7 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be your private escape from the world. If lately, you’ve felt like your room is anything but a relaxing place to be, it might be time to upgrade your bedroom. Upgrading your bedroom may seem like a difficult task with or without a budget, but with a few tips, you can improve the function of your room and make it a peaceful place to be. Here’s how you can upgrade your bedroom.

1.   Change Your Mattress

The mattress is the biggest item you have in your room, so it’s important that it not only looks nice but functions properly. Your bed should be the most comfortable spot in the house because sleep is important for your overall health and wellbeing.

While there are many things that can impact the quality of your sleep, heat is one of the most significant problems for many people. Whether you live in a hot climate or have to turn the heat up in the winter, a cooling mattress can help you stay cool and comfortable when under the covers.

2.   Use Books as Decor

If you have tons of books in your room and nowhere to store them, you might try using them as decor. Floating bookshelves can help you use your books as decor while giving a space to stay. Not only do floating bookshelves look cool, but they also allow you to place items up and away from the ground so that you can feature them. They also give you the option of placing them wherever you want on your wall so that you can keep your books as high up as you want if you want to create a full wall of books.

3.   Add Plants

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A great way to make your room seem more lively and vibrant is to add plants. Plants not only improve the oxygen levels in your home but can act as decor as well. Even just one plant on your nightstand can promote relaxation.

4.   Use Neutral Colors

Neutral colors allow you to choose accessories and accents of any color. Everything matches beige, allowing you to choose the right colors for other aspects of your room, like the color of your bedding. Not to mention, the pop of green that you get from the plants in your room will look even better against a neutral background.

5.   Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Windows are a feature of a room that often goes overlooked. Plastic blinds just don’t make the cut when you’re trying to upgrade your room. Instead, opt for window treatments that match the rest of the room’s aesthetic. You may find that wood shades look better than curtains. No matter what you choose, make sure that your window treatments do what they’re supposed to.

If you want something that blocks out the sun during the day to keep the room cool, opt for blackout shades. If you’re looking for something that lets the light shine through while offering you privacy, you might consider semi-sheer curtains.

6.   Deep Clean

Upgrading your bedroom with the proper furniture is easiest when your room is clean. NOt only that, but a clean room can improve the way you feel when you’re in the room. Clutter can induce stress and make sleeping more difficult. If you find that your clothes have taken over your room, it’s time to deep clean.

Pay special attention to the flooring in your bedroom. Cleaning the carpets can make old, stained carpets look brand new while removing any dangerous toxins and debris.

7.   Add a Personal Touch

Think of the things you love most. Whether it’s your family, friends, or your pet, you can incorporate them into your bedroom design to personalize your entire room. With canvas prints, you can put your favorite photos on canvas to hang anywhere in your bedroom.

You can also add a personal touch by putting the things you love most in your room. If you’re a film fan, bring your favorite movies into your room by adding posters or images of your favorite scenes.




Summer Home Improvements

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Summer is always a great time for home improvements. The sunshine and longer days make you feel like you have more time to play with, and with the lockdown, we had so much time. We made the most of the extra time spent at home by doing some summer home improvements. We have been really busy working on our house and I am impressed with how much work we have done already. Prior to the home improvements, our house was looking pretty tired. We have been in our house for over 7 years now and we haven’t really devoted time to redecorating since we moved. I switch things up here and there, but nothing extreme until this summer.

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Before this big home redecoration, the most we ever did was to get new curtains and blinds a while ago. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is a great store to shop for fabrics for blinds, curtains, so it is worth looking on their website for fabric furnishing ideas. We also decorated the children’s room some years ago and we do get new home furniture every now and again. However, this is the first time we went all out in home decoration.

Plastering and Painting

The first thing we started off with was plastering and painting. We only just finished painting the whole house some weeks ago. M did it all and it was a lot of work. We opted to use the same colour to keep things simple, and the cream paint and white doors work so no need to change it.

Redecorating the Children’s room

The kiddies got new beds. They have outgrown their toddler beds, so we decided to go for single beds for them. They love them and the single beds look great. I love the fact that they come with some storage to store extra bits neatly. You can never have too much storage. The twins also got some new bedroom furniture and a reshuffling of their bedroom. The redecoration has given the room a new look. It looks brand new!

Deep Summer Cleaning

We were able to deep clean the house. Since we were moving furniture about, we got the golden opportunity to clean so many corners and spots we haven’t been able to reach in years. It was so amazing to give the whole house a good deep clean.

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Have you had any summer home improvements done? Do you enjoy decorating?


How to Luxuriously Upgrade Your Home

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Home is where the heart is and everyone dreams about having a luxury home. While an enormous mansion may be out of reach, there are a few upgrades that you can make to your home to bring some luxury into your life and this could make a big difference to your life as well as add a significant amount of value to the property.

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Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is always a great way to impress your guests and a nice addition to the home (especially for wine lovers!). A wine cellar is seen to be a luxury feature of a home but it is actually one of the easiest and affordable upgrades that you can make – often it is the wine which is the real expense! You can, of course, make this a stylish space but the most important is having suitable storage for the wine and ensuring that it is stored at the right temperature.


Walk-In Wardrobe

Having a walk-in wardrobe from somewhere like Hammonds is a stylish upgrade and one which can make a big difference to your life. People often have their clothes crammed into tiny wardrobes and drawers, but having a spacious and open area where you can easily keep all of your clothes will make it much easier to get ready each day, showcase your fashion sense and add some luxury to your home.

Hot Tub

When people think about luxury, they often think about a hot tub so this is a great addition to your home. A hot tub can actually make a big difference to your life as it is good for unwinding and reducing stress, which could have both physical and mental health benefits so it is a smart investment to make, plus they do not require any construction and are easy to obtain.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a lovely feature to have for the winter months of the year where you no longer have to worry about freezing cold feet when you walk in the bathroom. This can actually make a big difference to your mood and is a great way to add some value to your property.

If you want to bring some luxury into your home and life then these are all good options to consider. You do not necessarily have to have an enormous mansion or a huge amount of money to enjoy the finer things in life and you will find that these are all luxurious upgrades that could also add value to your home.

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