The Importance of a Good Office Chair

The importance of a good office chair cannot be over emphasised. I remember how badly my lower back suffered while I was pregnant at my previous job. I had over 3 pillows but they hardly helped. I was sitting for long hours with very little breaks here and there, so I needed a very comfortable office chair. I had little or no support from the chairs at work even before I fell pregnant, so you can imagine the torture I went through heavily pregnant with twins.

I had my chairs changed many times but there was hardly any difference, I was just not comfortable sitting on any of them. They were either too wobbly, too stiff or just not comfortable, regardless of the sitting position I was in.


So I have made it a mission to shop around for a very comfortable chair for our home office once it is ready and good to go. A comfortable office chair is the best office furniture because we tend to sit for long periods of time, so we need an office chair with adequate support. Sitting on the office chair is where most of the office magic happens, we all spend a good amount of time on it so this is one office furniture we should pay special attention to.

Here are 2 main benefits of good office chairs

  1. It will ensure we don’t suffer from back aches and pains. It will provide proper lumbar and pelvic support which results in our back muscles being less stressed.

2. It will keep us comfortable; which helps because it means we can get more work done.

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair is one of the worst things you could do to me. I don’t sit still, so I need a versatile chair that cn recline, move and keep up with my many sitting positions. That is one key feature I look out for in office chairs. And I think I will find the design I want at Furniture At Work. It is a UK office furniture specialist with very affordable prices, so it is definitely worth checking out for deals.

What do you look out for in an office chair? How would you describe a good office chair?

*This is a collaborative post.

OOTD: Something Blue

Blue is one of my favourite colours. I really like the midnight blue shade as well as navy blue. I think they are pretty colours, so I always look out for them when shopping. I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful blue dress some days ago. I was so eager to style it. Luckily I had complementary pieces already thanks to my capsule wardrobe. Styling this dress was as easy as A B C.




This stunning dress is by QUIZ Clothing. It is a great option for a Christmas party this year. QUIZ Clothing has launched a new collection of going out dresses in various styles, so it is definitely worth checking out. There are so many stylish dresses available.





Apart from the dress, everything else is an “Oldie but a Goldie” and has appeared on Fashion and Style Police previously. The blue jacket is one of my favourite jackets. It is quite old, I got it a couple of seasons ago but it still looks amazing. The shoes and sunnies I got some weeks ago, and I have had the clutch bag for a bit now.


I don’t shop as often as I used to anymore, but when I do shop, I go for quality and I try to fill out the gaps in my wardrobe. For example, I noticed I had a massive gap in the underwear department recently, and I have had that on my mind for a bit but kept forgetting to check for deals. So I remembered over the weekend and went all out on Victoria’s Secret website. The bras were half price, so I was super excited because I needed to buy a couple. That is the kind of shopping I do now; filling in the wardrobe gaps. But I do spoil myself from time to time.





What do you think of this look? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.



Blue Dress – c/o QUIZ Clothing

Black Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Clutch Bag – George

Sunnies –  Swarovski

Blue Jacket – Ted Baker




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