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We had a very busy weekend. The kiddies went for their swimming classes, played for hours in the garden splashing in the pool, playing with bubbles, football and letting loose in the sun. And we ended the fun weekend with a trip to our local farm – Stockley Farm, in Cheshire, which was a lovely experience. How was your weekend?


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Thoughts on Stockley Farm

It was good fun. The weather was dead warm at almost 30 degrees. And the kiddies were loving it. This was our first trip to a farm as a family and I was well impressed. The trip to the farm started with a tractor ride which was the highlight of the day. Then we had the opportunity to go round the farm, popping into the many animal barns to see the animals. The kids even got the opportunity to feed some of them. It was a good family day out for sure. We will be doing it again for sure. There are quite a few farms around us in Cheshire, which we will be exploring this summer.


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There was also a soft play available, and a playground which was a nice surprise. I didn’t think the farm would have all those as well but it did, and it kids made sure they made the most of them.


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Days out are always fun for the whole family when done right and this was a great experience all around. I really liked the fact that the tractors that took us to and fro the farm were both prompt. Since we had to park our car in a car park a mile away from the farm, and catch the tractor. The last thing I wanted was to hang around waiting for a tractor. But thankfully we didn’t have to.


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Have you ever visited a local farm? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



20 responses

  1. That looks like so much fun. I guess the children has fun riding on the tractor. I have never visited a farm but have visited a Zoo before, does this count? ūüôā
    Great post.

  2. This looks like a lot of fun! It’s also a great way for kids to learn about animals and the importance of farming in our everyday lives. I have a close friend here in the States whose family consists of dairy farmers, and I always loved visiting their farm. It’s so beautiful and peaceful, and full of life!

  3. This just reminds me of my days at my grandparents; place. We’d feed animals, play around with ducks and much more!It was so fun and I’m certain that the kids had fun at Stockley’s Farm,right?

  4. This is such a fun outing <3 !

    Looks like you guys had a great time!

    How we wish we lived close by !

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