Giveaway – Win Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml

Hello everyone! Hope you all are making the most of the amazing sunshine we have been having in England. The weather has been extremely warm but I am trying to make the most of it. Here is another giveaway post for you. This is for the perfume loving readers on here! I am giving a bottle of this amazing Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml. Vera Wang is one of my favourite perfume brands. I have previously giving away a Vera Wang Sheer Eau de Parfum and it was quite popular.

This Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray is a magical, majestic, vanilla fragrance. It features top notes of water lily, apple, freshly squeezed mandarin and apricot. At its heart, you will find exotic guave, tiare flower, and tuberose, dark chocolate and pink frosting accord. It culminates in a base of vanilla, amber and forbidden woods. And it smells divine!



Vera Wang Image


This fragrance was launched in 2006. It is great for the free spirited woman that likes to smell good. I really like the design of the bottle. It looks so pretty. I like the crown lid design. My daughter thinks the bottle looks like a wedding dress and I can see why she thinks that.


Top notes



Heart notes

Pink Guava


Base notes

Chiffon Vanilla


Rules of the Vera Wang Princess Giveaway
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  4. Leave a comment on this giveaway post with your Twitter name stating what you like about this fragrance, based on the description above.


The giveaway ends 14th July at 10pm. I will select the winner randomly. You have to be a UK resident and over 18 years to take part in this Vera Wang Princess giveaway.


Good luck everyone!


Start A Clothing Label With These 10 Tips

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own clothing label? I remember flipping through the glossy pages of fashion magazines wondering how it would be like to start my own clothing label. And I’m sure just like me there are other women who have been thinking the same. After some research I found out that starting a clothing label like many other businesses, requires you know these basics.


Clothing label image


  1. Commit to start

So many people had the aspiration to own their own clothing label but never followed through with their dreams. At the end of the day, starting their own clothing label becomes only a daydream.

If you are really serious about having your own clothing label then you need to make the decision to get started and commit to your decision.

Some ways to prove to yourself that you’re committed to launching your clothing label is to come up with ideas on how you want your clothing label to be like, the vibe you want it to have and maybe have a couple of preliminary designs of the clothing items you want to have in your clothing line.


  1. Know your target audience

Once you’ve committed to get started on working on your clothing label, you need to know your target audience. Who are the people you want your clothing label to appeal to and why?

Having a clear image of your target audience helps you create and deliver clothing that they will love and value.


  1. Identify a need

When you’re able to know who your target audience is, the next thing you need to do is delve deep into what their needs are and how your clothing item can help them meet their needs.

For example, let’s assume that your target audience is tall ladies. You need to find out what challenges they are facing right now that available clothing labels weren’t able to solve. How can your clothing label add value to your target audience? Is there a particular style, shape or size that your target audience can’t find?


  1. Hire the right people

To embark on a venture like starting your own clothing label isn’t something you can do all alone. You would need some help.

Get yourself a team of people you know will help to make your clothing label possible. You would need a designer, a marketer and someone in charge of logistics. If you’re not sure who would be a great fit for your clothing label, you may seek the help of a recruiter who will help you find the right people you can get on board.


  1. Find a factory you can trust

This is one of the most important aspects of having your own clothing line. You need to find a factory that will be able to follow your specifications to the letter.

Make enquiries from factories if they will be able to create your designs. Try to get some samples, if possible. It is crucial that the factory you choose is one that will do a great job.


Fashion Label Image


  1. Market your clothing items

Now that you’ve arranged for a factory that can help you have your clothing items made, you need to market your clothing label to your target audience.

You can use Facebook or Instagram ads to help you reach a lot of people. You may also use influencer marketing to help you get across to your target audience.


  1. Be resourceful

Maybe at this point it seems like you’ll require a lot of money to get your clothing label up and running. However, you may need that much money to make your clothing label a reality – that’s where being resourceful comes in.

For example, instead of getting yourself a large boutique you can get started with an online store. Instead of hiring a photographer, you can ask a friend who’s a decent photographer to help you take pictures of the clothes in your clothing line. You may not have to hire professional models to model your clothing items. You can ask a couple of friends to help you out instead. The options are endless!


  1. Acquire some business know-how

Setting up and running a clothing label requires some business know-how. You have to learn how to market your products, how to handle your clients and give them the best customer service.

It’s alright if you are not an expert in business, so long as you know the basics. Having someone on your team who is business savvy can be a plus too.


  1. Keep improving

There will be times when you have to go to the drawing board several times before you can get it right. As your clothing label grows, you have to work on getting better all the time.

Review the clothing items in your clothing line and think of ways you can make them better. Get the feedback from your target audience on how you can make the clothing label to best serve them.


  1. Stay consistent

Some people give up after a couple months or even weeks of getting started. The reason most people do is because they find the process of running a successful clothing label difficult.

The truth that it takes time before you can get any traction. That is why you need to keep working hard. You need to keep reaching out to your target audience, keep coming up with creative designs and keep improving the business in order for it to grow. So you need to be consistent with your efforts to make your clothing label a success.


Have you ever played with the idea of setting up your own clothing label?

A Day at Newbury Racecourse

I have always wanted to experience a Raceday. It sounds like a fun/posh experience. Watching horses race would be nice. Which is why I am thrilled to be working with Newbury Racecourse as a Brand Ambassador this year. Newbury Racecourse combines 100 years of heritage with modern-day sporting and spectacular events. Their Racedays are definitely worth experiencing this summer. So if you are contemplating doing something different this season, here are some reasons why attending a Raceday event should be at the top of your list.


Racecourse Image



Why you should go for a day at Newbury Racecourse


Good Old Entertainment

Newbury Racecourse is offering top quality entertainment with over 29 racedays a year. It is one of the leading horse racing venues in the UK with a variety of contemporary facilities to make use of during your visit. If you are into races/horses, then a day at the Racecourse would be right up your street. There is nothing more entertaining than watching horse riders do their thing, if you are into racedays of course.

There are a number of different types of races that take place throughout the season like races solely for purebred Arabian horses which is something that is different from other races.


A reason to dress posh

A few people I know complain about having fancy dresses and accessories but nowhere to wear them. Well not anymore. Newbury Racecourse allows you play dress up like every other Race Event. So if you are in the pursuit of where to go looking glam, look no further. The dress code for a Raceday is all about the smart attire; men are usually dressed in a collared shirt and trousers with smart shoes. While women are usually dolled up in pretty dresses, hats/fascinators and heels.

Another great part of Newbury Racecourse is the Ladies Day Event, which is the social event of the Newbury summer season. This stylish event combines racing with fashion. It is a great way to enjoy fashion and races at the same time.

Also Newbury Racecourse do a Free Birthday Ticket which would be a great reason to visit the racecourse as a birthday treat.


Good dining

The Newbury Racecourse has a rich variety of food and drink outlets available with many different options. So apart from the good horse riding entertainment and reason to look all glammed up, you also have a good time dining in some of the best restaurants. What else is there to ask for? Once there is entertainment and good food, I am all good!

Newbury have a vast amount of dining options available. Just to mention a few; The Brasserie, The Contemporary Bar & Lounge, and there is also the award winning fine dining restaurant – The Hennessy.



Raceday Experience Image


So if a day at the Newbury Racecourse catches your fancy then you are in luck. Check out these upcoming race days – Weatherbys Super Sprint Day with a performance from Craig David, and Ladies Day with a DJ set from Rudimental and Ladbrokes Trophy Day. They promise to be good old fun! And let me know what you think of Race Events in the comments section. 

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*Collaborative post.



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