How to Layer Like a Fashion Pro this Winter

When it comes to fashion, the way you layer your outfit is what will make you stand out from the crowd. This winter, there’ll be a lot of layering going on as the temperature keeps dropping. Layering will not only keep you warm but it will also make you look stylish, so long as you know how to do it right.

The trick behind layering your clothes like a fashion pro is knowing what type of clothes to place one over the other. Here is a breakdown of how you can layer this winter. With this guide, there’s no way you can go wrong.


Start off with a piece  that’s fitting and lightweight

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Layering starts from the inside out. One of the major fears of ladies when it comes to layering is looking bulky under all those clothes.  So if you see yourself looking bulky after layering, then the problem is from the first layer of clothing you have on.

To remedy this problem, start with a top that stays close to your body. That way whatever clothing you place over it will not make you look bulky. For example, your figure will show more if you wear sweater over a fitting blouse.


Let the first layer be a neutral colour then let the bright colours come afterwards

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The colours you choose are very important. A rule of thumb is to make the first layer a neutral colour. When layering there’s a hierarchy of the colours you have to follow. White, beige and light blue are good colours to start with. The next layers can come in bright or dark colours like a navy blue jacket or a black sweater making your outfit more balanced.

For example a dark brown jacket over a beige blouse finished off with ruby-coloured earrings or necklace makes an amazing piece. The colours complement each other.


Mix in the different fabrics

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Layering clothing items with the same kind of texture will make your outfit look heavy, monotonous and a bit overpowering.

Getting creative with the way you mix in different items will make your outfit more proportional. For example this winter you can wear a classic cotton collared shirt with a wooly cardigan over a pair of jeans. This way you have mixed cotton, wool and denim, thus creating a variety of textures on your outfit.


Vary the length of your outfits

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Layering is all about maintaining the balance and keeping it stylish all through. The length of the clothes on each layer could change your whole look. But you need to keep in mind that in this case proportion is key.

How this works is to let the shorter items balance out the longer items. For example, a long coat over a short skirt will look flattering yet balanced, but a short jacket over a short skirt will make the outfit look out-of-place.

Following these layering tips will keep you looking stylish and toasty this winter.

How do you like to layer? Sound off in the comments section please.





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  1. I love layering. It is something I do alot of all year round for my look and also cos of my temperature problems in my body.

    Like I start with a long sleeve t-shirt or short sleeve in the summer, then I layer sometimes with a tunic and then a loose crochet style sleeveless top over it. I also like to wear tunics with the sleeveless crotchet top over it.

    Definitely my style of boho layering. Sometimes I wear 2 t-shirts. 1 long sleeve 1 and then a short sleeved one I have which is bottom length before I finish it with a crochet top.

    So many varients with it. I am not really sure blouse and cardigan person. I love the way you can style it so many ways.

    Great tips for those new to layering

  2. I love layering my clothes in winter! I usually for for something baggy on the outside! Great idea on mixing fabrics! xx

  3. Huge fan of layering here. I always wear tighter base layers with a looser top layer or else you can end up looking a bit too bulky. I usually have on three or four layers though because I am ALWAYS cold!!

  4. Totally agree with layering. Always works. I’ve found myself wearing dresses I’d wear in spring, with leggings and a chunky cardie and it works fine in winter. btw love your heeled boots, very nice. (comment will show as Jen, I’m Janet Robertson-Peverley on FB)

  5. Beautiful tips on layering especially the mixing of fabrics and colours. I love winter cos with layering i can fight the cold. I love your cream jumper .

  6. Love this some great tips. As the twins are bigger and I have more time I am trying to get my style back and love layering I find it hides a multitude of sins and makes me feel confident in myself

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