Fashion Career Ideas for Stay at Home Mothers

If you are a stay at home mother and fashion lover, there are a number of business ideas you could start-up this 2017. Even if it brings just a little amount of money each month, every little does help. And having a form of business you could do from home as a stay at home mother can help get rid of the baby brain and keep you sane.

I have been a work from home mother since 2013, and I have tried all sorts of fashion career business ideas and non fashion business ideas, so I have a wealth of knowledge in these areas.




Here are some fashion carer ideas I have tried as a stay at home mother –


Fashion Blogging

I started blogging before I became a mum, so I just carried on. Blogging is one of the best things I have ever started in my life. And I would stay at home mothers that have an interest in writing and photography to start a blog. Even in the early days when no one is reading and no one is paying you to blog, it feels good to just keep your mind and soul busy doing something else outside caring for your children. And as your blog grows, then the money starts to roll in.

Blogging is not a get rich scheme. You won’t make money overnight or much in the first 2 years. But if you have the passion to carry on against all odds, you could be making well over £1000 in a month, receiving samples every week, invites to great events and reviewing amazing locations. There is no fixed time as to when you start making money from your blog, it varies from blog to blog, from niche to niche. So you must have the passion and determination to keep at it.

Fashion Vlogging is another career you could start on YouTube from home. I am not a vlogger, so I can’t really comment on this idea but I know many vloggers who have been vlogging for years and make a good full-time income out of it, so it is worth thinking about.


Fashion Writing

A fashion writer writes fashion articles for other blogs and websites. I am a freelance writer as well as blogger. I write for a few websites and I get paid per article. This is a great career choice for stay at home mothers that have a flair for fashion and writing. You could be paid up to £50 or even more for a 500 words article. Most of my clients find me through Fashion and Style Police or social media.

I don’t use any of the content mills because the rates are extremely low for what the clients usually ask for. But I would advise anyone thinking of starting a fashion writing career to sign up to these content mills (I did in the beginning), and see what they have to offer. Your case may be different from mine.

Writing a fashion book is also a great idea. Also you could look at writing for free for some publications to get your content out there to put on your portfolio, or just have a blog as your portfolio and market the hell out of it.




Fashion Styling

If you have a good eye for fashion and enjoy styling people, you could consider a fashion styling career from home. There are various short online courses you could take from the comfort of your home to get you on the right path to your online fashion styling career. I considered being an online fashion stylist at a point in my life. I took a styling course and completed it withing a year. I was hungry and ready to style clients, and I did style a few for some time, but I later decided it was not the right career for me. It may work out perfectly for you so look this up.


Online Fashion Boutique

I have considered having an Online Fashion Boutique many times. I have done my research and I can say it is a lucrative but saturated business. It is worth going into if you have something new to bring to the table, say your own designs. If you are just going to sell pieces from China and the likes, you may struggle to make a living. Having said that, I know quite a good number of stay at home mothers running successful online fashion boutiques with beautiful items. So it is a business idea worth considering.


Do you run any of these businesses? How has it been for you? Please share your thoughts.











How To Dress Up Your Huge Boobs

Sometimes, I see curvy/well endowed women struggle to dress up their amazing figure. Instead of showing off their curves, some tend to hide them in oversize, shapeless clothes. The sad part of it all is that they could start hating their beautiful figure because they don’t know how to work it. I have been there. I didn’t like my hips/bum for a while. I felt it was huge for my frame and always wanted to hide it.


Being busty does not make you look bad but rather attractive. And dressing up your well-endowed figure is not a challenge but an art which you can learn and perfect. We are wonderfully made regardless of our shape. All you need is to learn a couple of style tips and you’ll see what an amazing figure you have. A dose of self confidence also helps. As a former aspiring fashion stylist, and now a fashion blogger, I have a few style tips I have learnt along the way.

Here are tips for the busty woman:


Emphasize your waist
Some women try to cover up their large bustline by wearing loose-fitting clothes. The problem with this approach is that it makes your clothes hang over you like a tent making your bust bigger than it really is.
The right way to dress is to emphasize your waist. This will make you accentuate your curves. You can emphasize your waist in many ways. Choose an outfit that has a detailed midsection that defines your waist. Go for tops that fit in the waist like princess-seamed blouses, empire-waist tops or wrap styles. This will create an hourglass shape. If you do wear a loose top, put on a waist belt. That will help show your waist smaller than your bust creating that flattering figure.

