Why You Should Write Everyday



As a blogger and freelance writer, writing takes up a major part of my life. My business practically runs on writing! Writing consistently has not only helped my business grow but it has also helped me grow as a person. What many people don’t realize is that writing has a lot of benefits. But to get the best out of writing, you need to write regularly, and when I say regularly, I mean everyday.
Writing 2-3 times a week or whenever you feel like it, will not give you the full benefits writing has to offer. Just to let you know why I set aside time everyday to write, I’ll share with you why it’s important to write daily.
1.    It helps you improve your writing
This is an obvious result of writing. “Practice makes perfect.” It’s also true when it comes to writing. As you write everyday, you find yourself strengthening your writing skill. You’ll find your writing voice and unique style. It also helps to increase your proficiency in writing and your writing speed, which is great when you have to write multiple articles in a day.
2.    It helps you grow an audience
Writing everyday helped me grow my audience from zero readers to the thousands of readers I have now. When you write everyday and publish your writing online, more and more people get to see what you’ve written. As you show up everyday, more and more people start to look forward to your posts, and before you can say ‘bow-wow’, you have a following.
3.    Writing gives you clarity
Writing helps you to see things in a different perspective. This happens a lot when you journal or when you freely write your thoughts down. Your thoughts begin to align and all the unresolved issues fall in place. You begin to gain more clarity in your life. It helps you reflect on your thoughts and actions. Writing is therapeutic for many.
4.    It makes it easier to come up with new ideas
Writing forces you to come up with fresh ideas. It challenges you to gain deep insights about the things that interest you or events that happen in your life. Gradually, you find yourself turn into someone who is always in discovery mode. It helps you to stay creative and open-minded.
5.    It makes it easier to express yourself
You know those inner feelings or thoughts that you want to say but you don’t know the right words to use? Well, what writing does is to challenge you to find the right words to use. It pushes you to learn new ways to give a voice to your deep feelings and inner thoughts. As you keep up with this writing exercise, it becomes easier for you to express yourself and you’ll learn new words and phrases that will make your writing more meaningful.
Writing is a process. When you keep up with it, you’ll wish you had started it sooner. The effect of writing does not lie in the number of words you write. It lies in how often you write. So you can write 300 words or 1000 words daily, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you write daily, when possible of course.

Do you write daily? Do you find writing therapeutic?

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