6 Ways to Work Smart and Not Hard as a Business Owner

As an owner of a growing business, it is important to make sure that your productivity levels are always on top. Of course, it is every business owner’s dream to run a business that gets a lot of projects and gigs. But with more work comes a strong need to get the work done quickly and efficiently so that you will have more time to focus on other important things in your life. So how do you work smart?


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Most people believe that a business is successful because you put in a lot of hard work. Although this may be true, people have mistaken “busy” or being “occupied” as working hard.  The truth is that you get more work done when you work smarter and not harder.  Here are 6 ways you can achieve more by working smarter and not harder.


Plan everything in advance

This has been something that has helped me in my business. I plan everything! From all my activities for the day, what I wear, the content I put out on social media and on my blog to even the pictures I’ll use for the articles, several days in advance.

I make weekly, monthly and quarterly plans and goals. Planning in advance works as a guide to help you know what to do next. It saves you time and keeps you focused on getting the work done.


Build an efficient and trusted team

There is only so much one person can handle. That is why it is important for a business owner to have an efficient and trusted set of team members to whom he or she can delegate work. Your team members will help you do the work for you, while you gain time to work on something else. When you have a formidable team, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be done to precision and with a lot of care.


Get organized

I think one of the things that is a hindrance to a smooth running and efficient business is lack of organization. When you have all the information, stationery or data you will need organized, it makes working easy. You save time that would have been spent looking for something you need or being worried over not finding what you’re looking for. The workflow is swifter when your office is organized and everything you need is within your reach.


Time yourself

This is a pretty useful hack to help you work smarter. Although not many people liked deadlines in their 9-to-5s, having a deadline will help you be more focused on only what is important and thus, make you work smarter.

Keep a timer close by whenever you want to start working. Try to finish each project within 45 minutes. This will help you push away all distractions. As you get used to having work done within 45 minutes, you can reduce the time allocated to 30 minutes and work accordingly. This way you train yourself to work faster and more efficiently.


Stop being a perfectionist

There have been debates about the pros and cons of perfectionism in business, but when it comes to working smart perfectionism loses. When you want to get everything perfect the first time you end up spending a lot of time bothering about insignificant details and you either don’t get the work done or you are unable to start at all.

To work smart, your main preoccupation is to have work done. Perfection and attention to detail can come at the end. For now, you have to focus on completing each task. You can always tweak it along the way when you’re done.



Thanks to automation tools, you can get your work done for you with one click. So if you create your content in advance, your automation tool can help you publish your content on your blog and on social media all by itself. This is what I do when I want to schedule all my posts for the week.


How do you work smart? Please share your tips in the comments section below.

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Indoor Skiing with the family at Snozone

Prior to the kids closing from pre-school for the summer holiday, I knew I had to plan various activities to keep us busy as a family. My kiddies get really restless and mischievous, like most kids when they are bored. So I had to plan out different activities for each week. We are half way into the 6 weeks summer holidays, and so far, so good, we have been busy. They have been to 3 parties, visited Leicester, Essex and London. And last weekend, we were at Snozone Milton Keynes for a fun afternoon of indoor skiing.


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We had an amazing time. It was our first time skiing, and it was so much fun! We got to Snozone an hour before our private ski lesson was scheduled as advised, and headed off to the reception desk for our rental gears, and then to the changing rooms. We met our very helpful coach – Nicola, who put us through the skiing techniques and what we all we needed to know.



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The lesson was centered around the kids, who both had a lovely time, especially my little man. He took up the snow slopes like a pro. Looking at him skiing, you would think he has done this before. Little man was so confident, and picked up the basics immediately. He was loving it!


Snozone Milton Keynes Image

Ski Image

Ski Picture

We had an amazing time as a family. I am always very interested in activities we could all take part in as a family, and skiing is now one of our favourite sports, thanks to the lovely service we got at Snozone. The environment was safe and welcoming, with the real snow (my daughter was so in love with the snow, she couldn’t stop touching it), lovely coach, and excellent equipment. It is a great indoor activity to enjoy with the whole family, a break from the outdoors and the rain we have been having lately. A great way to have fun indoors, and escape the confused weather we are currently experiencing.

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Why are Indoor Skiing Lessons so cool

Ski lessons are also a great gym alternative. Our 1 hour lesson felt like a good body workout, I felt so good afterwards. And the kids had a well deserved nap shortly.

Now that we have experienced indoor skiing at Snozone, we have explored the thrill and fun of this snow sport, and we are sold! I know we will be skiing again for sure. It is a fun family friendly activity, and it is good for my waist line too!


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Where can you find Snozone?

Snozone is open all year round (except Christmas Day). You could find Snozone in Milton Keynes (which we visited), and Castleford. Both venues provide first-class indoor snow facilities for skiing and snowboarding, as well as other snow experiences, such as sledging, and family snow play sessions. A great way to have fun and work out.


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Ski Image

Have you ever gone indoor skiing? Have you been to Snozone? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Celebrity Style: Leigh-Anne Pinnock & Olivia Buckland in Manière De Voir

Hey Fashion Lovers! I have the lovely Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Love Island’s Olivia Buckland in Maniere De Voir, and I am dying to tell you all about what they have on.




Starting with the stunning Leigh-Anne Pinnock, she is wearing a lacy white crop top, black choker, and khaki suede zipper legging by Manière De Voir for £45.99.  The most interesting part of this look is that Leigh is actually bare feet! It took me some time to accept that, I kept looking for her shoes! think she is so crazy but cool in a good way, and I love how confident she is rocking this look without shoes. Only she can.

The zipper legging is very chic and stylish. The detailing is spot on, and the khaki colour is a beauty. Leigh-Anne Pinnock slayed this look easily, and I can see myself recreating this look very soon. That light price tag of the zipper legging is very tempting, plus I have nothing like it at the moment.




The lovely Olivia Buckland is also rocking a light grey leather mini skirt by Manière De Voir for £32.99, and she nailed this look. Olivia styled her leather mini skirt with a paint splattered shirt, heeled mules, and a patent leather bag. I love this leather mini skirt a lot. I have nothing like it in my wardrobe, and it is super affordable.

I am also loving the heeled mules. It would be a great summer addition.

I love both looks, both ladies styled the pieces perfectly but if I were asked to pick the look I prefer, I would go for Leigh’s look. Her look is more me minus the crop top (I don’t do crop) and the bare feet (I would likely have some form of footwear on).

What do you think of both looks? Which do you prefer?

Please sound off in the comments section below.

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