Introducing Eves Interiors For Designing and Styling Any Space

Interior design is close to my heart, which is why I write about it quite a bit on Fashion and Style Police. I like it when a house or office is well designed and styled with the right decor. Designing a space does not come naturally to many of us. I know I struggle sometimes with what to do with some parts of our house. Well, this where the professionals come in. Today, I am introducing Eves Interiors. It is a new Interior Designing company run by a lovely lady who knows her stuff when it comes to making the most of every space. All the pictures here are spaces designed by Eves Interiors.


Hallway Decor By Eves Interiors

Home Decoration image Eves Interiors Decoration Image



I love the huge wall clock on the wall in the first photo. It is so stunning and captivating. It is the first thing to catch every eye for sure. The wall mirror in the second picture is a beauty to behold. I love the hallway decor so much.


Eves Interiors

Here is a quick message from the brand –

Eves Interiors was birthed from my love and passion for design. I love being able to put a home together from scratch. I love designing and styling any space. It literally gives me joy to see a once empty, bland space come together beautifully.

I have a passion for designing home and office spaces and sourcing for decor for the home and/or office space.

I design bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kids nursery, office spaces and kitchen and dining areas.


Bedroom Decor By Eves Interiors

Eves Interiors Decor image Interior designing image


I love everything about the bedroom decor here. The bed and cushions look amazing. The centre table is so pretty. I love the decor on the table as well. It finished off the entire look so beautifully.



Children’s Bedroom By Eves Interiors

Children's Bedroom Decor image Children's Bedroom Decor image



The bedding here is so lovely. I know my kids would love them. I like the globe lamps, they are so pretty. The bedside cabinets look solid as well. Great decor ideas for children’s bedrooms.


Designing and Sourcing Services

I love it when a brand is passionate about what they do. It says a lot about the quality of work they would deliver. I have worked with Eves Interiors numerous times in the last couple of months, and I love what how the brand works. The designing and styling skills are impeccable and so is their sourcing skills. Sometimes I struggle to fill a space with the right decor for my home and lifestyle. The popular home/interior shops usually stock pretty much the same thing year after year, and this can be a bore.

Finding just what you need can be impossible sometimes, which is where sourcing service from Eves Interiors comes in. All Eves Interiors needs to do is to check out the space in real life if within the London/Essex area, or a video call viewing can be arranged if you are outside these areas. Then, decor ideas are sent to you and shipped down if you are happy with them. It is a great service for those who want their home/office space looking stylish but don’t have the time or ideas to do the work.



Living Room Decor By Eves Interiors

Living Room Space Image


This living room is so beautifully decorated. I love the centre table. The decor on it goes with the overall theme of the room. I also really like the sofas and the wall decor. They look lovely.



Kitchen Decor By Eves Interiors

Home Designing image Dining Room Table image



This kitchen is beautifully decorated. I like the dining table, it looks like great quality. I am also loving the white floor tiles and chandelier lights, they look magnificent.


What do you think of Eves Interiors? You can find the brand on Instagram – Eves_Interiors



I wanted to be an Interior Designer

Once upon a time, I wanted to be an Interior Designer. I played around with the idea for months, and even started an online interior designing course to help me achieve my dream. But I never got around to being one. The dream kind of frizzled away, just like my dream to be a Fashion Stylist(which I also studied for), and my dream to be an Accountant/Human Resources Consultant, which I studied at the University for 5 years in total for both degrees.These dreams and more frizzled out, giving room for my current career, which I love by the way.

Sometimes I do catch myself thinking about my dream of becoming an Interior Designer, especially when I am watching TV programmes like Homes Under the Hammer (I use to watch it every morning at some point), and wonder how my life would have been if I really became one. However I am very happy with the career I have chosen and how my life is going, so no regrets here.




I guess that explains my love for pretty homes. I am quite homely; I like to spend time in my home, and I like it to look very pretty. If I had an unlimited budget, I would give my house a complete makeover. I have many home improvement ideas in my head but I have to take it one at a time so I get them all done properly.

