6 Beauty Products Men Hate

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I always wondered what men thought about all the effort we put in making ourselves look glamorous. So I did a bit of digging. I asked a few men on what they thought of some of the beauty/makeup products we used and here are the products men love to hate.


Lip gloss

In an attempt to make our lips look nice and healthy, we apply lip balm. Sometimes we want to make them more presentable and give our lips a bit of a shine by applying lip gloss.

Although lip gloss looks very appealing to us women, men don’t like them very much. They find lip gloss very sticky and hate how it tastes as well, when they go for a kiss.


Dark lipstick

Dark lipsticks are in vogue and it has become very common to see women with blue, deep purple and even black lipstick. Although we find dark lipstick appealing and stylish, many men don’t understand the idea behind such unnatural colours. Unfortunately for us ladies, men have been heard to make fun of our dark coloured lipsticks.


Hair extensions

Sometimes we need a little help when it comes to having good-looking hair. Due to hair damage, weak hair and the desire to have long hair, some of us go for hair extensions for the needed hair boost.

When you choose the right shade and have it fixed properly, hair extensions can look very appealing. However, this is another one the guys don’t seem to like much. When they run their hands through your hair and find their fingers get stuck in the parts where you attached the hair extensions it can be a big turn off for them.


Fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are another one on the list of beauty products men hate. We love and admire long beautiful eyelashes as they make one’s eyes look more alluring. And when we apply mascara, they make the eyes more distinct and gorgeous.  That is why women rush to fix fake eyelashes to get that desired look, if the natural eyelashes do not do the work. But men claim to hate it.


Glittery Eye shadow

You know the eye-catching glittery eye shadow we apply on those really fun days when we feel like trying something a little different? Glittery eye shadow adds glam to your outfit and makes you look amazing. However, some men claim to hate this particular type of makeup.


Fake nails

When we are feel like having a good pamper session, we usually go for a manicure and a pedicure. Fixing fake nails also adds to the whole glam. I used to be a huge lover of fake nails. I used to have them done regularly before I had my twins. But since I became a mother, I can’t be bothered to get the nails done.

Beautifully painted nails always look wonderful, but some men claim to have an issue with the fake nails.


According to my research, these are the beauty products men hate. What do you think of them? Did any surprise you?


PS –  Tongue in cheek sort of post.


I Like to Wig

I have always wondered what the issue was with people and wigs. There seems to be this idealogy that wigs are meant for only those who are suffering from a hair loss, and elderly people, and should not be a beauty item, but I strongly disagree.


Growing up, I was never a fan of wigs. They all looked similar and looked like WIGS, and I found them very unattractive. But nowadays, with the new generation wigs, I have fallen madly in love with them, and I have been a devout wearer for many years now. I have a lovely lady who makes majority of my wigs, and she is the real deal. I also got a few from some fabulous retailers.

The last time I had a weave (hair extensions attached to my hair) on was January 2016, and I have not missed them. Since I gave up using chemicals on my hair and having weaves installed, my hair has been in the best shape ever. It is healthy and growing like weed!



I gave up on wearing weaves because I needed my natural hair to breath, it was badly damaged and the only way I could give my hair the attention it was badly in need of, was to not have hair extensions attached to it.

The joy of wearing wigs is the ability to yank it off whenever I need to, or not to have it on if I don’t need/want to; it is also one of the best feelings in the world to sleep weave/wig free. For someone who has a very itchy scalp (anyone who knows me well enough can testify to this, and no, I don’t have dandruff or head lice, just a natural itchy scalp for whatever reason), wearing a wig means I don’t have to deal with the itch half as much as I used to when I had weaves on.

Wearing wigs also means I can change my look as often as I like. I have a few wigs in my collection, and I am looking to getting a few more in other styles this year.



Many people struggle to understand why any woman with good hair on her head would want to wear wigs instead. I see it in a different way. Wigs give me the opportunity to switch up my look, from the comfort of my home, whenever I feel like it. Wigs allow me sleep free and be free. Wigs allow me take care of my natural hair (this is a big one for me) the way it needs me to. And once my natural hair gets to the length I want it to, I can see myself wearing less of wigs, but for now, I am loving them.


What are your thoughts on wigs? Do you wear them? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Product Review: Loxx Virgin Malysian Loose Waves

New Hair Review

Hey peoples. It is a new week, and I have a new product review post for you. This week, I am reviewing Loxx Virgin Malaysian Loose Waves. I received 3 bundles of this Virgin Malaysian Loose Wave hair extensions in 20 inches and a silk base closure in 16 inches from the lovely people at Loxx some weeks ago, and I have been dying to try it out. I finally got them installed some days ago and I am super impressed with the overall look of the hair.

One of my New Year Fashion and Style Resolutions for 2016 is to play with my hair styles a little more. I played it too safe in 2015, but this year, you are going to be seeing a lot of different hair styles on the blog, so watch this space.

Now back to this post of today, Loxx Hair is a small team of dedicated specialists based in London, UK.  Their mission is to help women look and feel fabulous, by selling 100% human Remy hair weave in Grades 6A and 7A.

 Here is what Loxx has to say about this hair extensions:

Loxx 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair is completely natural and chemical free, It meets our rigorous standards of being unprocessed and pure. It can be washed, cut, straightened, curled, dyed as you desired to create a natural, comfortable style, and changes your look in an instant.

Here is what Loss has to say about the silk hair closure:

Loxx Silk Base Closure is worn with a weave to give a natural looking hair-line. The Silk Base Closure is 100% virgin Human hair that can be styled in various ways. The Silk Base material creates a scalp for this closure, and therefore can be parted and styled in any way.

Loxx Hair Extensions

Malysian Hair


Now here are my thoughts:


  1. I did not need to add-on any more hair. The 3 bundles and closure were more than enough to achieve the BIG hair don’t care look I was going for.
  2. It is super shiny and curly. The hair has a natural shine to it. You will be needing minimal hair spray with this beauty.
  3. This hair is 100% virgin/unprocessed, and super soft to touch.
  4. It can be washed, dyed, straightened, and curled. I love the fact that I can style this hair in various ways. I can’t wait to play around with this hair.

New Hair Review

This is the look straight out of the box.



  1. There has been a bit of shedding and a bit of tangle as well.
  2. The hair is 20 inches but doesn’t look like it, and that is because it is so curly. My advice will be to go for a 22/24 inches set, if you want a longer look.

I love this hair a lot and I see myself using it over and over again. You can grab yours at Loxx, the sale is currently on, prices start from £49.77 for a 3 pack, in 8 inches, and goes up to £250.56 for a 3 pack, in 30 inches.

Malysian Hair Review

Back View Malysian Hair


So what are your thoughts on this hair? What do you think? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.


*PR Samples included.




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