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In a way, most fashion items do serve a purpose. They provide us with coverage so that we can head into the outside world without exposing ourselves. But when it comes to accessories, we often find items that purely add decoration to our outfits. There are, however, a few accessories that are hugely practical and can help you out in your day to day life at the same time as contributing to your aesthetic. Here are a couple that you might want to take into consideration!

A Watch

Perhaps the most functional and practical accessory that many people invest in is a watch. Knowing the time is an absolute essential and back in the day, wearing a watch was one of the only ways to determine the time without having to revert to using a clock on the wall or heading out into public to check public clocks. Nowadays, a watch isn’t quite as necessary in order to know the time. The vast majority of us carry around smartphones that display the time on their home screens 24/7. But a watch is still an extremely useful investment. Sometimes, there are circumstances where you may not be able to simply pull your smartphone out. Perhaps you’re at work and phone use isn’t allowed. Maybe you’re partway through a meeting and want to quickly check how long is left. You might be mid-conversation and want to subtly determine the time without distracting the speaker. Your smartphone might simply be tucked away in the pocket of your bag and you want to check without digging around. The watch really isn’t dead. Plus, it makes an extremely fashionable accessory. There are so many different styles out there, ranging from James Bond inspired watches to delicate timepieces, so there’s bound to be something that suits you!

A Bag

We often take bags for granted. But they serve an extremely practical purpose! They store our belongings while we’re on the go! Most of us need to carry too many items around to conveniently store them in our hands or pockets. Having a quality bag can help you to carry everything you need for the day, often in a hands-free manner. Plus, they look great and can add to an outfit endlessly. When choosing a bag, it’s a good idea to take a look at the countless styles on the market. For maximum space and security, you could consider a rucksack or backpack. For complete hands-free storage (perhaps you’re at a concert, hiking, or engaging in another activity), fanny packs or bum bags are ideal. If you just need some space for your smartphone, hand sanitiser, keys, and wallet or purse, a standard bag will do.

These are just a couple of different types of practical accessories that you might want to invest in. Each serves a useful purpose, alongside adding a touch of personality and individuality to your look!



Stylish Scarves for Summer

I am a scarf lover. There are loads of stylish scarves in my wardrobe and I am forever adding to the collection. A good scarf can take your outfit to another level. It can also save you on a bad hair day, which makes it a great multitasking accessory. I have been busy browsing the web in search of some stylish scarves for summer. There are quite a couple online which is great for those in need of some new scarves this season. Here are some of my favourites  –

Ted Baker SERENNA Samba Silk Long Scarf

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This Ted Baker scarf is so beautiful. I really the colour and animal/floral design. It would complement many pieces in my wardrobe. The fact that it is silk also makes me want this accessory the more. It screams luxury!

Banana Republic Yellow Floral Neckerchief

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This stunning Yellow Floral Neckerchief by Banana Republic is on my list for stylish scarves to get this summer. I love the yellow colour and patterned design. It is perfect for the current season. I also like the fact that I can wear it as a neckerchief or belt, tie it on the head or handbag. This beauty will brighten up any outfit.

Kate Spade Wild Garden Oblong Scarf

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I love anything Kate Spade so the fact that I love this scarf should come as no surprise. It is a beautiful floral scarf. I can picture this scarf looking pretty on a large bag or just like the model is wearing it.

NEXT Regatta Sancia Lightweight Scarf

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This beautiful Regatta Sancia Lightweight Scarf by NEXT is another fab scarf I have my eye on. I think the design is so pretty with the bluebird printed on it. I like ny scarves long and lightweight and this scarf ticks both boxes.

What do you think of these stylish scarves for summer? Did any catch your eye?



Fashion and Style? What’s the difference..

Fashion can be easily confused with style but they are very difference. Fashion is all what is going on in the fashion industry; the  trends and what is in vogue. While style is what is going on in your wardrobe. It is your personal taste and how you mix and match your pieces/accessories to create your signature look. With this current pandemic many people are taking a break from the fashion world and working with their work from home signature pieces. If you don’t have a capsule wardrobe, you may struggle in this current time with what to wear.

One of the many beauties of having a capsule wardrobe is that you have a wardrobe that is complementary. You never run out of what to wear with a capsule wardrobe and that is how your personal style is created. With mixing and matching of different pieces and accessories, your style is born. Fashion is what you get in the stores. Style is what you do with it.

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Here are some easy ways to spot the differences between fashion and style –

Fashion is your relationship with the fashion world

Fashion is your relationship with the external. It is what you see on the fashion blogs, social media, runaway, on the high street and advertisements. Fashion is what the fashion designers give to you everyday. Fashion is very out there.

Style is your relationship with your signature look

Style is your relationship with the internal. It is what you see when you shop around. Style is your personal taste which creates your capsule wardrobe. Style is very personal.

Fashion is about them, style is you

Fashion is about everything else going on in the fashion industry outside of you, style is what is happening within you.

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The best way to look at this is understanding the fact that fashion and Style are very different but they are both needed. You can’t have one without the other and you really shouldn’t. I love my Fashion and I adore my style. They both make me who I am.

What are your thoughts?



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