Lara Mullen Covers Marie Claire UK November 2016



Lara Mullen Covers Marie Claire UK November 2016, and I find this cover quite different. I don’t like it at all!

There is nothing about this cover I like at all.  It looks so blah – plain and boring, nothing like the usual Marie Claire magazine covers, and I wonder what has gone wrong. Although Marie Claire has been slacking in the magazine covers bit lately; the previous cover with Britney Spears was pretty but her pose was a little too serious. And I think this is also an issue with this cover here; Lara Mullen looks a little too serious.

I didn’t know who Lara Mullen was, not until after I did some research. So for those who don’t know, Lara Mullen is a British model and she recently just had a haircut, everyone online seems to be going on and on about that on the web.

So looking on the bright side, boring cover aside, the issue looks quite interesting. I am loving the features on the cover, especially the “What to wear now” feature. There is also an interview with the  Fifty Shades‘ star – Jamie Dornan, which looks like a fab read. Here is a quote from the interview:

‘The idea of being single makes me instantly sweat’ Jamie Dornan told us, sounding very much relieved to be off the market. In his November issue interview with Marie Claire, Dornan also discussed his aversion to gyms, why he loves playing Paul Spector in The Fall and why filming the second and third Fifty Shades movies was easier than the first”.


There are also tips on how to fight winter colds which is currently going the runs:

Did you know taking vitamin C pills doesn’t really help prevent a cold? Or that the number of colds you suffer from is partly down to genetics? Or that being miserable can actually make you more susceptible to the sniffles? With the most up-to-the-minute research – and advice on remedies that really work – we bring you a comprehensive guide to the most common ailment there is.


This issue sounds quite interesting to be honest. I would read it if I come across it or may pick it up if I have the time to pop down to the shops before it leaves the newsstands.

What do you think of this cover? Are you a fan? Sound off in the comment section below, lets chat.

Thanks for reading and have a fab weekend.



Redecorating on a Budget



I have always been the creative type. Although I spend a lot of my time mixing and matching outfits, I also love decorating my home. Of course, you can’t compare redecoration with styling outfits, but it still puts my creativity to work, which is great. And I wanted to train as an Interior Designer once upon a time.

There’s nothing as comforting as walking into beautifully furnished rooms. But when you talk about redecorating, most people think that it means a huge strain on your budget. The truth is that you don’t have to spend so much money to have a gorgeous home.

Little tweaks here and there, simple additions, and a good dose of creativity are all you need to have a divinely decorated home that everyone will admire. In this post I’m going to share with you some of the redecorating tips that will inspire you to give your home the jazz, glitz and glamour it needs.

  1. Take a good look at what you have

Shocked? One of the most inexpensive ways to redecorate your home is to use what you have. Are there some pieces of furniture, pictures or decorative items that you can move to a different room?

Reshuffling your furniture and home accessories around is all you need to give your home a fresh look. Is there a coffee table that you keep in the study that will look great in the living room? Or throw pillows you keep in the guest bedroom that will match the sofas in the living room?

Take a day off and move the furniture around and see if it’ll work out. Don’t stop with the furniture! Try swapping curtains, rugs or even vases for a different look!

  1. Invest in some house accessories

The little things can make the greatest difference! Home accessories like new lampshades, table settings, or flower arrangements can make your room really different. The accessories don’t have to be expensive. Simple ornaments can work wonders and the good thing about this is they don’t cost so much.

A good tip is to find accessories that will fit the general theme or colour scheme you’re trying to achieve in each room. Play around with colours and textures of different accessories.




  1. Refurbish second-hand pieces

Yard sales, auction houses, and second-hand stores hold treasures that will look amazing in your home and easy on your pocket. But here’s a gentle warning: don’t get carried away with colours or fabrics. Let the shape and structure of the home items guide your choices.  This is because you can always refurbish those pieces to your taste.

Old but nicely shaped furniture can be styled to look like timeless pieces that will add the charm to your home. Worn wood or dull looking items could be polished, varnished or repainted to look brand new.

  1. Put up pictures

Remember the saying “A picture’s worth a thousand words”? It also makes your house look like a million bucks. A beautiful picture hung in a prominent part of the house can give your home an uplift. We have many pictures on walls and I am looking to add more. I think pictures make a house a home.

Play around with a collage of family photos or nature pictures. There are fabulous original pieces that go for a bargain. However, there’s really no need to go over the top by covering your all your walls with pictures. One or two well placed pictures in your home can make your home vibrant and full of life.


So there you have them; my budget friendly redecorating tips. Do you have any tips to add?



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