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The kiddies had their graduation ceremony and musical performance last week and it was an emotional day. I still remember their very first day at the Pre School and how excited they were to go. That was almost 2 years ago, and the pre school journey has now ended. We are all looking forward to them starting Reception in September, and they are looking forward to finally going to Big School. As they are one of the oldest in their class, they outgrown the pre school stage some months ago, and have been excited to do something new.

We got some lovely photos taken at the graduation ceremony as well as before the big day. A professional photographer was invited to take some photos of the kids in their graduation gowns some weeks ago, and the finished photos were so beautiful. I was eager to get them printed and framed to preserve the memories. So you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to team up with to turn the graduation pictures into photo canvas prints.


Preschooler graduation pictures image


The quality of the Canvas Prints is amazing. I love the finished work. It is great quality and looks amazing on our walls now. And the kiddies love it. I am happy to be able to have these Canvas Prints to remind me of this significant milestone in our lives. If you are a parent, you would understand how important a milestone it is. Having kids graduate from pre school, ready to go off to Reception is no joke. I plan to hold on to these photo canvas for life.


Lifestyle Blogger ImageKids graduate preschool image


Discount Code

If you are after stunning Photo Canvas Prints like these or a Photo Blanket, or any sort of Photography product, then you should check out for amazing deals and products. I have a discount code for your shopping pleasure. Feel free to use FASHIONANDSTYLEPOLICE to receive an amazing 5 GBP discount when personalizing your own 60×40 cm format canvas print (making the total price 17 GBP, instead of the original retail price of 49.90 GBP).

In order to get this discount, you will need to upload your chosen photo, select 60×40 cm canvas print format and enter the name FASHIONANDSTYLEPOLICE in the coupon code section. So grab your special photos and get them framed.

What do you think of these Photo Canvas Prints? Please share your thoughts. Have a lovely week.


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  1. This is a lovely read…There is nothing like pictures that help you preserve your best memories!! This is such a proud achievement for mom and kids!:)

  2. Indeed a crucial milestones achieved by your kids. At the very first moment when I saw these pictures I couldn’t make out if it was a canvas print or really the kids were posing for a picture. The finish of the product is very neat and amazing.

  3. Awe, the kids look absolutely adorable in their cap and gowns! I love, love, love, pictures! Photography is a hobby of mine, I actually just had a another new camera delivered today. I also love having photos turned into canvas art. I will definitely check this out!

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