Interior Decorating Best Kept Secrets

Decorating and re-decorating your home can be really fun. It’s amazing how little adjustments can make a huge difference to the room.

However, not many people have an eye for design. That’s why it’s good to have some handy tips that will help you make the best interior design choices.

Over the years interior designers have formulated some interior décor hacks that they kept secret. I came across some which will help make a difference to your interior decorating.


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  1. Base your colour scheme on a focal item

Deciding on the right set of colours to decorate your room can be a bit tricky. And sometimes when you do come up with your “ideal” set of colours, you find out that your furniture doesn’t match your colour scheme by the time you bring it in.

A clever insider secret to interior décor is to base your colour scheme on a focal item in your room. For example, if the most prominent item in your room is a turquoise and gold mural, then the colour scheme of your room should include turquoise and gold.


  1. Create height

Not many homes were constructed with high ceilings. High ceilings give the illusion of more space. But when you’re faced with a room with low ceilings, then furnishing it with low furniture will help give your room some balance. Low furniture like chairs, couches and coffee tables should have shorter legs to make the ceiling of the room look a lot higher than what it really is.


  1. Bring the investment pieces up front

When you walk into the room there should be a statement piece that will draw you into the room. A statement piece usually defines the mood of a room. Invest in a large beautiful painting on the wall or smart antique furniture as they make excellent statement pieces. Once you have them in your room don’t keep them hidden in the background. Bring them up front and let the room light up with their presence.


  1. Invest in a quality sofa

Don’t skimp on your sofa. That’s where you and your guests will spend most of their time when they come to visit. So, you must invest in a quality sofa to give your room or living area a comfy feel. Make sure that the sofa you choose is comfortable and made of quality materials that will last long and not wear out quick.


  1. Strategically hang your mirrors

Mirrors, especially the decorative type, can make a room look really charming and sophisticated. However, interior designers see mirrors as more than just a decorative item. A mirror can be used as a tool to help in your interior decoration. When placed in strategic locations, a mirror can make a room look a lot larger than it really is. If the room you want to decorate doesn’t let in much natural light, you can place a mirror directly opposite the window to reflect the light to the whole room. This makes your room naturally brighter.


What do you think of these Interior Decorating Best Kept Secrets?


5 investments to increase the value of your property

Every property investor has the same one goal; to increase the value of the property. So it is worth more than when you first bought it. There are loads of ways to start improving a property and build on its value. These ways can range from low-cost tips and tricks to in-depth renovations. We have looked into 5 investments that are really worth making when trying to increase property value:


Change or add doors and windows

Windows and doors are valuable additions to a property. They not only improve the homes aesthetics, but they can also reduce heating bills, increase natural light, and lower noise pollution both inside and outside the building. Add elegance with finishing touches such as French patio doors or brighten dull spaces with skylights which are perfect for homes that are limited with natural light and windows. Think about the positioning of doors and windows and using them to highlight the building’s features. For example if there is a beautiful view then position windows to make the most of it.


Home improvement image


Overhaul the kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And is often one of the most important areas they will look at when buying a property. Renovating the kitchen and fitting new countertops, cabinets, flooring and lighting fixtures will not be a cheap task but will almost always add value to the property. It can also be worth looking at completely redesigning the room to make sure you are maximising the space available.


Increase the living space

Increasing the living space available in a property does not always mean building an extension, which would be extremely high cost. Simpler renovations such as converting a loft space or cellar into an additional room or transforming a garage to add to the living space, will add value to any property. If you have space, then a conservatory or orangery can also add value to a building by increasing the living space.


Get a new roof

Improving a building often starts from the inside out, and a new roof will improve the overall quality of a property. A new roof will increase the value of a home thanks to new and improved materials, and increased insulation and energy efficiency. Make sure to consult with professional roofers in London and other cities before planning any project. The improved energy efficiency not only adds value to the property on a sale, but also reduces heating costs on a long-term basis. First impressions are key when selling a property and one of the first things a potential buyer will see is the exterior, so make sure it is all up to scratch.


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Improve the garden

Outdoor space is very important for the overall value of a property. Transform a garden with decking or patio to provide an entertaining space, and make sure the general maintenance of the garden is in a good condition. Garden’s that require a lot of time and upkeep can actually decrease a property’s value as people are put off by the prospect of spaces that look tricky to maintain, so be sure to keep it simple.

Finally, make sure you do not over-improve. Remember that any investments you make, you want to see a good return on when the property sells. Before making any big renovating decisions, do some research into the area to find out how much the building will be worth after the renovations, this gives you a good indication on how much you should be spending on the work.


Are you a home owner? How have you increased the value of your home?


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8 ways to achieve a rustic look in your home

Inspired by old farmhouses and woodland adventurers, rustic style is becoming ever more popular in home décor. As comfortable in modern homes as it is in traditional settings, there are both small and large enhancements you can use to add a rustic style to your home. Here’s a mixture of our favourite simple and more complex ways to get your desired style.


1. Exposed beam ceilings

Wood is a key element in achieving a rustic look in your home. It brings a log cabin feeling which is often associated with farmhouse style, and if they’re weathered-looking they give the feeling of authenticity. This is, of course, only applicable based on your home’s structure. Although you can often find faux wood beams which can work just as well, if not better, as you can choose your perfect style accordingly.


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2. Fireplaces

A good fireplace is often the centrepiece when walking into a communal area, even more so in the winter months. If you’re looking to achieve true cosiness with a warm and inviting look, a fireplace makes a world of difference. Real wood works best as it throws out the authentic smell, although you can still achieve your desired look by choosing a rustic styled fireplace suite.


Fireplace image


3. Raw stone

Raw, exposed stone looks incredible when paired with wooden styles. The more natural looking the better. You can incorporate it into the design of your walls, furniture, fireplace and so much more. There are numerous ways to achieve the look, which means you can stick to your budget by finding creative places for a splash of stone effect.


4. Reclaimed furniture

Reclaimed wood is a mainstay within rustic décor, and one of the best (and most cost-effective) ways of adding it into your home is through reclaimed and second-hand furniture. You can upcycle anything that’s damaged, or leave its weathered look to be incorporated into the overall style. And because you’re purchased second-hand, this drives the prices for good quality furniture right down. No more breaking the bank for new pieces!


5. Stacked firewood

If you managed to get your hands on a real wood fireplace as outlined in point 2, then stacked firewood serves both a practical and stylistic purpose. The pattern of stacked wood looks great in one uniform or varying colours.


Stacked Firewood image



6. Accessorise

Quirky knick-knacks and accessories are a quick way to add an instant look and feel into a room. Whether it is pieces of art or woodland-themed props and accessories, strategically placed they can add depth to a room. Although beware – if you’re working with a small room this can make it look clutters and shrink the space.


7. Big blankets and rugs

Big knitted blankets add a beautiful texture to rustic décor. They add cosiness and warmth, not to mention their practicality when the weather’s cold. You can also add faux animal rugs to the floor, which are soft on your feet and really adhere to a woodland-themed home.


8. Distressed wood flooring

For a rustic look, there’s not much that has the same desired effect as distressed wood flooring. Due to its imperfect and weathered-looking nature, it bring an authentic look. You don’t even have to splash out on real wood, as laminate or vinyl flooring could create the same effect for cheaper.


How do you achieve a rustic look in your home?


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