Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Today is the last in November and there is no more time for procrastination. Christmas Day is in 25 days, so if you have not sorted your Christmas gifts, like many people I know, you are quickly running out of time and need to know get on it or join the many people running around like headless chickens on the 24th. Trust me, I have been there once upon a time and it was not fun. The pressure was unreal.

Christmas is one of my favourite seasons of the year so I like everything being organised. I love the buying of gifts, holiday mood, Christmas decor and songs. It gets me really excited. I have been listening to Boney M greatest hits on Spotify throughout this month already. My kids can even sing along to Little Drummer Boy!

Yes we love Christmas like that so hang in there with me, you are going to read a lot about Christmas and what I get up to this season on Fashion and Style Police.

While shopping for Christmas gifts, I came across some amazing Christmas Gifts for her from Manière De Voir and I was blown away by the amazing items in this holiday gift store.

Here are a few that caught my attention –


Suede Textured Clutch Bag £25.99



I love suede so I was naturally drawn to this. I like the fact that they come in 3 colours and it is very affordable at £25.99 only. This would be great for travel and for storing small items and gadgets safely and stylishly. It would make a great gift this Christmas.


Selfie Light-up iPhone Case

I like this iPhone case. It comes in 3 colours as well and I am so in love with the rose gold case. I like the price as well. It is a lot cheaper than most stylish iPhone cases out there. It would make a great Christmas gift for the gadget lovers or that person you know without an iPhone case.


Virtue Suede Sneaker £69.99/Embossed Pony Fur Sneaker £79.99


I like both sneakers and I would love to receive any of them as a Christmas gift this year. I think they are both really stylish and bang on trend! Definitely a stylish gift idea for a fashionista.


What do you think of these Manière De Voir Christmas Gift Ideas for Her? Which do you prefer? Sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing December.


*This is a collaborative post.




How to Pitch to New Clients

Clients are the live wire of every business. If you don’t have clients then you don’t have a business. As a freelancer, you need to keep pitching for new clients to get the flow of clients coming in. The biggest mistake you can ever make is to start your business and wait for someone to hire you. Although one or two clients may come your way, pitching helps you increase you chances. The more clients you have, the more money you make.




Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can pitch to get new clients:


Step #1: Get clear on who your clients are


No matter how long you have been into freelancing, you need to consistently review your client avatar. Understanding who you ideal client is will help you in crafting the perfect pitch. Take note of how they think, their needs and how you can help them. Remember, your focus needs to be on your potential clients and not on yourself.


Step #2: Craft your pitch


One important thing you need to note about writing your pitch is that you have to keep it short and simple. You need to keep in mind that your potential client may be busy and would not have time to read a long email explaining all the services you offer.


Always address your potential client with their first name. It’s so much better to start on a friendly note. Emails that begin with “Hi Sally” make your client feel like they are receiving an email from a friend. Next, in one or two sentences give a short intro about yourself.


“I am [write your name] and I’m a freelance writer. I have had my work published on [write where your article was published].”


Remember to keep the tone nice and friendly. The idea is to make sure that they feel like they’re receiving an email from a friend.


The next thing you need to include in your pitch is to tell your prospective client why you’re sending them the email. You need to be brief and straight to the point here. Something like this:


“Just wanted to reach out to you to find out if you’d be interested in having someone to write your content for you. I also do some publicity work if you’d be interested in it too. I find your business interesting and I feel that increasing your reach will help you get more clients and promote your brand. Let me know if you’re interested.”


Step #3: Do a follow-up


It’s possible that you may not receive a reply as soon as you expected. If you don’t receive a reply after one week of sending them your pitch then send them a follow-up one week later. If there is still no reply then you can let it go.


The reason why it’s good to do a follow-up is that there are situations where the person you pitched to may have missed your email or wanted to reply to your email but forgot to do so. So don’t feel bad when you don’t receive a reply as soon as you send your first pitch.


How do you pitch to your clients?

The Style Icon – Michelle Obama

As the Obamas get ready to vacate the White House, one thing I am definitely going to miss about them is Michelle Obama’s amazing sense of style. That woman knows how to make anything look FAB! I am yet to see her photographed wearing a piece that doesn’t look great on her. She is the definition of Elegant Style and she knows it!




Michelle Obama’s legacy of style can never be forgotten so Mrs Trump better bring her style game with her. Mrs Obama inspired generations of women like me every time she stepped out. Her support of American fashion and the up-and-coming American designers was like a breath of fresh air. She supported the likes of Jason Wu, Narciso Rodriguez, Tracy Reese, Rachel Roy, and Thakoon over the larger fashion houses like Carolina Herrera, Alexander Wang, or Ralph Lauren.




I must confess I didn’t take to her fashion sense at first. I found it a little too boring but the more I paid attention to her style, the more I got it. She is definitely a fashion lover and she knows her stuff. I love the fact she looks effortlessly chic and comfortable in whatever she wears. She is Style Goals right here.

Michelle Obama also connected fashion to the broader popular culture –

“Fashion is really about passion and creativity, just like music or dance or poetry,” Obama said during her welcome to students. “For so many people across the country, it is a calling; it is a career. It’s the way they feed their families.”





The fashion industry will never forget Michelle Obama. She was and still is a fashion force to reckon with, and she knows it. I hope she continues to look as stylish and as fly as ever.

What do you think of Michelle Obama as a Style Icon? Sound off in the comment section, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a lovely day.




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