A Fantastic Home Office

I am currently in the middle of sorting out our home office. There was a designated room meant to be a study but I never got to sorting it out until now. It is still a work-in-progress. We have got a few bits and bobs like a printer, drawers and shelves sorted but there is still a lot more to go in and go out. And I need to crack on with the decorating.




At the moment, I work anywhere and everywhere around my house, but I tend to favour my bed (very bad I know) and the couch (also very bad). You can also find me working in a room at the top floor of my house. It is my little Writers’ Coven I told you all about some months ago. I love working there because there is a ceiling window, and it looks amazing especially in the summer.  The direct sunlight keeps me awake and alert. I get to take some amazing product shots there as well, which is why I cherish this particular work space so much.

Here are the features I look out for in a home work space –


Direct sunlight

I need at least 1 window in my work space, and I like to sit close to it. It keeps me very awake and alert. And that is the reason why my top floor bedroom is my writing refuge. The ceiling window keeps my creative juice flowing.


Comfortable sitting and typing position

Like most busy mothers I know, I suffer from aches and pains every now and again. I spend hours in a day on my laptop, so I like my work space to be very comfortable. I pay special attention to my sitting position position. I make sure I am sitting and typing in the right posture with regular breaks.

I am currently shopping around for some home office furniture, and I have my eye on some loose home office furniture, and I am hoping to get them all in the next few months.


Perfect Temperature

I recently wrote about how I struggle with keeping our house warm during winter, and keeping it cool during summer. I work from home, so I need my home office to have the right temperature, especially in extreme weather situations. I won’t be able to get any work done if the temperature isn’t right.




Sensible Storage

I like to have my home office very organised. I can’t think in a mess, so everything has to go into the right place. Our home office is only a small room, so I have to make the most of the tiny space, and that is where sensible storage comes in handy. I got a couple of movable drawers which I have found very handy. And I also have a book shelf, which stores majority of my work stuff, in an organised manner.


These are the features I look out for in a home office. What do you look out for?


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Lily-Rose Depp Covers British Vogue December 2016




The 17 year old actress, and daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis; Lily-Rose Depp,  is the cover girl for December British Vogue. This beautiful cover was shot by Bruce Weber and styled by Joe McKenna.

I really like the cover. I think it is styled beautifully. I like the outfit, hair and makeup. And I love the pose a lot. Lily-Rose Depp is working it on that cover.

In this issue, the cover girl talks about her childhood, career and her relationship with social media.



“My parents weren’t very strict,” she told William Van Meter for her cover interview. “They’ve always trusted me to be independent and make my own decisions. There wasn’t really anything to rebel against.”


Social Media

“I’ve really stopped using it in a personal way,” she told Meter of how she engages with Instagram. “I never like revealing too much about myself. Once you start giving people that look into your life, then they just want more and more.”





This issue sounds very interesting. I love what I see but it does not scream ‘buy me’ to me, so I don’t see myself grabbing a copy. If I bump into it, I would read it, but I won’t go out of my way or part with cash for it. Lily-Rose Depp is stunning, but I know little or nothing about her, apart from the fact that she is Johnny Depp’s kid.

I am a little surprised to see her on British Vogue if I am being completely honest. I think she would have made a fabulous cover girl for Teen Vogue but not British Vogue. I won’t have thought she would appeal to their target market.

What do you think? Pls share your thoughts in the comment section below. I reply to all comments.

Thanks for reading.

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