Product Review: OGX Coconut Milk Hair Range

OGX Products

I recently received some cool coconut hair products from OGX and I have a lot to say about the products but before I get into it, here is what the brand has to say about the Coconut Milk range:

Is your hair ready for a tropical vacation? Retreat to the islands. This exclusive blend with coconut milk, egg white proteins and coconut oils helps bring out your hair’s natural strength, elasticity, hydration and balance—all with a shine inspired by the tropics.


This deliciously creamy and nourishing blend, infused with coconut milk, whipped egg proteins and coconut oils, helps to strengthen and hydrate your hair, leaving it softly scented, super soft and glowing.


This exclusive blend of deeply nourishing goodness is infused with coconut milk, ultra-whipped egg white proteins and coconut oils. Your hair will have more strength and elasticity, and a hint of the tropics that will float with you all day.

Anti-breakage Serum

Our weightless blend with coconut oil and silk will help wrap a fragrant layer of protection around each strand, so your hair is ready for the wear and tear of daily styling.

Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist

Here’s a quick and easy fix for dull, dry strands. This lightweight, hydrating oil mist infused with coconut oil and bamboo extract helps leave your hair more soft, touchable and happy with each use.

Now here are my thoughts on the products:

Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

OGX Shampoo


  1. I love the feeling of this creamy shampoo on my scalp, it smells amazing as well.
  2. It is quite affordable at £6.99 (all products are the same price which is great).
  3. It left my hair feeling and looking very clean and silky.
  4. I didn’t have to apply it more than once to get it to lather up.


  1. None.

Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner

Coconut Milk Conditioner OGX


  1. My hair felt soft and smelt amazing after using this conditioner. It smells exactly like a coconut.
  2. My hair feels stronger, has more volume and more it is healthy now that I have used it for some weeks.
  3. It detangles my hair.



Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Serum



Nourishing Coconut Milk Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist

Coconut Oil Mist OGX


  1. This oil mist is indeed weightless, it feels so light and hydrates my hair beautifully.
  2. It makes my hair so soft and silky.
  3. My hair looks so healthy now.



I have used these products for over 3 weeks now and I have nothing negative to say about any of them. I have fallen completely in love with coconut milk collection, and that comes as no surprise, because I love coconut based products so much. The prices are also great, (£6.99 each), they are easily accessible, you can get the products at Boots, Tesco, Amazon, Sainsbury’s and many other stores. It is my first time using OGX products and I can say I will be using these products from now onwards, and I will also be trying other OGX products. I recommend these products to any woman whose hair need a little TLC. These products are the best.

Have you tried any OGX product before? What do you think of this review? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.

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Product Review: Hot Hair Brigette 3/4 Instant Weave


I received this Brigette 3/4 wig from the lovely people of Hot Hair some weeks ago and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. This wig is known to be quite popular with the celebs. Apparently, The GC (Gemma Collins from TOWIE) can’t live without hers, and I am not surprised. It is a high quality synthetic wig that looks and feels very natural.

Hot Hair

Before I tell you anymore, here is what Hot Hair had to say about the product:

Our most popular ¾ piece, inspired by the likes of Cheryl Cole and the object of everyone’s attention, Brigette is a deluxe hairpiece featuring luxuriously thick layers which add incredible length and volume in an instant. Easy to attach, the Brigette comes on a flexible comb attachment which you simply slide into your hair and is perfect for nights out, parties and weddings. Length is 26″ from the crown of the head.  

Hot Hair Instant Weave

Here are my thoughts on this wig:


  1. I love the packaging. It came in a pretty box.
  2. The instant wig looks and feels amazing. The hair is soft and easy to style.
  3. This wig does not shred. I ran my fingers through it a couple of times, and not a single strand came off. Great quality.
  4. I love the length, it is perfect for me. I will happily wear to a wedding, or on a night out.
  5. The original RRP is £110 but it is currently on sale for £88 (20% off) which is a great deal. Some may find this pricey but I say quality comes at a price.
  6. This instant wig is so easy to install, the two extra long combs at the top and bottom just need sliding in to secure in place.
  7. The wig came in Ebony 02 like I requested, and it is the perfect colour for my hair.
  8. I love the fact that I can rock this wig with hair bands and without.
  9. It is a ‘memory’ wig, which simply means the wig will return to its original style after a wash so no need for heat styling, which is great.

Brigette Hair

Hair Blogger



  1. This wig comes with two extra long combs as you can see above, but what it does not come with are adjustable straps, which I believe provide extra security. It felt in place and secure with the combs, but the straps just make me feel more confident that it won’t fly off my head.

Hair Review

I recommend this Brigette 3/4 wig by Hot Hair to all the wig lovers out there. It is a fabulous wig to have and I got compliments from a lot people. This is the best instant weave I have ever had in my life, and I mean that.

What do you think? Do you like?


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