Are Celebrities Paid to Appear on Reality Shows

I’M A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is currently on and I am loving it. I enjoy watching celebrities living the rough and crazy live in the jungle. It is good entertainment, and I am sure many of you enjoy seeing the cool celebs outside of their comfort zone. I know I enjoy seeing the celebrities in the jungle. Just like I enjoy seeing them being stuck in a house with other celebs in Celebrity Big Brother. Taking a break from work to watch the clips on TV adds a bit of fun to my life.




In the early days, I use to wonder if the celebrities ever got paid to drop everything in their “real life” to go on a reality show. The very busy celebs would likely lose some money while in the jungle, so it would make sense for them to get paid to appear on the show. The curious me did some digging around, and I came across an article – How Much Are The Celebs Paid? on Conversations About Her website, and that pretty much answered all my questions.

Celebrities are offered a huge amount (depending on how successful and popular they are) to appear on reality shows. The celebrity fees were uncovered thanks to Unreality TV and Cash Lady. Just take a look at the infographic below.




I am amazed at how high some of the figures are, just look at Spencer Matthews, famous for playing himself in the hit reality show – Made in Chelsea, being paid 300,000 to appear on I’M A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! However, there is a rumour that he walked out of the camp with nothing after his 3 day stint.

Apart from the crazy high fees, I am also amazed at how varied the fees are as well. Just look at Lewis Bloor, famous for playing himself on the ITV hit show – The Only Way is Essex, he was paid £50,000 to appear on Celebrity Big Brother according to this infographic, and then we have Stephen Bear (who I have never heard of), known for appearing on Ex on the Beach and Shipwrecked, being paid only £12,000. It just confirms the fact that reality show is all about popularity, almost like the blogging industry.

Avner Brodsky, co-founder of Cash Lady commented on these findings –

“It’s surprising to see the figures the networks spend bringing our favourite shows to air. It’s something that we, as consumers, don’t really think about when we plonk down on our sofa on an evening.”


I always knew that the celebrities would get paid crazy money to appear on reality shows. It is a business and they are a Brand at the end of the day. They won’t drop everything to appear on a reality show with the hope of winning the prize money. They would have to be compensated for their time. But I never guessed the fees would be this crazy and varied in some instances. I guess that explains the ‘bad blood’ between some of the contestants on the show some times.

What do you think of these fees? Are you as surprised as I am?


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Product Review: skin Chemists Placenta Serum & Moisturiser

I had the opportunity to review the skin Chemists Placenta Serum and Moisturiser some weeks ago, and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I am a huge fan of the skin Chemists brand. I used the skin Chemists Coldtox Activ+ Professional Facial Treatment some months ago, and it did good wonders to my skin.  So I was very excited when these landed on my doorstep.




Placenta Moisturiser £145

Here is the product description –

This refined Placenta moisturiser is rich in active ingredients that help deeply regenerate the skin, is suitable for every skin type, but particularly dry and mature skins to fight against signs of aging. Placenta is a rich source of nutritional elements known for boosting skin cell reproduction and contains iron, which improves the oxygen absorption by the skin cells, as well as Vitamins B6 and E which repair the skin and forms antibodies. This moisturizer is ideal for rejuvenating tired and unhealthy skin cells on the face.


Placenta Serum £145

Here is the product description –

A hydrating Placenta Serum enriched with amino acids, antioxidants and minerals to help deeply regenerate the skin. Placenta is a rich source of nutritional elements encouraging skin cell reproduction, it further works to leave skin visibly regenerated and the complexion more radiant. All along with Glycerine, an excellent hydrating, nourishing and protecting active ingredient and Aloe Vera, this exquisite serum aims to revitalize and regenerate the first layers of the skin.




I have used the skin Chemists Placenta Serum and Moisturiser for weeks now. Here are my thoughts on both products –


  1. I love the packaging of both products. I like the fact that they come in a pump dispenser. So compact and easy to take away on holiday.
  2. The moisturiser smells AMAZING. I could sniff it all day.
  3. I love the texture of the moisturiser and serum. They feel amazing on the skin.
  4. They leave my skin feeling and looking silky smooth, and very radiant.
  5. They are suitable for every skin type, even sensitive skin.
  6. A little goes a long way. You only need to massage a small amount onto your face.





  1. I found both products made my skin feel a little dry, so I always massaged a small amount of face oil after applying these.




Overall, I recommend the skin Chemists Placenta Serum and Moisturiser to anyone in need of a skin glow. I think they are great skincare products. The work amazingly well and are worth every penny.

You can grab the Serum for £24.65 with the discount code STELLA1. This code is valid until December 16th 2016.

Have you tried any product in the skin Chemists range? What do you think of these products?


*PR samples.



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