real deal. I also got a few from some fabulous retailers.

The last time I had a weave (hair extensions attached to my hair) on was January 2016, and I have not missed them. Since I gave up using chemicals on my hair and having weaves installed, my hair has been in the best shape ever. It is healthy and growing like weed!



I gave up on wearing weaves because I needed my natural hair to breath, it was badly damaged and the only way I could give my hair the attention it was badly in need of, was to not have hair extensions attached to it.

The joy of wearing wigs is the ability to yank it off whenever I need to, or not to have it on if I don’t need/want to; it is also one of the best feelings in the world to sleep weave/wig free. For someone who has a very itchy scalp (anyone who knows me well enough can testify to this, and no, I don’t have dandruff or head lice, just a natural itchy scalp for whatever reason), wearing a wig means I don’t have to deal with the itch half as much as I used to when I had weaves on.

Wearing wigs also means I can change my look as often as I like. I have a few wigs in my collection, and I am looking to getting a few more in other styles this year.



Many people struggle to understand why any woman with good hair on her head would want to wear wigs instead. I see it in a different way. Wigs give me the opportunity to switch up my look, from the comfort of my home, whenever I feel like it. Wigs allow me sleep free and be free. Wigs allow me take care of my natural hair (this is a big one for me) the way it needs me to. And once my natural hair gets to the length I want it to, I can see myself wearing less of wigs, but for now, I am loving them.


What are your thoughts on wigs? Do you wear them? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Product Review: Hot Hair Brigette 3/4 Instant Weave


I received this Brigette 3/4 wig from the lovely people of Hot Hair some weeks ago and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. This wig is known to be quite popular with the celebs. Apparently, The GC (Gemma Collins from TOWIE) can’t live without hers, and I am not surprised. It is a high quality synthetic wig that looks and feels very natural.

Hot Hair

Before I tell you anymore, here is what Hot Hair had to say about the product:

Our most popular ¾ piece, inspired by the likes of Cheryl Cole and the object of everyone’s attention, Brigette is a deluxe hairpiece featuring luxuriously thick layers which add incredible length and volume in an instant. Easy to attach, the Brigette comes on a flexible comb attachment which you simply slide into your hair and is perfect for nights out, parties and weddings. Length is 26″ from the crown of the head.  

Hot Hair Instant Weave

Here are my thoughts on this wig:


  1. I love the packaging. It came in a pretty box.
  2. The instant wig looks and feels amazing. The hair is soft and easy to style.
  3. This wig does not shred. I ran my fingers through it a couple of times, and not a single strand came off. Great quality.
  4. I love the length, it is perfect for me. I will happily wear to a wedding, or on a night out.
  5. The original RRP is £110 but it is currently on sale for £88 (20% off) which is a great deal. Some may find this pricey but I say quality comes at a price.
  6. This instant wig is so easy to install, the two extra long combs at the top and bottom just need sliding in to secure in place.
  7. The wig came in Ebony 02 like I requested, and it is the perfect colour for my hair.
  8. I love the fact that I can rock this wig with hair bands and without.
  9. It is a ‘memory’ wig, which simply means the wig will return to its original style after a wash so no need for heat styling, which is great.

Brigette Hair

Hair Blogger



  1. This wig comes with two extra long combs as you can see above, but what it does not come with are adjustable straps, which I believe provide extra security. It felt in place and secure with the combs, but the straps just make me feel more confident that it won’t fly off my head.

Hair Review

I recommend this Brigette 3/4 wig by Hot Hair to all the wig lovers out there. It is a fabulous wig to have and I got compliments from a lot people. This is the best instant weave I have ever had in my life, and I mean that.

What do you think? Do you like?


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