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Many of us can only dream of employing a Fashion Stylist. Lets face it, they don’t go cheap, so having the likes of Rachel Zoe and others access our wardrobes may only happen in our dreams. I played with the idea of becoming a Fashion Stylist/Personal Shopper for some years. I even took a style course at the London College of Style (LCS) many moons ago. But I decide not to pursue it because it was not working in line with my lifestyle. I still have mad love for fashion and style, which is why you read a lot about them on Fashion and Style Police.

So today I am sharing a 5 Fashion Stylists’ Secrets I picked up along the way –


Flat Tummy

Many women hate their tummies. Our tummies are usually wobbly and unrecognisable once we pop out the a kid or 2. Wearing body con dresses can be a nightmare for many women but it really shouldn’t. There are so many magic girdles that handle this issue brilliantly so you should not have to suffer in silence. Just make sure, you buy the right pair for your size. If it is too tight, you will be super uncomfortable, if it is too loose, it won’t do the job, and if it has visible panels, everyone would now you have a girdle on.



To prevent a boob escape when wearing a boob tube, or to stop your ankle straps from falling down on your shoes, spritz some hairspray on the inside. Hairspray is also useful for preventing static clothes like a silk dress, from clinging. Try spraying a little over your tights to stop a silk dress or skirt from sticking to the tights.


OOTD Cape Dress


Dress down a frock

You can get more wear out of an evening piece by dressing it down with a cardigan or flats, for a laid back look.


Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect when it comes to anything and that includes fashion and style. You have to practice walking in heels to be good at it, it doesn’t just happen. You have to practice striking a pose and having a posture, to nail it. Standing with one leg forward, and foot pointed to the camera always works for me when striking a pose. This technique works because your back foot holds your body weight, and it creates the illusion of a slimline figure.


Play around with colours

Black creates an illusion of a slimmer figure so it is worth having a couple of black pieces in various styles. When wearing black or other primary colours, you can always accessorize with other colours to make your outfit pop and look less boring.


What do you think of these 5 Fashion Stylists’ Secrets? Do you have any fashion secret to share?

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  1. Genius tip about the hair spray on tights and I’m googling where to buy a girdle from this evening! I don’t think I’d ever be able to pull that pose off though!

  2. Good tips here, especially about the power of black. Hmmmm tips- I know my own style, but I still get inspired by streetstyle, I came to Instagram’s part 6 yrs too late, but now I’m on it, I am very much inspired by some of the people I follow, so that’s a tip I’d give to anyone interested in fashion. ( :

  3. Gosh, the hair spray tips are very useful! Thank you for sharing those. I usually wear black or grey and have found that teaming a pair of jeans with a colourful or sparkly belt can really make the outfit look different!
    Great post and tips 🙂 xx

  4. Oh wow! I shall remember that with the hairspray. That’s a fab idea. Thank you.

    I love layering clothes and mixing & matching. If you think about the pieces your buying you can mix & match so it looks like you have far more clothes than you have

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  6. Thanks for the 5 Fashion Stylist tips. That’s good to know about the hairspray. You are absolutely correct about practicing walking in heels. I see women about to fall over because this is their first time wearing a pair of heels. Practice walking in heels at home before you hit the ground outside. It’s good to know what colors and outfits stands out to compliment our body style and shape. I think its an investment to hire an fashion stylist to help you find the right clothes that will enhance your fashion style.

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