How to Whiten your Teeth at Home

There’s nothing as attractive as a smile. But a smile that reveals a set of sparkling white teeth is quite alluring.

However, the food we eat and the beverages we drink can stop us from having snow-white teeth. This is because such foods and beverages tend to stain our teeth. Beverages like tea or coffee are well-known culprits in this. When your teeth get stained, your teeth assume varying shades of yellow or at the very worst brown!


White Smile Image


To get white teeth, most people go to dentists for a teeth whitening treatment. Some go for teeth whitening stripes. Most times, these methods are quite expensive.

Before you opt for these expensive teeth whitening treatments, you could try whitening your teeth using the some items you have in your kitchen cupboard? These natural methods of whitening your teeth are safe and have no known side effects but it is always safer to speak with your dentist before trying any of these methods.

So with the disclosure above out-of-the-way, here are some of the ways you can whiten your teeth at home.


Baking soda + lemon juice

Baking soda has been know to be a very useful item in your kitchen. It can perform a lot of wonders in the area of cooking and cleaning. When baking soda teams up with the juice of a lemon, it makes an effective teeth whitening paste.

Take some baking soda and mix it into a clean bowl. The baking soda you pour in the bowl should be enough to clear all your teeth and make them whiter. The next thing to do is to squeeze out the juice from half a lemon. The baking soda should come to the consistency of a paste. The baking soda will bubble but don’t worry, it’s pretty safe to use.

Apply the paste on your teeth with your finger or use your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Do this consistently for a couple of days and your teeth will be several shades whiter.


Brush with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is getting quite popular these days with its various health benefits and versatile uses. Apple Cider Vinegar can help whiten your teeth too. It is quite acidic which is good to help breakdown plaque and fight germs in your mouth.

Take some Apply Cider Vinegar, use it to brush your teeth everyday until you get your teeth to the desired shade. Make sure that you brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste immediately after brushing with Apple cider vinegar as the acids in the apple cider can be very strong and destroy the enamel.







This is the most delicious solution to get white teeth. Strawberries have great teeth whitening ability and the mode of application is very simple. All you have to do is to mash-up about 5 strawberries. Apply the mashed strawberries on your teeth. Use your fingers to rub the mashed strawberries all over your teeth. With consistent use, your teeth will become whiter and whiter.


What do you think of these methods? Have you tried any?


The Truth About Nappy Hair

The truth about nappy hair is that it is A LOT of hardwork maintaining it, but so worth it in the end. Growing up, my hair was natural and I hated it! It was hard coarse, thick, long and annoying. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just ignored it. There were no blogs to read or vlogs to watch, to educate us on what to with our kinky hair. And there was hardly anyone around me with a natural hair too.

I cut my hair very short a number of times whilst growing up. It was easier to manage the nappy hair once it was short.




Some of the lucky ones are blessed with soft manageable hair, like my daughter. Her hair is so beautiful. It is soft and curly, and a lot more easier to manage than mine. People like me with the very coarse hair have to struggle to manage our natural hair, and when we can struggle no more, we texturise the damn thing! Back in the day, texturizing/relaxing the hair was the only way to manage it. If only I knew then what I know now, I would have kept my hair free of chemicals.

My hair has been chemical free for over 2 years now; the struggle has been real, but I won’t have it any other way. The reason I decided to stop using relaxers/texturisers on my hair was because my hair became extremely unhealthy and I needed to bring it back to life.

I like the way my hair is looking now, there is no more hair breakage and my hair is the healthiest I have seen in ages, but it comes with a lot of work.

The hair products I use can be expensive and my hair routine can be exhausting sometimes but I try to keep it simple. I have reviewed most of the hair products I use, so have a look at the review posts if you missed any of them.

If you are contemplating going your hair natural, I would advise you to go for. It is the best thing I ever did for my hair, and I am 99% certain you won’t regret it as long as you are happy and ready to put in the work. If you are not ready to dedicate the time and money, wait until you can.

Another thing I have noticed about the natural afro hair community is that it seems to be the norm to have a big chop. I didn’t have a big chop because I didn’t want the crop hair look and my nappy hair grew out just fine. It did take a while to fully transition but I got there in the end, so please don’t think you must have the big chop.

Are you rocking the nappy hair? How are you finding it? Please share your tips or secrets  in the comments section.



St Patrick’s Day Accessory Ideas

St Patrick’s Day is next week – 17th March, so I am sharing a few accessory ideas for those in need of some green inspiration. If you plan on getting dressed  to celebrate this fab Irish holiday, then you are reading the right post. Green is a beautiful but full-on colour, so it is not a shade I can wear head-to-toe, and I won’t recommend you do either, but it is stylish to incorporate green accessories into your outfit because it stands out beautifully.

Here are a few ways you step up your St Patrick’s Day Outfit, all accessories are available on the 3WISHES.COM website.


Lightweight Heat Styling Lola Wig


If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police long enough, you would know all about my love for wigs, and how I like having a variety of wigs at my disposal. Well if you didn’t know, you do now. Wearing this Lightweight Heat Styling Lola Wig is an easy way to get St Patrick ready!

I love the bright green colour, it would look amazing to have this on St Patrick’s Day, and the bob cut is right up my street!


Rhinestone Cami


Another easy way to add a touch of green to your outfit on St Patrick’s Day is to rock a green cami like this one here. It is perfect to layer under a sweater/jumper or suit for work.

I really like the sparkly 3WISHES.COM logo on the top. This would make a nice wardrobe addition this season.


Lucky Clover Stockings


Another way to style your look with a touch of green is by wearing this cute Lucky Clover Stockings. The satin bow and lucky clover appliqué are so pretty. Wearing this accessory on St Paddy’s Day would be a great idea.

This sleek design of this stockings will definitely catch many eyes.


St Patrick’s Accessory Kit


This Headband & Hairbows with Clover Trim would finish off a St Paddy’s look beautifully. I think the accessory kit is super cute. I love the school girl look the model is rocking with the ponytails.


Mini Glitter Top Hat


This Mini Glitter Top Hat features a lovely mesh veil, black satin ribbon located at the base of the hat and a small black glitter trimming at the top.

It is a fab green accessory to have on for the St Patrick’s celebrations. I like the sophisticated look of the hat.


What do you think of these St Patrick’s Day accessories? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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