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Happy new month peeps. Welcome to November, one of my favourite months. I have another giveaway for you this sweet month of November. I am giving away a MAC Lipstick and Lip gloss to 1 lucky winner. The winner gets to pick the preferred MAC lipstick and lip gloss as well.

To take part, please follow the instructions below –

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  4. Leave me a comment with your Twitter and Instagram name, and the name of the MAC lipstick and lip gloss you want.

This giveaway is open to UK residents only. It will run for a week – ends 12th November at 10pm. The winner will be picked at random, and will be contacted on Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled.

I have a couple more giveaways for the rest of the year so keep reading.

Good luck everyone.

Suki Waterhouse Covers Glamour Magazine UK December 2016


I can’t believe we are actually talking about a December 2016 magazine cover right now. It feels like yesterday I published the first magazine cover for the year.

Anyway, the lovely Suki Waterhouse covers Glamour Magazine December 2016 cover, with a very interesting pose. I don’t know much about her but I find her outfit and striking pose very interesting.

In her interview with Glamour UK, Suki discusses her single life, modelling career, social media and her business ventures. Here are some quotes from her interview:

Her single life –

“I’m on Raya [a dating app popular with celebrities, aka The Illuminati Tinder]. Me and my sister [Immy, also a model and actress] are on it. We just talk to each other instead of potential dates. I know that in the future I want to be in a committed, loving relationship and have kids. Even though I’m happy being single, I spend a lot of time dreaming about being in love. But right now, I’m building… I’m doing all these things for me. I don’t know if I have the tools to be in a relationship right now.”


Social media –

“It’s all grossly inaccurate,” she said. “Everything that’s put on social media is distorted. All these steps that you take to show everyone on the internet that you’re perfect.”




I agree with social media being a distorted view of life, but I don’t see it as inaccurate though. I just see it as a tiny, well-arranged version of real life and events.

This issue sounds right up my street. Apart from Suki’s interview, the party style article also looks like a good read. I can see myself grabbing it very soon.

What are your thoughts on this Glamour issue? Do you agree with social media being grossly inaccurate or distorted?

Drop me a comment, let’s chat.


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