Must Have Accessories Every Woman Should Own

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No matter the season there are some core accessories every woman should own that are staples to your collection, designed to complete all outfits. These can be updated to keep on trend but are core items to have in your wardrobe. 

A Good Everyday Handbag

A good quality sturdy handbag is a priority accessory for every wardrobe. It’s the one item that you never leave the house without. It holds and carries all the essentials for the day head. From being able to transport essentials such as purse, keys, laptop, book to the bare necessities such as your mobile phone and lipstick, it is a must own item. Where possible it is recommenededf to have three different sized and styled bags in total to not only offer the perfect completement to your outfit but by the perfect size for whatever you need to take. With a handbag it is always choosing one of good quality and paying a little more for this. As such a everyday staple you want to ensure that it will last the season. 

Jewlery To Match Your Style

No outfit is complete with that special piece of jewelry. By investing in a few versatile items you can enhance any outfit effortlessly. You could opt for a few necklaces and lay them up in the day time but tone them done for evening sheek or show off your personality and join the popularity of luxury brooches to show your personality off more with this statement item. Of course, you also need those perfect earrings. When opting for statement earrings, keep the rest of your jewlery low keey and let the earrings work their magic by framing your face. Personalized stackable rings look great as well and are another great option to make a statement.

A Belt

A belt is such an underrated item but a core staple need for every woman. Not only can they be used with jeans to keep them in place or add definition to your waist, but they can be worn with oversized t-shirts or blazers to clinch you waist in and create shape to your outfit. 

A Watch

Not only is a fashion nowadays seen as a fashion accessory but they are also practical as well to keeping you on track for your busy schedule. Smart watches are a great options for those of you with busy lifes to not only keep track of the time, but also to monitor to focus on your health as well. Although if you don’t want all the extra’s a classic watch is a must have. With clean lines and an uncomplicated face, they add the perfect amount of femininity along with practical use. 

Designer Sunglasses

Whether you are looking to hide the evidence of last night or just elevate your outfit, designer sunglasses are the perfect answer. Investing in a classic style will ensure your glasses will go on last you for years and not fade with changing fashion and with a piece that can be dressed with jeans and tshirt or a dress it is worth paying for the best and ones that suit your face the best. 


The Art of Choosing Accessories

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Style is a combination of so many components that you can work it in whatever way you want. But when you are turning your attention to accessories, it’s about making sure that each accessory is one part of the complete picture. Whether it’s hair accessories or handbags, or even making sure that your makeup highlights your attributes properly, the art of choosing the right accessories is not as easy as you think. With this in mind, what does it take to choose the right accessories?

Pick a Signature Accessory

The first thing to state is that signature accessories make you feel great and will work with multiple outfits. Accessory options can be overwhelming, but this is why you need to start with one item that you have complete faith in. A watch is such a simple accessory but can communicate so much, especially when you look at luxury brands. You can very easily shop luxury women’s watches and find the right style for you. When you’re ready to add more accessories, you can create balance by choosing one statement piece which dominates your look. You can either do this in terms of colour or size, but then you can start to add more subtle additions. 

Think About What What Your Fashion Choices Demand

Accessories provide accentuation. A simple outfit that is bereft of colour doesn’t look great, but using accessories to add some colour or patterns to a style can make your look far more elevated. Accessories are fantastic in this way. And when you start to think about the outfit choices and what the right accessory could do to it, you can use accessories to change the entire feel of something that you wear on many different occasions. For example, the classic little black dress is perfect for work when you pair them up with flats and a blazer. But you can then change into a pair of letters and add some bling earrings for a cocktail party or a night out. The right accessories will automatically transform the feel of one simple item of clothing.

Don’t Worry About Getting It Perfect

You may agonize over your accessories, and think that the accessories have to match. But it’s important to remember that when you choose accessories that go together, they may not scream fashionable. If you feel that you are going too far with your accessory choices, start simple. And one colourful accessory to your neutral outfit. But then get inspiration by bold combinations of colour. You can look at any boards on Pinterest for inspiration, or you can use a colour wheel. A very simple thing, but it can show you how to make your look perfectly controlled without going over the top.

Accessories are fantastic for adding extra depth to your style. They are the finishing touches, but when you feel that your style needs a shakeup, or you don’t know where to begin, focus on these three rules, and we can guarantee you won’t go far wrong!



Top Watch Accessories

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I love watches a lot. They are the perfect accessories and they finish off my outfits stylishly. Great quality watches can be pricey but like with most things you get what you pay for. I rather have an expensive watch that will stay working and look pretty for years, then a cheaper alternative to have only for a short while. If you are obsessed with watches, you will find the fashion accessories post very useful. Here are my top watch accessories –

Nordgreen Philosopher Mesh Rose Gold

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I am a huge fan of rose gold accessories. It is such a pretty colour. This Nordgreen Philosopher Mesh in rode gold is a stunning watch. Apart from the beautiful colour, I also love the watch design, simple yet chic. This watch is a new addition to my ever growing watch collection. I will be wearing a lot of it in the coming days. This Nordgreen watch is also available in Gold and Gun Metal shades, plus the website is filled with so may pretty watches for men and women. There are loads of options available. So if you need a new luxurious watch, go have a look at the Nordgreen website.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) – Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band

Apple Watch image

I am a huge fan of Apple watches. They look pretty and they have some really cool amazing features. You have to own one to understand how great the features are. I love the fact that I can pick up my phone calls on my Apple Watch. It is so handy to be able to speak handsfree without earphones when you are busy and your hands are full. Here are some of the lovely features of this watch –

  • GPS
  • Retina display
  • Swimproof
  • Optical heart sensor
  • Store music, podcasts and audiobooks
  • Elevation
  • EmergencySOS
  • S3 chip with dual-core processor
  • watchOS with activity trends, cycle tracking, loud noise notifications and the App Store on your wrist

You can grab this fab watch from Apple Watch Series on Amazon, link below.

Sekonda Women’s Analogue Quartz Watch with PU Strap

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Sekonda is one of my favourite watch brands. I have been a huge fan of Sekonda watches for many years. They are affordable and very sleek. This gorgeous piece is a typical Sekonda watch. I love the grey band colour and Sunday dial. It is a beautiful watch with a very light price tag. It would serve as a great gift for a watch lover. You can grab one via the link below –

What do you think of these Top Watch Accessories? Did any catch your eye?




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