I have previously written about our garden plans and our need for a big shed. We got one last summer and we are making good use of it. It is a perfect size, so it stores all our junk neatly, and there is space for some more junk, which is good. The only thing I am considering changing is the shed windows. I recently came across Simply Plastics – a supplier of plastic materials and products for over 25 years, and they stock Replacement Acrylic Shed Windows, so I will be exploring that as an option later in the year.

I would also like to improve some of our home decor like cushions, mats and the likes. I plan to do that this Spring.

My favourite part of the house is the bedroom, followed closely by the living room. I spend a good amount of time in both rooms, and I like them looking their best, as well as the rest of the house. So new bed sheets, duvet sets, curtains and the likes will be updated this year.

The kitchen is my busy place, I like all the required kitchen tools and gadgets in place, to make my cooking as fast as possible, and my family fed. I recently got some new kitchen gadgets so I think we are good as far as the kitchen is concerned.




The truth of the matter is we never stop improving our home. Whether it is a new coach, washing machine or a new home office table and chair, the home improvements never really stop, especially when you are a home owner.


Do you enjoying home improvements? Have you ever studied for a career but decided against it?


*Collaborative Post.

Redecorating on a Budget



I have always been the creative type. Although I spend a lot of my time mixing and matching outfits, I also love decorating my home. Of course, you can’t compare redecoration with styling outfits, but it still puts my creativity to work, which is great. And I wanted to train as an Interior Designer once upon a time.

There’s nothing as comforting as walking into beautifully furnished rooms. But when you talk about redecorating, most people think that it means a huge strain on your budget. The truth is that you don’t have to spend so much money to have a gorgeous home.

Little tweaks here and there, simple additions, and a good dose of creativity are all you need to have a divinely decorated home that everyone will admire. In this post I’m going to share with you some of the redecorating tips that will inspire you to give your home the jazz, glitz and glamour it needs.

  1. Take a good look at what you have

Shocked? One of the most inexpensive ways to redecorate your home is to use what you have. Are there some pieces of furniture, pictures or decorative items that you can move to a different room?

Reshuffling your furniture and home accessories around is all you need to give your home a fresh look. Is there a coffee table that you keep in the study that will look great in the living room? Or throw pillows you keep in the guest bedroom that will match the sofas in the living room?

Take a day off and move the furniture around and see if it’ll work out. Don’t stop with the furniture! Try swapping curtains, rugs or even vases for a different look!

  1. Invest in some house accessories

The little things can make the greatest difference! Home accessories like new lampshades, table settings, or flower arrangements can make your room really different. The accessories don’t have to be expensive. Simple ornaments can work wonders and the good thing about this is they don’t cost so much.

A good tip is to find accessories that will fit the general theme or colour scheme you’re trying to achieve in each room. Play around with colours and textures of different accessories.




  1. Refurbish second-hand pieces

Yard sales, auction houses, and second-hand stores hold treasures that will look amazing in your home and easy on your pocket. But here’s a gentle warning: don’t get carried away with colours or fabrics. Let the shape and structure of the home items guide your choices.  This is because you can always refurbish those pieces to your taste.

Old but nicely shaped furniture can be styled to look like timeless pieces that will add the charm to your home. Worn wood or dull looking items could be polished, varnished or repainted to look brand new.

  1. Put up pictures

Remember the saying “A picture’s worth a thousand words”? It also makes your house look like a million bucks. A beautiful picture hung in a prominent part of the house can give your home an uplift. We have many pictures on walls and I am looking to add more. I think pictures make a house a home.

Play around with a collage of family photos or nature pictures. There are fabulous original pieces that go for a bargain. However, there’s really no need to go over the top by covering your all your walls with pictures. One or two well placed pictures in your home can make your home vibrant and full of life.


So there you have them; my budget friendly redecorating tips. Do you have any tips to add?



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