This style tip only works if your waist is small in proportion to your bust.


Go for a low neckline
If you large boobs, stay away from tops or dresses with high necklines. High necklines make your breasts look lower and bigger than usual. So if you have anything with round necks or turtle necks, take them out of your closet!
Go for V-neck styled tops, dresses, jumpsuits and cardigans. A V-neck helps elongate your body and separates your breasts, making you look amazing. Although V-necks are great, tops with a deep plunge destroy the whole look. Square, sweetheart, and scoop necklines also work well to carry out this effect.
If you don’t have a V-neck top, a buttoned-down blouse works just as well so long as the blouse is tailored to fit below the bustline or at the waistline.


Adorn your neck with a long necklace
Long necklaces, which extend to the height of your belly, have an elongating effect as they draw attention away from your bust.
Take note that your necklace does not hang at the height of your nipples as that will put focus on your bust.

For the same reason, also avoid using brooches.


Get extra support
Being well-endowed calls for more support of your bosom. Go for a dress or top with a built-in bra or molded cups, or under wire to give your breasts extra support. Doing this gives your breasts plenty of room and prevents your breasts from looking squashed and result in spillovers. The extra support also helps make the waist look smaller in size. When it comes to bras, I like to shop for quality pieces so you will catch snooping around in Victoria’s Secret, M&S or Debenhams. I have shopped for bras in hundreds of stores worldwide, and I find these 3 the best in terms of quality, options and designs.

How to Style a Slogan T Shirt

Fashion and Style Police T-shirt Image


I love slogan T-shirts! Wearing one is like making a statement without saying a word. You can say that with slogan Tees, you wear your thoughts and feelings.
When it comes to styling a slogan t-shirt you need to guide yourself with this major rule: Accentuate the shirt. Slogan t-shirts carry a message, so when styling them your aim should be to make the shirt the centre of attraction. No matter what you wear with your slogan t-shirt, the focus must remain on the shirt.
The next thing to take note of is to unleash your femininity with accessories. A large necklace or choker looks nice on a slogan t-shirt. Whatever you do don’t over-accessorize as this will shift focus away from the slogan Tee.
Take the feminine look further with a pair of killer high heels. Ankle boots work great to give a stylish and relaxing vibe.


Fashion Blogging Picture

I love combining outfits. It’s fun and it gives me the chance to be creative. So here are different ways you can style your slogan tee –
1.    Chic in monochrome
The classic black and white is a favourite in fashion. Black and white slogan t-shirts are very popular. Combine your black slogan Tee with a pair of white bottoms of your choice. You could go for trousers, leggings or skirts. If you have a white shirt instead, style it with black bottoms.
Add contrast to the monochrome outfit with a burst of colour. You can do with a pair of bright-coloured shoes, a handbag or clutch purse. This look is always so chic.
2.    Playful in patterns and prints
Patterns and prints add dimension to slogan tees. Let your creativity go wild as you combine your slogan shirt with stripes, polka dots, checks or leopard patterned bottoms. Floral print works beautifully well with a slogan t-shirt and also gives it that feminine touch.
3.    Cute in shorts
This combination is so cute that I had to keep it in a category of its own. A simple pair of denim shorts or pastel-coloured shorts works so well with a slogan tee. It makes it stand out. You can turn your slogan Tee into a crop top by tying a knot in the front, on the side or at the back of the tee. The little gap created by the knot makes the t-shirt stand out even more. I love this look.



4.    Laidback and timeless
If you’re aiming for casual, yet smart and trendy, then this is it. You can achieve this look with a slogan t-shirt over neutral or solid-coloured bottoms topped off with a blazer. Although the blazer is worn over the t-shirt, it won’t distract ones attention from the shirt especially if the blazer is of a different colour.
5.    Ever sporty

Slogan tees on a pair of running pants and sneakers will give you an instant sporty look. You can also take this look further with branded sportswear.

Are you a t-shirt lover? Sound off in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.


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