10 Questions/Phrases Bloggers Are Sick of Answering

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I have a favourite writing corner. Most people call it the ‘Writers’ Coven’ but I call it my refuge place. Once I have a writer’s block, I retire to my refuge place, which is our guest bedroom on the topfloor. It has a window in the ceiling and the bright sunlight slowly re-energizes my writing purpose.

Surviving as a full-time blogger, freelance writer, author and blogger outreach girl is hard work. Most days I find myself working past midnight, only to wake as early as 6am with the kids. Operating on less than 6 hours sleep is no fun. So you can imagine why some cliques does get to me. Here are some annoying questions I am sick of hearing as a writer:
So you are a blogger, have you published any book?
Yes I am a blogger/writer, and no, not every blogger MUST publish a book.  However I have published a book not because I am sick of hearing this question but because I genuinely had a few things to say and I wanted to reach a bigger audience.
According to most folks, you are not a successful blogger/writer until you get a book published. It doesn’t matter if you write a 5,000 words article published on Huffington Post or The Telegraph. If you are yet to write a BOOK, you are likely not to be taken seriously as a writer. I believe that is overrated. We are sick of people giving us yardstick before we can be who we are. Writing a book is great, it gives you credibility, you can reach a wider audience and you earn some extra cash, but you don’t have to publish a book to be a successful blogger or writer.
Do you write every day?
Yes I TRY to write every day because I realised the more I write, the easier the words flow. But it is not the frequency of the write-up that matters but the depth of the write-up. Writing every day is a good habit if your writing improves as you go along but it is not a must.
How much do you make as a writer/blogger?
I understand many people find it bizzare that bloggers make money from blogging. Many still do not understand the whole blogging as a career thing, and I get that because I find many careers bizzare too. Like being paid crazy money to kick a ball into a net, I can never understand that.
So what is your job?
Blogging/writing is a Job. A REAL job. The digital marketing industry is currently contributing heavily to the British’s economy, so it is definitely a job. I see it as a full-time job anyway. I write and get paid, so it is a job. Why do I have to repeat myself so many times?

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Did you study ‘Writing’?
Yes and NO. Call it a passion and you are right. Call it an art and I give you a thumbs up but don’t think it is purely a craft that needs to be learnt. I studied Acounting as a first degree, and International Human Relations as a Master’s degree. I then fell in love with fashion styling, and studied that at London College of Style. All three degrees/diploma have nothing to do with Writing/Blogging. Writing is a talent. It can be refined but CAN’T be learnt. You either have it or you don’t.
How much have you made as a writer?
I am not J.K. Rowling…….YET. I might not make millions from it but I don’t need you to remind me of that. I also should not have to justify why I am a blogger/writer, or disclose my financial information to anyone. Some questions are just too intrusive and this is one of them.

So you are a Writer? My Grandmother is a Writer too.
I know what you are trying to do. No, not everybody can be a blogger/writer, even if many think they are or can. But well done to your Grandmother.
 So you write novels?
Erm….NO! I don’t write novels. Not everybody that writes has to write fiction. There are different genres and we tend to concentrate on the one most suitable to us. I prefer reading and writing non fiction.
When did you start writing?

Since I could hold a pencil. Any more questions?

Writing must be soo easy for you?
It is very easy for me because I have been writing all my life. Even before I started blogging, I had journals and diaries in real life. Writers put in effort in crafting out piece. It is a duty that needs focus, brainstorming and research. It can be fun and easy depending on the writer.

Do you have any annoying questions or phrases to share? Drop me a comment in the comment section, lets chat.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Yes I think it is the same if you are in what the average person thinks is not a usual hobby or work. Comping is mine as you know. People say things like “do you win” “I’m never lucky” Yeah well enter them then. You aren’t going to win if you don’t.

    I also see alot of jealousy and nastiness towards those who win regularly! Yet the jealous person enters very few. Comping is hard work. Not for the faint hearted and you have to enjoy it too. I also belong to comp clubs which make it more fun in a community.

    Alot don’t stick at it.

    I tend to keep a low profile over wins as I cant be doing with the nastiness that can come. I don’t want the aggro.

    I think the most ridiculous question is how do you find the time! Um the same as you find the time for your hobbies. You get them down to a fine art and do them whilst watching TV etc. like some people knit sew read.

    Yeah know where your coming from.

  2. People keep asking questions because they’re curious about this blogging thing and don’t get it as it’s a new era job… My mother wants me to look for a REAL job…as blogging isn’t real for her unless I make a good salary… I cannot guarantee this yet, even if I blog since 2011…cos blogging jobs are unpredictable. Well, I hope this goes better, and that we get the recognitions we deserve.

  3. I get a bit frustrated to constantly be asked how I have the time for making my own nail art. It’s like any hobby, you make time for what you want to achieve.

  4. I am fairly sure that lots of people think that I watch day time TV all day, every day. And that because I have a blog I am happy to work for exposure. that last one really bugs me.

  5. I do get sick of silly questions at times and people telling me how lucky i am getting so many free things and I’m like.. its a job! They are not free. i have to work 40 hours plus a week for this.

  6. Hahaha I can relate to every one of these. I’m now a “pro blogger” and I have had everything from “Oh so you gave up work after you had the kids right?” to “that isn’t a real job though is it?”… the truth is, everything you make money from can be your job… a job is purely something that you earn money from!!

  7. I hate people who think that blogging is an easy way to get free products and make money when they clearly have no passion for it. It’s so frustrating, especially when as suspected a few months in they’re complaining about their lack of opportunities, and I just think why would you be handed things on a plate just because you’ve started a blog

  8. I find it really strange that there seems to be so much misunderstanding about blogging – it’s the ‘free stuff’ comments that get me. I have also been told ‘well how long could it take to write a review?’ which made me feel a little sad!

  9. I don’t agree with the fact that a writer can only be that if they’ve written a book because there are a lot of professional journalists and people out there who haven’t written books but are fully fledged writers. I get why these questions get to you though x

  10. Writing a book in all works of life gives credibility, it is as simple as that.

    The thing about people looking on Bloggers is becoming annoying. If you give credit to people in other fields of works, shouldn’t Bloggers get credit too? For Bloggers who write, it takes a lot of effort. The earlier people realise that the better☺

    Great post Stella.


  11. This post made me chuckle – I get asked questions like this a LOT! I very often get ‘When are you going to get a proper job?’ as well. Erm, well as I make more from blogging than I did when I had my last ‘proper’ job I would probably have to say ‘When the money stops coming in’ lol.

    Louise x

  12. “Like being paid crazy money to kick a ball into a net, I can never understand that.” THANK YOU lol! I will never understand this. Especially seeing my sister, an elementary school teacher, work so hard, put up so much of her own money for her students, dealing with horrible parents, etc, and how much she is paid compared to professional athletes/celebrities. This was too funny, totally feel ya on these FAQ!!

  13. I always get people asking “How much are you earning from blogging?” but for me, this isn’t my job. Right now it’s still just a hobby. I DID study writing at university and I am writing a book, but again that is just something that I have always wanted to do and it’s a passion of mine. xx

  14. Haha well said, its intrusive to keep asking us what we do all day and they should take our word for it that blogging is a real occupation and should be respected as such. I am a writer, you are a writer, we are all writers and should not be discredited.

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